Friday, October 12, 2007

I Guess I Just Wanna Go Home ...

this is NOT an advertorial entry .

i wish i know the exact number of Sustagen™ tin foils i kept when i was young . those soft aluminum foils you can fold into a quarter pie and wonder at the different cacat versions of your reflection on it as a 6 years old . kids mah , good imaginations ! i used to be a Sustagenious Club Member™ and watched that Sustagenious program !!!

"Sustagenious ~ Sustagenious is my club ~ growing up is so much fun , and ... " - that's how the theme song goes and that's all i can remember really .

to those of you who heard of but don't know how it goes , it's like this . first you drink as much Sustagen™ as you can and you keep the tin foils . sign up as a Sustageniuos Club Member™ , and they will send you brochures stating what gifts you can exchange with the pictures as well (got some IQ games , "DO YOU KNOW ? " facts and all that also lah) .

basically , the more foils you post to them , the bigger and better gift you can exchange . i got like tons but i guess "someone" threw them away . hahaha !!!

i couldn't remember how the packing was like back then , but these are the ones in Australia that i'm drinking right now .

i drink Sustagen™ at the age of 6 (cuz my mum hoped that i could be a genius) then switched to full cream milk at some point till i aged 12 (cuz my mum scared my mimi cannot blossom) .

i was a skinny bone ever since the day i was born . i had always DESPISE dinner time which is around 6 to 7 p.m ; when my younger brother and i would sit in front of that small black box watching RTM2 soap . we could never swallow our food , and those noisy actors speaking Cantonese only made the situation worst .

and i ALWAYS see this man's face . WHY !??! -___- "

we would chewed and chewed a spoon of rice for so long until the flavour had all washed off with our saliva , and we STILL couldn't swallow our food ! turn right turn left look up look down , we would sneak to the bathroom and spit our food into the toilet bowl , then FLUSH away ~ ~ ~ ! hahaha !!! i remember that particular dish which is SO HEALTHY i couldn't swallow at all :

- steamed rice
- steamed pomfret in soy sauce and ginger
- steamed egg with minced pork and pieces of century eggs
- fried taugeh with salted fish

now it sounds very delicious to me !!! sobs ! i haven't makan neither one of these homecook dishes for almost a year already ... mummy ... i miss you and your dishes !!! )..=*

my mum is a very smart chio woman . due to her excessive worry that my nen nen couldn't grow , she use a psychology effect on a competitive child like me .

- constantly compare me with my younger brother . (which is NOT good actually , cuz i tend to get very jealous of him every now and then...) WHAT ?! i'm a Scorpio wad ... that time still young bo cai marrr ~

my chio mum tuck in bottles and bottles (those with pacifier) of Nestle™ FULL CREAM MILK to me each time my bro has to drink susu as well until i was TWELVE !!!!!!!!!! (Eugene can use bottle why i cannot worrr ...) in the end , i successfully ballooned into a very rOOOOund ball . - my face is round , my body is round , my arms and legs are round . i look like a Doraemon .

a very happy Doraemon apparently ~

his famoussss PINK door that can take you ANYWHERE . how i wish iiiii have that PINK door !

perhaps this is how a REAL Doraemon would look like if he's a real CAT ! hmm ~ !

when i really turned 12 (because i'm born in November) it's 2 months away for me to enter secondary school . i didn't know why but i began to care about my looks and how fat i actually was . and so , i merajuk each time my mum forced me to drink Nestle™ . i replaced milk with 1/2 glass of water and 2 limes' juice and threw lunch away .

at last , mum had to give in . bring in Sustagen™ - cuz i thought Sustagen™ is only for BRAINS and won't make people fat . and even to make me drink a small green AMWAY™ mug of Sustagen™ , mum had to give me RM30 , and RM50 for a glass of milk ; which was an offer i never accepted .

oh well ~ i got very thin again for seven years , but what's the use really . now is the point in my entire life where i weigh the heaviest (blame Tasmania!!!) , and my nen nen never got to blossom after all ; cuz that process continues from age 12 to age 16 ? 17 ? and why the hell didn't i listen to my mum ~ *sigh!*

, never in my life had i weigh ... :


i really wanna cry , but that would make my eyes even more sore (i still can't wear my lens and dad asked me to wait till i go back MALAYSIA to do freakin' LASER !) .

i wanna stop eating chocolates but i am having PMS (so WRONG the timing) .

i wanna exercise but my sprained ankle haven't recover (need to wait till i reach MALAYSIA then find tukang URUT *ouch!*) .

wth laaa ...

but life goes on , doesn't it ? so i'm trying really hard here to still look presentable *ehem* with fucking glasses on a torn self ! *sulk~*

but i STILL think i look a LOTTTTT BETTER W.I.T.H.O.U.T glasses !!!!! !!!!!

Don't you THINK ?! ?! ??? !!!