Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Splice of Tangerine

you see her on his lap and goes from there to another . you see him going into her room and then to the next . she was left , then one comes after another . he was left , and there he goes . but nobody cares . does it mean there is no end ?

and SO i think , no one is born to break anyone's heart , but only one whose heart's once broken would break another .


we learn to draw before we paint , it's when you paint you choose your colors . but i never learned how to draw , and now mixing a new color i couldn't get from the market . five long hours had passed by , the lonely henna canvas stared at me ; upset .

to paint a picture of a sunset , how many colors do you need ? you know ? clueless , i just closed my eyes and listened to his voice . my mind drifting away , and slowly ... every piece of my flesh they fade away into this picture of a sunset i feel serenading me ; tranquilized .

i AM the picture .

~*~ a nostalgic sentimental sunset view from my room's window ~*~


sometimes ... all you want is someone you don't love to love .

~+~+~ wishing i could change the way the world goes round ~+~+~


departing towards more happy things . it was HASSAN's birthday on the 13TH of September and we made him a SURPRISE birthday party !!! it was a pretty simple one actually , but the MOST fun party filled with joy and laughter !!! *=D

Happy Birthday , Hassan . You are now twenty-TWO !! hahaha ... q=

Khulbir and Hassan the birthday boy with their ciggies ~

i think at one point Suresh wanted to taste the cheesecake so badly he almost cut the cake for our Virgo baby ! lmao ~

Hassan cutting his Virgo cake ! ^^

Vaseist said that if you can tie a knot on the cherry stem with your tongue , it means that you are a very good kisser ! hahaha !!! try it next time you see a cherry ; it's not impossible really ~

*** our STAR of The Month and his slice of cheesecake ! ***

Me , sleepy Vaseist , and Nurul with our fattening slab ~ !

this is how the BSB looks like at home . @@

# Group Picture # - must have lerrr , d-u-h ~

we played "jokes & riddles" and here i have one for you ! :

Pisau potong Daging , Daging potong Apa ? ? ?
(HA - HA - HA !!!)

*answer below

have a few i wish to share really , but they would just sound ridiculous here . *have to perform LIVE wan ~* LOL !

went back at about 2 a.m +++ but still have the energy to cam whore cause i swam
64 LAPS (! X 64)
earlier , got so So SO tired , came back and slept for 2 hours , THEN partayyy ! hehehe ~ !

~*~ cam whoring on my b.e.d ~*~

*^^^* Miss C - Dreaming of You *^^^*


*answer for riddle above :
ihat (please read backwards)

*reference :
Pisau potong Daging , Daging potong Apa ?

*jawapannya ? :
TAHI !!!!

HA HA HA !!! LMAO ~ !