Sunday, September 30, 2007

let's sing our song

Blazing Ad !

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Now , some VERY Annoying Issues !

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sorry , i just feel too sick of checking my Friendster™ inbox to find out it's flooded with shits .

a *NEW* Rosy Outlook along the Silver Lining ...

leehom once said that love can change a person . well , i believe that is totally true ! don't you think ??? (:

if you see under my " Afresh ! " section in my blog , i am currently listening to leehom's newest album " 改變自己 (Change Me) " . it's been there for quite some time but that is NOT because i am lazy to update it , but i AM still listening to it at LEAST 3 times A day . hehehe !!!

the old me ? i listen to an album or a song and thats it . but 改變自己 is the FIRST song i EVER heard that made me wanna CHANGE myself for the BETTER !!!!! not trying to sound ridiculous at all , alright ? see , most songs we listen to everyday are all about love lah , heartbreaks lah , being a play boy / girl lah , show off hip hop trend lah , what else is *NEW* for us ?????

this time however , this song enlightened me and made me wanna apply FIVE *NEW* things into my life practices list :

1. STOP CURSING (unless too necessary)
2. LOVE planet EARTH more (cuz i used to love littering and throwing tissue papers and soft drink cans out the car window on highways)
3. have FAITH in myself
4. be very STRICT to myself to achieve my goals (secret list)
5. just be AWARE and conscious of how i want people to perceive me as in public

leehom's new album cover is made out of recyclable materials and NO plastic AT ALL ! he believes that a SMALL change in A person , can make a HUGE difference to the world ! awww ... how sweet of having faith in human beings like us (if Malaysians) cuz you see our country also know lah , the sampah sarap merayap everywhere ~

now let's be supportive and listen to the song or sing along ~ !

我可以改變世界 改變自己
改變龜毛 改變小氣
要一直 努力努力 永不放棄
才可以 改變世界 C'mon 改變自己 !

and something very creative , and CUTE !!!

leehom once said that love can change a person . well , i believe that is totally true ! don't you think ??? cuz i am in love with leehom !!! hahaha ... *again!*

but at least , i change for the better . how about you ?