Thursday, November 22, 2007

21 on 21

the man who called me Bathing Queen invited me into a chat room one day and i found out that all these bloggers do chat on MSN together! looks like i'm the last to know... ):

three days ago, i was baking a cake. and that was the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFFFE to bake a CAKE! i was chatting with X, Princess E, Pinkster, for i think the 1st or 2nd time? but gotta check on my cakey every now and then. it was a very, very, busy day.


Because, it was Felix's birthday!!! my best guy friend on the planet. LOL! and i planned a surprise party for that cat for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFFFE too! well, i did kinda plan Ain's but this one is WEIRDER i should say!

WHY? you'll just have to wait and see...!

Australian's Fav Grandma's Recipe : Lemon and Blueberry Cake with Coconut Crumble

even at this chafed step, my kitchen already smells like a biscuit factory~! :DDD

coconut crumble (200g shredded coco, 70g sugar, 50g melted butter)

lemon curd (i used marmalade + lemon juice instead cuz i wanna finish it before going back to MALAYSIA!!!)

double storey cake in progress...!!!

Mission Accomplished!

it looks a bit blur here but you can try starring... i put a thick goop of wasabi on one part of this cake for the birthday boy..... *evil laughter*

spot the baby blueberry that's out of place??? that's THE ONE piece with wasabi! HA-HA-HA!!!!!

not bad looking for a first attempt right? i thought it looked as if i made it 10TH time! q:

NOW. the trick!

19th November 2007.

Irene, my BESTEST friend had to leave back to Malaysia on the 2oTH. everyone knew how sad i felt (because my birthday is on the 21ST!!!) so, 20th November 2007 was spent with tears and a sniffly red red nose. ))))): HOWEVER, i used this opportunity to be naughty Miss Pinocchio. lol!

i told Felix i am so upset about that so i am leaving Launceston to stay at Hobart for 3 weeks till my graduation day, and that i would like to celebrate OUR birthday before everything ends. thus we planned a Hungry Jacks (OZ's Burger King) dinner, and then back to my house to watch movies with Doritos and Cokes! sounds so American. -______-"""

wearing Sesame Street T-Shirt and eating Kid's Meal

... because i wanted to save space in my stomach for the Sticky Date Pudding marrr!!! (Malaysia don't have in fast food outlets lehhh!!!) it was AWESOME! hot caramello and ice cream soaking my pudding wet~ *yUm YuM!*

exXxtraaa mmmellifluousssss~!!! :D

posing with a Happy Meal toy of a cow sticking it's head out each time you press the chimney? @.@

14th Jellico Street : 11.30 PM.

Duncan, Ester, Christina, Irene and BoonHong preparing to enter from the back door i unlocked earlier.....

but who knows, MAN~! my dear WIFE, Irene turned 50% of the party into MINE too!!!

and i got my own cake .

making my wish... ^^

and blowing it off to whoever might grant it for me

aWwWw... so sweet, isn't it?? lovely, LOVELY peeps and cakes!! :DDDDD

p/s: thanks, Irene. hope you're having a GREAT GREAT time at Malaysia right now~!!

The two Scorpios; as i ALWAYS put it. q: and oh ya! the pink box with lily prints is my gift from Irene~!

Felix and Siew Yng. lOOk at the CAKESS!! aren't they picturesque?? *drool~*

Miss C | BoonHong | Duncan

Miss C. Presenting, Irene's Cheesecake recipe with Ester's Rocky Road, Christina's Oreo base, and Duncan's strawberries!!! i couldn't be even more touched! it feels like eating one's heart, ever felt sO?

Felix holding MY cake!!!

makan, makan!! and Felix kena-ed the wasabi cuz i insisted on feeding him the 1ST bite. ha-ha-ha~~~

look at cute christina's facial expression!

opening my PINK box... (((:

aaaaa~! ~! ~! its the necklace from Sportsgirl i tak sampai hati to buy cuz it's too eXpansiveee!!! awww... Irene knew it and got it for me... am so touched... *>.<*
gifts . cards . love . and more .

birthday card from KinWai who's back at Malaysia..... din wait for me!!! grrrr~ but nevermind lah, left card for me here i forgive you. LOL!!

the Most. Sincere. Card. i'd ever received in my life from Felix the CAT! (he, on the other hand, knew about MY party Irene planned, while i know HIS that iiiii planned. hahahah!!!)

21st Nov 2007 (Miss C turning 21...!)

*** birthday girl ***

acting chiooo~~~! chio onot !?!?!?

Sexeh~! just puSh yeS!!

** sweet benevolence~! **

21ST Nov 2007 : 7.30 PM @ Mikaku Japanese Buffet Restaurant !

Sushi Bar

in red & white stripes savouring on red & black plates. minus the red you get black and white = tahi cicak. HAHAHA!!! (crap lah this girl~) =S

delicious crab & corn sushi

Felix and i eating...


Sushi | Miso | Wasabi

Sashimi ssss

without baju ! HA HA HA !!!

NakeD Sushis~! i scared fat marrr... (it actually means food wastage) qqq:

Eric my housemate and Siew Yng my *NEW* Capricorn friend after Irene left...

The 2 A s : Aquariussie Ester and Ariesy BoonHonggg !

Rated Cutest Couple : Khulbir with his Japanese girlfriend SaSa!

with Yng and Ester

with the guysss who has potential to be good fathers. LMAO!!!! i'm serious!!!

thank you, my beloved friends... i wouldn't know what to do on this day without you guys in conjunction of the absence of my other community friends... ))):

@ Boon's house Thriller Movie Watching and Shotting Own Self~!

PINK Business!

i think BoonHong loves green though. wukakaka~~!!

22nd November 2007 : Finally 21... Not a girl, Not yet a woman.

Do you think so? he he he... (((: