Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 in 1

The Ayam Belacan Party

Nazreen 's Place:

Ash 's handmade sculptures

Nazreen's handmade sculpture

Ash and Nazreen makes a sweet sweet couple with lotsa talent in the arts!

Body parts sculptures with kisses

my beloved wife who is leaving me a day before my birthday... :(((

model wannabe pose pose pose

Malay foooooddd~~~!

Laura and Tracy chillin' on the world most comfortable beanie baggies~!

Hassan and i but i think he looked at the camera screen instead of the lens! lol

#1 Group Picture

Lydia's 26th

Location: Riverside

#2 Group Picture

Cyrus presenting his girlfriend her birthday cake

or perhaps... an apple strudel? hehe

with the birthday girl, Lydia~ (she is also a scorpiO! :D)

ilya | ME! | Jason | Duncan


Kamini 's Place:

beras emas

Darren and i - the two Scorpios!

my love, Tracy Timberlake!

Irene and I in red hues~

Miss C & Eunice in hues of red & PINK!

the chun girlsss and ... =S

Jonathan | Khulbir | Roger | Zuk | Hassan | Jason | tanned Suresh | + ME!!!

Farewell Dinner

@ Smokey Joe's:

Miss C | Irene | Kamini

Acting silly: Tracy | Miss C | Laura !

Finger Food.

Deep Fried Mushrooms!!!!! :DDD

Tracy's complete meal~!

Smokey Joe's specialty BBQ Ribs! yummm~

a tiny chair made out from champagne 's cord (?) placed on the receipt. creative hor~

#3 Group Picture

#4 Group picture + Joe the boss of Smokeyyy Joes!!! haha

the over-accessorized Tracy. HAHAHA! bimbo!!

Pussycat dolling~? wukakaka!!!

now THAT was F.U.N~! all i did was party, party, and partying non. stop! but with my glasses as well actually... :(((

anyways, more parties to come~!!!