Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Ladders of Rapunzel's Hair, How High Can They Bring You To???

The Ladders of Rapunzel's Hair, How High Can They Bring You To???

We can never escape the identification of "I". Everything you do, it's about "I".

"I" am going to the supermarket later.
"I" am hungry!
"I" love you...
"I" killed a cow~

I, I, I, I ... SSSSSSSSSS !!!

We never get tired saying that word, do we? What selfish inconsiderate brats we are! Everything we do, we say "I" first, without even having to THINK! You'll see what "I" mean later~ But how can we blame "I" myself, or you, or simply just anyone who "I"s? After all, we live in this world for OUR selves & it would be silly if we live for others as priority.

But come to think about it as well ; Have we ever get tired of living? "I" say, "I" do sometimes. & see? It's about ME again. How can "I" escape that... & WHY in the world am "I" worrying about people using "I"s too much? "I" guess "I" am getting nuts~ But... just give it a thought. If you are 20, 40, or 70 now, for yearS you live for the identification "I", how conscious are you about what you have done in your life so far?

Some thought, then ran away. Some just never do, wondering why should they.

Those with no childhood memories or simply just forget them then enter high school, struggle hard & "fight themselves" for stupid government exams which ;

honor you a piece of crappy paper they call a certificate "I" am not even sure if it is as no one needs to look at it anymore right now and "I" think its lost gone forever lazy to find Can't even remember what is the history of Parameswara or if he marries Sang Kancil Found out that Malaysian history is crap the malay king so stupid the China emperor cincai send a slave for him as a wife & he thought people so good go & damai with people send ufti somemore but even if he didn't what can he do right so can't blame that corpse Mat Kilau Mat Rempit whatever Mat all died in the end study for what Study deaths but no one ever appreciates or remember their names anyway & without them "I" will also still be here "I" am not Malay study lan People don't even know Malaysia still want to know your Tok Janggut Stupid Pendidikan Moral hafal all 100 nilai also no use now "I" curse fuck you niama cibai lanjiao so tell me study Moral got use or not Bastard black boar discipline teacher Cikgu Vasugi "I" still remember you Just because people rich you jealous want to catch people but sendiri dye hair RED like yiba yiba angeleh Wear green sari show that fat meat like can spill out anytime flood the student can deep fry in your own fat then you can eat us still dare teach me fucking English but my creative writing essay better than you all you know is grammar So tell me what is Pendidikan Moral for now that "I" am cursing a teacher here SPM shitty Maths for Malays to score only dono what the fuck is inside set A set B if this then that Ogif graph is that call maths "I" can't even remember how a pai symbol looks like only like its name cuz reminds me of apple pie from Mc D or whats the answer for 1/2 + 1/2 why is it 2/2 the above can add why the below cannot add SPM for what for what for what ???!!!

like PMR & SPM or even STPM for those who just don't know what to do after Form 5; wasted 2 more years of youth with the same damn old routine they hate, but miss then enter college after all because the universities at Malaysia are given priority for the Malays up to 70%! STUDY STUDY STUDY WORK STUDY WORK WORK, get marry, have children, love them, hate them, hit them, but give them money, MORE WORK when YOU force them to go through the routine YOU went through & that is how the world goes round. Leave that alone & let's go back to YOU, after all the hard work, are YOU still living for yourself? YOU are now sharing your life with more members YOU love, but still can't escape the identification "I"...

Are you happy?
Are YOU happy with your life?
How sure are YOU?
How happy is HAPPY???

Some people live for today, some people think for tomorrow, some still live in the past.

It's your choice.

As for me, "I" accept people for the way they are or how they do the things they do ; that's why life in this world is so beautiful... Variations means *NEW.

All our life, we struggle for what WE want. For those who live to fulfill what others want (e.g. parents, lovers, etc), I think I should send my condolences to you, unless you don't know what to do with your life anyway.

We fight, we fall, if we don't fall, how do we climb?, we laugh again & we cry.
Day, day..., as time, passes by.....
What have you see? How much have you grown without realizing? "I" hope you ARE different from who you were before. (Don't get tricked, it's still not about YOU, it's still about "I"; as I hope for YOU so that "I" can be happy~)
We can't let go of our dreams & disappoint anyone; as we only live once...
But do remember of those you love throughout your journey through life; people you lovE, you once loveD, who loveS you... maybe they still do, & even if they don't anymore, you might not know when is the last time you see them, or if they can ever see you again. You might die later, so may "I". Who knows?

"I" know all this sounds corny & repeated many times by anonymousES I don't know in Friendster's Bulletin Board or forwarded email... but May there be a reason for everything that happens? Maybe it is repeated because this is what we tend to forget, & forget; to just stop for a lil' while, take a deep breath, & turn our head back to see how far we've walked.

Have you been "there" before?

I am learning myself. ^^