Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sang A Sad Song Just to Turn It Around

Sang A Sad Song Just to Turn It Around

I LOST MY WHITE-GOLD EARRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to bed that day & the next morn when I was bathing & doing the earrings-attendence-checklist-ritual-after-hairwash thing, I realized 1 is MISSING!!!

I searched everywhere & to my relief, found the back stud behind my bed, but not the FRONT!!!!!!!!!! & trust me, I've search EVERYWHERE!!!

I have 3 pairs of them for my 16th Birthday ;
from Daddy : a ring shape type
from Mummy : a heart shape type
from Bro : a football shape type

& I lost the foot ball shape one...............

* = ............. (

I am so sad... So SAD! SO S - A - D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- (F) Miss © 欣小瑜:[天使公主娃娃 (F) - says:
I lost my white gold earring! I'm heartbroken... :(

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- (F) Miss © 欣小瑜:[天使公主娃娃 (F) - says:
I am very sad... :(

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slowly slowly find lorr...

- (F) Miss © 欣小瑜:[天使公主娃娃 (F) - says:

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hahahaha... (Or any other stupid relevant emoticons)

- (F) Miss © 欣小瑜:[天使公主娃娃 (F) - says:
I am Serious! Y r U laughing..?

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I am really, very sad O.KAY!!! I am NOT joking.

There are good reasons worth for me to mourne here:
1. It is white gold.
2. It's a gift from family.
3. It's my birthday present!
4. It's been with me for 5 yearSSSSS!!!
5. It's Irreplaceable!
6. It's something $ can't buy!; even if anyone gets me the same one, it will start accompanying me from 0 year(s).
7. I miss my earring.... =(
8. My right ear feels empty.
9. I'm not used to feel "football" missing when check my ear each time I wash my hair.
10. I am very sad, heart-broken, lost, emo, upset, dissapointed, sad.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

WHERE IS MY FUCKIN' ANGELIC EARRING!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

O where O where has my lil gold gone
O where O where had it been...?
With it's head round as ball
And it's end small like hell
O where O where Can It BE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mummy................... :( I'm crying...

Don't 1 2 fren U all.

I lost it 2 days ago & already spent 24 hours looking for it everywhere in the house! I almost drew longtituds & make coordinates at every inch of the stupid GREY CARPET which looks like this! :


I crawled all around the room which is not very small like a lost kitten almost crying especially when a sad tune was playing. *EMO* I know~!

I search & RE-search & RE-SEARCH & found NOTHING. All I see is dust & hairs & bits of tiny papers... I can even hafal which dust lies where! Ask me & I'll show you.

Our house desperately NEEDS a VACCUM CLEANER but apparently I suppose, my housies think it's not time yet to spend money on that when we've already moved in for a month!!!

I not only crawled like an handicapp in my room but all over the house while doing monolog dalaman & luaran. Talking to own self & my earring, that is! My nose became the vacum cleaner these days & I don't see WHY it is still NOT time to get a vaccum cleanerRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last place I searched (because I hate the floor), is the toilet. & the floor looks like THIS! :

& I even ran to the toilet again just now after looking at this stupid pic as I see 2 small dots there!

HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SEARCH LIKE T-H-I-S?! Plus the toilet designer wants it to be ah-so-romantic the window only opens half way while the lights are orange instead of fluorescent which is alright, but not when you are on a Treasure-Hunt Mission! OMG~! Jesus~! I'm not superwoman! ~@.@~

I then went to wash my clothes in the laundry room as you can see below. & you known what?! The washing machine is shaking when I am taking this picture. It was the FIFTH time my clothes were turning inside that idiot robotic figure & it still can't drain the water out!!!

I only give people FOUR chances & this is the FIFTH I give to this Tsunami-maker retard & in the end I have to be my own washing machine / dryer.

& see that basin over there??? It is now a wishing well, thanks to the machine.
The colour is VIOLET. WHY? Cause my bed sheets are & dued to too much washing, they all turned out PALE purple & all felt as hard & crumpled like paper! Thought I don't have enough bad night sleeps?! *URGHH!!!*

SEE?!? It's VIOLET! -______________________- "

After all the bad day thing going on, Aaron (Green Superman today), came to my house to pick me up go K-Mart-ing. It's a green day today & almost every one is wearing green! which; is cool but I didn't know that. It's a kind of public holiday for some kind of remembrance perhaps.

Aaron said there'll be many people outside tonight where I, am going to be NOT ONLY ALONE AS ALL MY HOUSIES WENT TO MELBOURNE TILL TUESDAY MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, got to know that my Hobart friend is going clubbing tonight!!!, but I am ALSO ACCOMPANIED BY SADNESS (DUE TO MY LOST EARRING) & FEAR whichl I rather NOT have as teman, OK!?!

I'm so sad..... )=

& so I went back home to search again, but realized I hadn't had anything except for 5 digestives & a glass of milk so I cooked Heinz spaghetti with EXXXTRA CHEESE which then apprears to be as below :

I know, eating spaghetti using chopsticks. Or maybe I shouldn't mention so then you wouldn't know, but then I learnt this from a Taiwanese programme where they uses chopsticks to bring up the noodles TO the camera & say,

"WaHhh~ Q Q deiii..."

Yea~ there you gO...

I thought I'll have more energy after eating but still, can't find my earring. ):

I had my lunch too late which is around 5 & so my dinner was about 7-8. The alone-ness in this wooden house isn't happy, warm or comfortable anymore... It became dark, filled with deafening silence even with my music blasting from my room, SHADOWY, & you can hear the windows shaking even by the slightest, softest breeze even after I closed & LOCKED all the openings... *=S

This is what I cooked after shopping at Coles!

Stirr Fry Long Beans Garnished with Shrimps & Onions !

Yang Chou Egg Fried Rice !!!

& ended up like this :

Now eat too late.
I have to bring the food into the room to makan cuz the kitchen is too creePy~!
& so my chatting + blogging sessions & sleep last night was accompanied by nasi goreng smell till next morning when I dare to open the windows & door.