Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Return of Superwoman

"The Return of Superwoman"

I havent been blogging for daySSSSS so this entry would be the sum up of what happened few days before. The good thing is that it ended this way in the end after all (you'll know what I mean later), while the bad thing is that it's all in a "movie" rather than "soap drama". OK, maybe a movie is better.

Daily Diary Daisies

I was supposed to write my essay few weeks ago but I just couldn't. I felt as if I was all over the place and so was my mind, I wondered how could I even try writing a sentence & so finally decided to FACE the problem. The reason why I'm a broken jigsaw was because I was running away ; I ran away for too long I can't return, I ran away fast too far I have no where to go anymore.

I sat down & thought.

I'd waited for about 2 years to do this. I don't know why I took so long, nor do I know why I did it only on that particular day, I just do it, & it's done. It's nothing to you, simple words, hardly any metaphors, but it means an important compressed notes of life I need to improve to be a better & organize person & also to keep me moving forward without asking "WHY" so much.

-Birth Cert : 24th March 2007

My current desktop wallpaper of ma' 2 FAV idols! : LeeHom & Jolin!! I sometimes, no. I always, wonder WHY 2 beautiful people can't be together. *=S


I'm always mentioning K-Mart & Coles but you've never seen it, right? Here they are! =D


-Coles !

What I cooked after shopping there :

-Soba noodles in Miso soup with Chinese lettuce, Tomatoes, & Lean chicken filet.

Ice-Cream Picnic

-...just lying on the green green grass thinking about nothing else

-is something fairly Simple "busy" people can't do for years...

-Our green picnic blanket...

-A ladybug spider with a firery butt on the blanky!!! LOL~ Serious!

-I thought this shot looks like a bear bear hugging a tree~!!! =D

-While waiting for Chris to get the ice-creams!!!!!

"Wei Xiao Pasta"

-HUGE sunflower on the way to Chris's house!

My initial plan was to take a shot WITH the FLOWER, NOT stem!!! But now you see, it's not only huge, it's TALL too!

-Cindy & The Sunflower Stalk. *LOL*

-At Uni : Bitting nails & cam whoring while waiting IS normal !

-1ST Dinner Chris cooked for me

-Finally you see HOW CHRIS TOPE LOOKS LIKE ! *HAHAHA!!!* Notice his HAIR!!!

-Tubular Pasta Cabonara (Honey Chicken Flavour)

-Macoroni Pasta Cabonara (Tuna Flavour) : My Own Version! q:*

Chris's Recipe:

-The Top Secret Ingredient which change the world around~!

-A special chocolate as a small gift for me on this calm movie night...

The C T Syndrome

-You begin noticing things like this...

-Chris spots an antique wheelbarrel! Can YOU see it??? I shall not point it out. *hahaha!* Perhaps your are one of those people with "busy" lives...

The End of The End

-A Love Bird (It's the real name, I promise.)

-Chris said that this is My Flower! : Pink Lady (Real name too!)

-...In a romantic heavenly glass house burst with flowers!!!

The Bull Shed Its Shell

If you ever happened to wonder why this arty entry is not wordy, it's because Chris is not my friend anymore. It happened to be that he likes me more than a friend & all I ever want is only a friend. He got diarrhea a week ago during the start of Easter Break when I planned to go Hobart, & apparently he got pissed at me because I did not choose to spend my 1 week holiday taking care & looking at grass with him.

Why should I give up my plans & chances for somebody who is my nobody? You people, YOU choose your lessons in life & I choose mine. Remember; Don't live FOR somebody. If you love him/her, live WITH them. What Chris is asking me to do here is to fulfill HIS satisfaction & desire & that is NOT sweet. Girls, if you happened to undergo this before & did something you don't feel like doing then give excuses like "I don't know why I did that" or "BUT he wanted me to do so", that's actually lame & it's better to admit that you were stupid. Be RATIONAL. After all, it's YOUR life!

He's a lesson to be learnt, & I learnt it. A Casanova who sees me as a kid & treats me like a Barbie to get what HE wants. In the end, who is childish to play "fren here fren there"??? Cis! Jahanam!

To anyone who knows me & sees me as a GIRL in your eyes, it's only because you NEVER want to know someone DEEPLY. All you do is "OK, I befriend this female here because of this or because of that". That is why I have a BUNCH of childish boy friends who thinks they are smart, they are mature, Mr. Know-All, but when a test comes, fails with more shame than shame because he cant even see his own fucking folly!

Some even more obvious ones are those who stop befriending you the way they used to once you are not available. Whose life is it for you to care? It's not even like he loves me cuz it is impossible that ALL guys I know liked me just because I'm single. Whatever~ This might not be my point, but the moral of the story is : Get inside one's brain when you befriend someone, not for their personality or characteristics, nor looks neither wealth. Everyone's psychology is worth to be studied, each life is interesting to be explored. There are reasons why people become who they are today and aren't you one of them?