Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coils of Cartoons

I've got many " demurs " about my exorbitantly long long long post of my trip to Melbourne . hahaha ! Aiseh , shouldn't you guys be happy ? Cause that proves that we have a serious and hardworking blogger here from Malaysia marh ~ ! Aiyorr , like that also don't know ~ LOL ! ( actually is lethargic )

Alright . Seems that's the case , i shall feed your need to espy and beam over a crumbly airy entry this time .

Is anyone here used to be , or still is a big fan of :

CARE BEARS ?! ?! ?! ?! ?!

Should still remember Carebears right ? Don't tell me you don't . Cause if you don't then it means you either have a dispiriting childhood or you are suaku . Nah , choose lah ! hahaha !

As for me , i am a Carebear lover ! i love Carebears ! Carebears i love you !!!

i can still remember the warm and tender moments of my mum and i sitting side by side on the dutiful exhausted milky leather sofa watching Carebears or Sesame Street in the mornings , then Casper ( the friendly ghost ) or Thundercats later in the sorrel evenings at our old house . Whenever she got busy or had to cook dinner early , i would watch the ghostly cartoons aired by our FAVORITE tv satu from 5 - 5.30 p.m daily behind the sofa . this routine had once became my circadian .

Things changed when i grew up . Five years later , it became Power Rangers and Barney & Friends . My mother gave birth to my bro when i was five . That was when I didn't have to play hide and seek with the black box anymore , as i have Eugene's company .

I never appreciated that though , always bullied him . Things you can NEVER , EVER think of , i did . He did . He did it because the BIG sister taught him to . HA - HA - HA ! Wanna know what we did ? Hmmz ... Sounds fun leh ~! OK, if many people mentioned that they are interested in their dazzling comments then i shall tell you what we cureless futile mischieves did actually !

The other day , i went to K-Mart with Aaron and Kristen . Aaron has this quaint car called Wonderland . There are MASSIVE collections of toys and toys and more toys so many toys toys toys TOYS you just can't believe it ! Ranging from all McD toy collections ( remember the teddy bear couples ?! ) , Hello Kitty ( those girls sudah reach puberty but still desperately wants them queue until the McD at Segamat want to eXplOdE already ) , etc etc etc ~

Well , Aaron has them all ! For those of you who has incomplete collections, he is planning to sell them NOW !!! I can get them for you under a VERY cheap price if you want !!! HAHAHA ! Don't so happy first . I'm just joking .

These are my beloved ... paiseh to ask Aaron give me ...

Memory refreshed ? *=D

Here are MORE !!!!! I wanna buy them on eBay !!!!!

~*~ PINK Carebear Baby-T ~*~

Carebear Lamp for Girls ( i'm not getting this laa .. just show you only ~ q:* )

Carebear Bed Set !!!

Next time when i become a mother shall i pass down this tradition and celebrate Carebear's anniversary annually with my children . LOL !
p/s : This year is Carebears' 25TH Anniversary !

Anyway , I bought a *NEW* pair of PINK flip flop !!!

and guess what ?! The brand for it is :

Hot Chili Girl !!!

Awww ... like so for me rite ? ; Hot Pink Chili is wearing Hot Chili Girl flip flops ~ ! ^^

Another childhood delight ! :

Lastly , Hushbear - CarePuppy ~

How can we forget this comfy brand of all time fav ? (: