Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kiss Me Goodbye

if there is a puddle on the moon with a bone lying in the puddle , (forget the absence of gravity) where will you think the bone came from ?

it is a very bad habit to leave provoking thoughts without elaborating , but this is exactly what i want you to feel right now . cuz this is how III feel right n.o.w .

when you read this sentence , i was actually away for 3 hours before . went WHERE ? watch YouTube . HAHAHA !!! and you know WHAT ?! i think i am in LOVE !!! in love with WHO ???

WANG - LEE - HOM . muahahahaha ...

well , it's not like this is the first time i declare i LOVE leehom , but these are the things i found out today which i so BADDDLY want to SHARE ! :

# i don't want to marry anyone except leehom
# I don't want to marry anyone except leehom
# I DON'T want to marry anyone EXCEPT leehom

# I WANT to marry WANG LEE HOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but leehom is 31 already ... = FAINT !

dot dot dot . . .

WHY leehom so HANDSOME wan ?
WHY leehom so TALL wan ?
WHY leehom LOVE his FAMILY so much wan ?
WHY leehom's VOICE so good wan ?
WHY leehom so TALENTED wan ?
WHY ... WHY ... WHY ...

WHY leehom is at the STATES wan ?

WHY leehom is NOT MINE wan ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

L - O - L !

if i can't marry leehom i will just dedicate my life to YouTube and watch leehom in it till i am 30 , then go die happily . CAN ?!?!?! sounds like an awesome idea !!! *=D

if i really get the chance to see leehom face to face one day , also no use . really . you know why ? cuz i am 101% sure i will faint in front of him . then when i wake up , he is gone . my chance will be given to some other bloody people ... NOoooooooo ~!!!!! then when i open my eyes , leehom is seen holding my left hand ; asleep beside my hospital bed .


mami arrrr ~ ~ ~ ooooo ... i will be the HAPPIEST HAPPIEST HAPPIEST HAPPIEST HAAAPPPIII-EST girl on EARTH , man ! then faint again then i marry leehom and we live at the states with NO paparazzi ! wOOt ~ !

HELLO . what is wrong with dreaming ? those who dream are those who behold a future ; as when there are dreams , there are wishes , and whenever there are wishes , there is will . when there's a WILL , there is a WAY !!!!!

you watch movies like Hairspray where Tracy the fat girl got ZAC EFRON (!!!)
you watch movies like A Cinderella 's Story where you know lah what ~
you watch movies like Princess Diariesss and what happened in the ending ?

but you think it happens it real life ahhh ? no rite ? but then ? you watch them !
or even if you don't , people still PRODUCE them for those who DOES watch them . and the REASON why ? some people dare NOT dream , and only by watching corny or tacky movies like that they have a space and reason to dream ~

there's NOTHING wrong with dreaming (unless you just dream but never go-for-it lah) , so Keep On Dreaming , people ~ ! like ME !

let me share a dirty lil' secret with you lah : my 4GB iPod is filled with a whole shit loads of songs genre , but ALL - I - EVER - LISTEN - TO - IS ... LEEHOM's . hahaha ! serious . i even have like Which - Song - to - Listen - at - What - Weather . then my mind will just automatically switch to #[V] mode where i am seen shooting The Making Of leehom's MTV of that particular song . lol

leehom ... I LOVE YOU !!! muahahahahaha ! and i will NOT find a bf slash husband who DOESN'T resemble you at all . hmph ! that , would be an insult . q=*

i love leehom as much as i love krispy kreme too ! (thanks , Suresh!) no , actually i love leehom MORE , ok !!! bad krispy kreme ! insult my hubby !!!

i finished 20 donuts in 4 days ; 5 donuts per day =
1 in the morn , 3 in the noon , 1 at night .
and imagine now how many kilograms had i put on now ? !!!

but i swam for a hundred (yes , 100) LAPS today ! and according to my ex SUKMA swimmer friend , they swam 150 laps daily for training in the same size of pool i'm using .
so please do sallute me . lol

there are other donuts ! but inedible .

they are fizz soaps !!!

nice , eh ?? ice cream bar soaps !!

for pink lovers

*NEW* product weh : CARROT is the *NEW* ingredient !

Creative Innovations for SOAPS and BATHS !

i wanna make one for leehom and put in our house .

now i feel like bathing ...

with leehom .

HA HA HA HA .....................