Friday, July 20, 2007

Violet Teloiv

It's true. I'm trying my best to finish blogging up small events before the humongous ones come in.

This event below happened before my 2ND trip to Hobart last holiday, which is also an event I'm sure almost EVERYONE had done. -Watch Transformers.

I KNOW, I KNOW~ It's been some time... But who cares~ It's my 1ST movie @ Launceston after 6 months here OK!? & first times are always worth treasured in the heart and soul mar..... hahahaha!

* Village Cinema *


Well, I wanted to buy them BADDDDLYYYY but I was pretty sick the other day so... I planned to have them when I watch Simpsons The Movie!!!

You know why?

Cuz the yellow popcorn looks like the Simpsons species skin color. Well it reminds me of that, at least! It makes sense?!@#$%^&*

Left to Right : Jeffrey (a.k.a Garfield / Doraemon), Dylon, Me, Winson.
P/S : Felix was the one who took this picture.

I don't know WHY, but I chose the color PURPLE to compliment TRANSFORMERS!

Errr..... I was eggplant-ed : purple shirt, purple shoes, purple bag, and then even the Supre' lady gave me a PURPLE shopping bag which is down there on the floor! Gosh~! Even the walls are purple now! & carpets too!!!

The theater has red curtains covering the screen before the showing!

Now, YOU tell ME : Which cinema in Malaysia has this? *muahahaha!*

No right?

*I was just trying to find pleasure in something simple. Please forgive me, Launceston is just SO much for the dead~ & mind you, it's SO bloody expansive to watch movies here!*

If you haven't get to watch Transformers, or feel lazy to load the trailer online, you are already here and this, is for YOU!

Awesome? (;*

Transformers lasted for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. When we entered the cinema it was day, and when we came out it was night.

Blame winter.

It was just what? 5? 6 p.m?

Anyway, Transformers is good. Love it. Heart it. Just like everyone, DON'T MIND watching it again~! lol!

Had this for dinner before going to Dylon's house to watch a horror movie from UK (can't remember the name, Sorry!), and then, to Felix's house to watch Wrong Turn and Mr. Bean's Holiday.

= 4 MOVIES in a ROW ! ! ! !

Movie Marathon. hahaha!

Oh ya, our dinner :

It's like "cap fan" back @ Malaysia - 8 dollars = 24 ringgitsss for a plate of CAP fan. Really cap. =.=

Mind you, this tasted awful, smelt like chlorine, and all of us hated it.