Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Read It ; You Might Be In It .

these are things i wish i can say badly but i couldn't . but why couldn't when couldn't is just a word with a -n't at its tail . so what ?

this is a thought that kills friendships ; even insensitive people . and especially those who close one eye ; they who love their flaws . but today , i'm just going to say it out loud . siapa makan cili , dia terasa pedas . these are people i observed lately . which one ARE you ?

1. people who loves to prison themselves in their room for 7 days a week .
2. people with ten legs who can't stay at home except for bed time .
3. men who try so hard to impress smart girls they fail without their dignity .
4. men who loves to boast and create untrue stories to grab attention .
5. people who only want to hear "Yes" .
6. people who use their race's flaw as an excuse to forgive themselves . (e.g : indian can be late , get drunk , etc etc)
7. coward attached men who have no guts to talk to girls . (and lamely use "shy" as an excuse)
8. BOYS who can't keep secrets .
9. people who goes around gossiping but thinks s/he is making the whole world a peaceful place to live in .
10. girls who only want to speak about their own problems but won't listen to yours .
11. classmates who loves comparing marks when you don't .
12. girl friends who don't share informations with you when you always generously do .
13. girl friends who hug and lie on your shoulder at public but will not choose to hang out with you for real .
14. girl friends who pushes everything you two gossiped about together to solely you .
15. paranoid people who think there must be something wrong with them after reading this .

there are good sides in people too ! and here they are ; though seems like its a bit sad lah , cause the bad side got more .

1. men who are sensitive towards their surroundings and what you say .
2. men who can control their feelings and emotions very well ; knowing what's right or wrong .
3. people who don't simply confess their feelings when unsure .
4. people who don't count a dollar or two .
5. people who remind you to look for them whenever you need help .
6. girl friends who trust and share their joy and/or grief with you .
7. Airene , you are the best ! (:

this belongs to someone without a dick . someone who :

1. can afford to procrastinate for 3 weeks just to vacuum a room .
2. blasts music suka hati selamba jer .
3. keeps saying the Most Annoying Word Ever -WhatEV~ (whatever) .
4. is too loud at public and wants to take pictures of everything .
5. is so "westernized" people hate her . -__- "
6. is so "westernized" people hate her . -_____- "
7. is so "westernized" people hate her . -__________- "
7. loves being gossiped .
8. enjoys people hating her .
9. loves using sarcasm and pointing out people's flaws online .
10. has 6 Friendster accounts . (it seems like everyone has a problem with that)

someone ~ don't know who . hahaha !!!

p/s : if you are brave / bold enough , i dare you to add in your own hidden flaw(s) / good qualities .

another funny thing had happened . fyi , i'd moved out to Jellico St. (like duh!) but the electric bill from my previous house habituated by nonsensical testicles was not settled . finally , the guy whose bank account is where the money was deducted from wanted to clear the debts around .

the TOTAL bill = $ 725
divided by FOUR = $ 181.25 EACH

but this is what the fugly testicles came out with =

i swear to God that's neither my hand writing nor Airene's . it's either one of those two who never knew the meaning of shame . i now declare that the independent functional principle necessitates that urgent consideration to be applied to the greater fight-worthiness concept as these _____ (i already don't know what to call them) propounded :

YAP = $ 140
CHEE PING = $ 175
AIRENE = $ 195

and of course my name goes last :

CINDY = $ 215 !!!!!

HAHAHA !!! funny rite ? and the reason being ?

1. YAP tahan-ed the dreadful cold throughout the whole Autumn - Winter 2007 to wait for this day with the hope that he could pay lesser than we-who-use-heaters .
-but who cares ?! is your dai ji lah right ? you want us to tahan cold with you arh ? gila babi .

2. CHEE PING uses only 1 small fan heater .
-but stupid , do you know FAN heater uses more watts than FIN heaters

3. AIRENE and CINDY pay more because they use the BIGGEST heater in the house .
- of course lah DING HEADS , its a FIN heater ! plus , we are SHARING ! so ???

OK ! break down to ...

4. AIRENE baths longer , so she has to pay 20 dollars more than CHEEPING .

5. CINDY baths longer AND has electric blanket + hair dryer , so she pays more than AIRENE .

WHAT THE FUCK ????? !!!!!

i went to Hobart city and stayed there for 2 weeks . how to count ??? count lah ! edited : because we just moved in a NEW unfurnished house , there is NO lock on the doors except for the main ones . and so this cibai YAP came into my room twice when he THOUGHT i was SLEEPING to STROKE my HAIR and TOUCH my standby HANDS that were ready to SLAP his FACE anytime ! don't think i don't know , bastard ! i know you are reading this and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER ! how to count THIS ? you pay back lah ! I CAN SUE YOU , YOU KNOW ? if i bluff the police you molested me as well , you think they wouldn't believe me ???!

got some more ! now this orang gila is BATHING and SLEEPING at the UNI because he wants to SAVE water and electricity as the uni is heated . of course you can do that ; nobody cares , but the reason he is doing this is because he wants to handle the upcoming bill the same way again ! THANK GOD I MOVED OUT ! poor Airene still stays with them who bullied her till she teared the other day (!!!) so i asked her to stay over at my place .

if ANY of you think iiiii am the one who has the PROBLEM , why don't YOU try IMAGINE living in the SAME house with these TWO ; dealing with the SAME $$ matters .

YAP threatened us to CALL THE POLICE if we don't want to pay the amount he proposed . HAHAHAHA !!! CALL LAH , BAN ! it's not that i don't want to pay at all what . how STUPIDDDD !!! never in my life i see such retards , man ~ !

anyway , with me having my strong believes , i never loose a case . the case for this bill is now closed with everyone paying $ 181.25 , but YAP didn't want to " BE-FRIEND " AIRENE anymore .


i don't want to judge people so much . but if you have come to this point of reading what i have to say , you have an option to choose where to stand if you were in this story as well . and please DO tell me about it , as i would LOVE to relate it to the 1ST half of this entry .

who are you , really ?