Sunday, September 23, 2007

red over white over red over white

i remember the old days when i used to watch MTV Cribs on #71 ; wishing really hard that i could have a house like that on my own . seeing some cute but random rugby player i wonder who recognizes with his beautiful wife and kids scattered everywhere in their mansion , i felt jealous really . maybe that is why i ended up studying Performing Arts -i was young and thought that i could be in MTV Cribs ; which unambiguously seems like a remarkably ridiculous idea right now .

if only success comes without luck , this life would be so much meliorate for people who are hardworking , but have no luck .

opportunely , there are always ways to make things look easier and simpler ! you know , you shouldn't WAIT to be happy ; but BE happy whenever you can ! cause things might not come our way while the future seems foggy and grey , and just WHEN can you be happy then ?

so two days ago , i had my little baby dream fulfilled unexpectedly ! Bobby invited us to his *NEW* place at Riverside and ..........

Kamini and i

Me and Kong

Bobby the host and Kong

totally soaked in exquisite white wine

complementary wedges , wing dings and chips too !

and as the guys went on playing poker in their own little "casino" ..........

WE WENT ALL OVER THE PLACE CAM WHORING !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

hahaha ! and it feels pretty good being such girls once in a while . ok , you might want to reconsider agreeing with that sentence .

Welcome to AMTV Crib !!! (Australian MTV ; but no such thing ok)

tet tet tet ... sound effect of words being typed out on TV screen ...

- 3 b e d r o o m s
- 2 b a t h r o o m s
- 2 k i t c h e n s
- 2 l o u n g e s
- 1 b a l c o n y

let's start off with : -

# The Kitchenette

this is MY house ! mua ha ha ha !!! *=S

Kamini , my new friend in the kitchen . hehe !

we just love sparkling and gleaming utensils

check out the stove ! damn pro , man ~ to live a life like this as a student ...

he even owns a milk shaker ! *darn*

fridge raiders got busted so must jia jia ajak the owner to take a snap with us also . q:

just blacks , over blues

# Underground !

# Sub - Lounge

i can just live here with my iPod and nothing else -i'm sure there's plenty of oxygen too !

*sweet Sweet SWEETTT !!!* my FAVVV spot in this crib ! reason unknown .

Life's Gooooooooood ... !!!

# Kitchenette 2

we are just posing all the way with our red wines , man ~ geezzz !!! >.<

playing with levels is always interesting

# Bedroom(s)

if only i can have my very OWN closet like THAT !!! Oh My GODDD !!!!! fucking awesome !

doing the peak-a-boo pose

not Pamela Anderson

# Bathroom 1

# Bathroom 2

just to make more differences to what a BATHROOM can be

trying to act lesbo in the shower using the head shot method cuz lazy to take off shirts

Kamini is a rock star ! -cuz i think only people who rocks can make good poses even on toilet bowls

i think i'm more of a ... pop - rock star ! lol

trying out new things is always good -it makes you feel and "smell" fresh . HAHAHA !!!

upstairs we go ! Up up uP !!!

ta daaaaa ~ !!! plasma TV siut ~ ! *darn*

we love the guy from Grand Theft Auto cuz he is muscularly cool and never dies .

# Miscellaneous

O . L style lah !

awww ..... so sweet the Kamini ~

loving crispy clean cut chips and fine wines

base on this shot , i think i'm gonna join modeling after graduating . lol !

we are the Australian Next Top Models ! man , who says the internationals can't look good ?!

i like my new best friend cuz she poses and take cool pics with me !!!

-not like those who stares and glares then go home and take bad lighting grotesque shots in their own pathetic crib

# The Balcony

sorry , it was too COLD outside -couldn't be bothered to take any pics out there , but the balcony is AS HUGE AS a chamber !!! *faints*

Just Another Wine Story to Wind Things Up ..........

you are actually cheated all the way throughout this blog entry . it's not red wine we were drinking from our glasses , it's RASPBERRY VODKA !!!!! ha - ha - ha !!!

sorry lah , but we DID had red wine at some point earlier -after white wine i think .

but anyways , i am starting to believe that a perfect family with strong bonds is not all it takes to make a beautiful home , but money , money , and STILL , money . money to bedizen , modernize and jazz up your house !!! or why do you think decorations , vases , paintings , and sculptures exist on this earth ? use up more space of the land ? lol !

maybe i should find myself a rich husband . but a macho one . not any Lim Goh Tongs !!!