Friday, March 9, 2007

The P!NK Hanger

The P!NK Hanger

Cindy is a girl. Cindy is a girl who.. Cindy is a girl who loves. Cindy is a girl who loves nothing. Cindy is a girl who loves nothing but.. Cindy is a girl who loves nothing but SHOPPING!!!!! -________-"""

Cindy,The-Addictive-Shoppaholic was walking along the streets of The Mall at an island called Tasmania at Australia. She went DOWNtown to shop for house wife stuff for her new place but turned out to become UPtown girl! She found a heaven on paradise island or in other names, Supre'!!! I'll leave her to tell you why is it's called HEAVEN / PARADISE for every & any Gurlzzz!!!!! (=*

SUPRE' !!!!!
The shop which sells the CHEAPEST MOST TRENDY CLOTHES IN TOWN! Anything from T-Shirts to dresses & gowns only costs you 10 - 20 dollars!!! OMG! I don't known where to bury my face or should I knock my chest to the ceiling~! *Hmmz~ for what though? lolx!*

Almost every GIRL have one of their SUPRE' shopping "treasure" bags on their hands if you happen to walk along the streets at The Mall! You can also see them using these bags at Uni!

Now, the delicate story of the P!NK s@tin riBBon hanger..... *^o^*

The Magic Blue Fairy Dress!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I fell in LOVE at 1ST sight of this piece of SUPRE' art! I just LOVE IT! 1Stly, it's BABY BLUE, 2ND it's GLITTERING, 3RD it's SILK, & MOST importantly, it's SUPER DUPER SEXY!!! *fewit~!*
I m SO gonna wear this skimpy shimmering disco dress da' 1ST night I HIT the clubs ONCE I reach KL!!!!!
Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*ShiteS, man! It's still a lOnGgg way 2 go till next year! >.<*
P/S: Heya Mr C, wanna be my date? hahahahaX~! B-)
The SeXy BacK side of the dress! wOO hOO~~
I can't belief this blue dress feels like a piece of good quality music to me instead!
& da best part is, it only costs 20 bux!!! Where can you get a branded piece like thAt at Malaysia?!

Next, the Yellow Sunshine Dress! Makes me feel like a Bright Big Beautiful sUnFloweR! It's strapless, low-bust-cut, flarry & flowy, fooM~! A bombastic outfit anytime, anyday!!!

This is the 1st & 1 & Only XXS size outfit in my wardrobe! It's the very last piece I sempat to rampas, costs ONLY 10 bux!, & is PERFECT~! *=D

I don't know how to explain this piece of chocolate. It's pretty simple, but looks extremly seXy & beautiful when you wear it! Especially the cutting at the front! Makes me feel like a piece of nicely craved Sea Shell shape Chocolate melting seductively gracefully under the hOt sun when I tried it on~!
Can't wait to wear her! But nah~ I can't wear ALL the *NEW* clothes in 1 gO! *must keep Must KEEP!*

This is The Virgin Dress! High class, professional, decent, sleek. It can be worn to a funeral with black sunglasses... HAHAHA! I'm just joking~ The truth is, I felt like an independent strong working lady from Japan in this dress! Can't wait for Winter!!!!! =D
(20 bux)

The Ying & Yang Stripes! They are just AWESOME! Sexy tOO! Bought both black & white for 10 bux each. I think Topshop or Forever21 sells it at about Rm70/80- each? Haha! What a worth bargain I got ere!!!
*feelin' like the luckiEST girl on earth~* =.=

The How-Would-I-Wear-It Dresscode.
A bright colourful floral bikinieee in Yang!, while black bra + black shorts in Yin!
oOoH lA La! *>o<*

The Minoque Pants. Black pants for theater class. I wish I can tepek (tampal) the sample of this pant's material for you here. It's absolutely comfortable, fitting, plus bringin' out the best in your butt! Firm, secure, steady~! Hahaha! Good for period dayz tOO! =# Now you know when I have my Aunty Rose knockin' @t ma' dooR~.. *=S

My FAV pyjama! Off-white, lacey, silk-satin, smooth, SliDe, tingling! You wouldn't want to miss even touching it with your fingertips, GUYS! Bings you down to memory lane when you sleep~ Simply iRReSiStabLe with a hinT of Soft Secret Story behind her~! kekeke... *>.<*

The SeXeh Black Panther! This is aLmost the same cutting with the above, but with pants & the top is more fitting than loose or flowy. A different taste. ^^

Does anyone remember any PINK monsters from Sesame Street???! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry guys!, I know this is gettin' more & MORE annoying! PinK AGAIN! LOLX~ kao lat! With FUR & balls summore~ But here they are & they do eXists! My Pom Pom Boots! ~*^o^*~

My previous elder bra koyak! *=S I don't know exactly How or When, but it did! I suppose I was too keen on trying out too many clothes whilst in the kelam kabut, tore the silk part with my sharp nails. =( But well, I need a black bra, & here it is! & I actually found out s'thin'! My bOObs got bigger & moved from B to C Cup!!! YaY! =.=

Is there any1 who wants to share some sympathy or empathy here?I lost my precious sunglasses one day after shopping at town. I was carrying too many big bulky stuff like buckets, baskets, & cartons of milk & in the bus, was all over the place searching for coins &... &... N... AND!!! I lost my sunglass... Nevermind... nevermind.
I got myself a BETTER one! ; better, EXTRA protection from harmful UV! *Blek you c2pid Sun!* hehehe...

P/S: Anyone realized my pinky finger sticking out there in my sunglass? I hate it! But someone told me that it's just because I'm a t.r.u.e g-i-r-l! awww~~~ (:*

OK, time for lunch! (talk bout food, talk bout clothes. Ini saje yang dia pandai) KK, (M'sians say byes non-stop!) Cindy is hungry. BRB! C u in da' next session..... Enjoy & Envy!!!!! q=*