Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My F1rST House Party @t Aussie!!!

My F1rST House Party @t Aussie!!!

-The Group Picture at Jess's courtyard.

-Colin makin' his rolly~

-Cindylicious & Peter from the drama series L.O.S.T!

-Cute Colin & Cindylicious~!

-Superman's dick is not available today ; Cleaning In Progress. LOL!!!!!

-My very good friend Kristen & me.

-The party RITUAL .....

-& the end result# (=

-Cindylicious & the 2 brothers; Joss & Bo!! (I like them~)

-Briefing the rules for "Da' Drinking Game"!!!

-Taping themselves up. HAHAHAHA!!!! sien~

-LaurA & her BrA !!!
P/S: Brown Coin = Take something oFF!

-If you EVER see this look in my eyes (which you hardly ever can), it fucking means I'm HiGh~~~!

-Zen with his rotten banana... I kissed Zen like 4 times in a game. HAHAHA!
P/S: Blue Coin = KiSS your neighbour.

-He just LuurrvveeE to BE my Neighbour~ *HAHAHAX!*

-...With the Hawaiian dancers!!!

-Dance dancE DANCE!!!!!!!!!! What's a partay without D.A.N.C.E.????!! *=D

-Pink monster Pirate eating tissue Paper!!! Yikes~

-Urraagghhhh~~!!! Star War becomes bOObs WaR!!! *kakakakaka...*

-Drunk me fallin' on Rebecca~ *hahaha!*

-My One & Only Pink Monster!!! *mmuuaakksss~! X1000* Hmmzz... how much do I love pink actually? lol~

-The pink pirate monster trying his best to look shy... Please forgive him, he tried his best. *LOL!*

-KacaU laaa... See the 2 black fingernails deh~? Wait aar...

-Finger : YOU!
Superman : =(

-Superman: (Off scene) I go away loo...
Cindy & Bec : YaY!!!
Finger: OK, now I stop pointing.
Hahaha!!! kolian~

-I don't like this Alien-like picture but Alyd think it's "Cool". =.="

-The 2 Pink Lovers gone MaD~

-Cindylicious, Alyd, & Abby! 3 very different expressions, neh? ^^

-Drinking is Illegal. *haHaHA!!!*

-The other Hawaiian Dancer (She's the BEST!) while tying her shoe lace. lol~ Alyd gatal!

-Now, Kristen looks fierce, Aaron's hair seems like it requires constand supervision, while Faz happily thinks that beer burns his tongue. No wonder Kristen is unhappy! lol...

-I think the "tongue" is a very famous pose here... hahaha! It's da' nite for desperate tonguesss~~!

-3 people making out...

-***FaZ & I***

-Important "WORK" in progress. DO NOT ENTER!!!


-Astro Boy Joss & the gurls experimenting to see how big their belly can go... *hahaha!*

-FuHLaMaK oI~!!! SiZZLiN' HOT!!!!!


-Sweetie love Rebecca trying to walk in a STRAIGHT line to PROVE that she is NOT DrunK! Hahaha!

-I wonder what is Zen doin'... *=S

-The partay ends with some drums, guitar, bass & vocals... (=*