Friday, March 16, 2007

Melting Moments~ (Another Boring Story You Can Skip)

_another boring story you may skip_ Melting Moments~

Nothing could be worst than to be cold in BED. - The place to rest, sleep, & let your dreams roar at night & then it's COLD. I woke up in the morning by my cellphone's alarm; Akon's "I Wanna Fuck You" 3X. Yea yea.. Akon is waking me up juST to tell me that.

Apparently, I did not have a good night sleep at all these few days & I don't know why. I go to bed with cold hands and feet, shiver under the blanket which is "fatter" but colder than I am, crawl out like a blind snail escaping it's own fear to reswitch on the lights (afraid of dark lately after watching Entity, as the house in there looks very much like mine now & I am starting to believe that the c2pid movie is the cause for my horrible nights), take out my hair dryer & start blowing every single object around me hOt before snuggling back to bed. As temptating as it looks like in the picture, it's not at all when it's cold! I AM suppose to get a heater, but my housies were telling me how makan tenaga the thing is so I'll have to wait till it gets colder. After all the blowing and crawling, I slip in my socks & cute gloves daddy bought me. I miss that man; he seems to raise his voice to live when he talks to me but he is actually a really cool dad. He shops for me! & his sense of fashion is as good as mine without having to read any magazines. Well that tells enough~

So I went to bed everyday around 2 to 4 a.m & startled myself in the middle of my sleep; I just sat there penetrating my eyes through the dark, felt scared yet not there, make some manja baby squeeks, then "pop", fall down onto my bed again. It feels weird, & to think of it is even more weird. When I was awake, I know I am, yet I know not. & when I was really awaken up by Mr Akon, I actually remember what happened, & I didn't know why I woke up.

Before this, one of my housies borrowed my lappy a few times to watch DVDs he borrowed from neighbour BeForE I go to bed. That was O.K. But then he begin to enter my room WHEN I am asleep. I was awaken by his presences for a few times & I suppose, that was also one of the reasons I kept having these waking-by-shocking-ownself-to-check-if-there-is-any-GUY(s)-in-the-room syndrome. Well, I always believe the best way to solve one problem is to speak & so I did. Now there MUST be a KNOCK by ANYone who wants to find me. *;)

& so, after rambling far away from the main topic, I was awaken up by Akon, but 1/2 an hours later. I was too tired dued to too much blogging the previous night & so I didn't wash my hair & ended up like this :

Pletty pleat, I call that. hehe! Went for Romance & Realism class where one of The Greatest Day in my life happened...!

I went to class & sat at an empty seat available. I realized that *Carl was 2 seats beside me; O.K, at least someone I know, but in between us there is a blonde girl; not a very friendly one, more of arrogant I presumed. So I was pondering alone at my seat starring at dull ceilings when my eyes caught something... A BIG fish. HAHAH! I was joking. A white guy, sitting alone too. It was such a coincidence that his eyes caught mine at the same time the pondering was going on & he smiled at me. I replied by pulling the most friendliest smile I can curve to my lips ( I do that here everytime cuz people here are just SO friendly!). Surprisingly, this guy sat to his left & patted his seat indicating me to sit with him. God I was delighted! Now, now~ Don't think SO far kayz, I am just being lonely in R&R class for 3 bloody weeks already! & so I switchED my SEAT leaving *Carl & his blondie to chat without being a mentol. Apparently, *Carl has a girlfriend but his girlfriend has a girlfriend & that's why he has even more girl friends. =.=

Below is the conversation I can partially remember. (I wanted to blog the same day but I promised myself to write my essay but in the end ended up chatting after all) So here is the adapted version of 13th March 2007's Kisah Benar.

"Hi, so how'd U been?"
"Fine, great."
"Oh, my name is Chris. & yours?" =)
"Oh, my name is Cindy." (=
"I see."

-Lecturer begins to speak & class is going on...-

"So, do you speak mandarin?"
"Yea, but I don't read & write. Cause I'm from a Malay school."
"Ah, I see, I see. I speak a bit of Chinese."
"Oh, REALLY?!"
"Yea, just a bit. I learn some in a (XYZ) class"
"I see... cool, cool."

-Lecturer recites William Blake's The Tyger poem-

He writes:
'What's your family name?'

"Tey? Cool~"
"& yours?"

Despite getting annoyed by my deafness, he writes again.
'Chris Tope'

"Tope is my family name. It's German."
"Wow! That's cool!"
"Yea... Only my family has it cuz I'm a mix of everything."
"Oh, ok..."

"How old are you?"
"I am 20; 21 this November. You?"
"I'm 25."
"Ah... I see."

-Voice opinion session for students after poem is recited-

Chris writes:
'When is your birthday'

Cindy writes:
'21.11.1986. U?'


"Yea, a Taurus. & you are?"
"A Scorpio"
"Ah~ A SCORPIO" (Almost everyone gives me that kinda of a reply)

-Break for 15 minutes-

The Tale of The Owl & The Pig~
So, where do you want to go?"
"I don't know actually. Anywhere, I don't mind." <-- My "I don't mind" thing again!

"Do you want to get coffee or something?"
"Oh, sure."
"I don't drink coffee. I get drunk by drinking coffee?"
"I get what you mean. I don't like coffee too."
"Oh, SERIOUS? So are we still getting coffee?" *=s
"Nah, let me take you to one place"
"Oh OK! Oh my God! I can't believe there's also someone who can't drink coffee! All this while I thought I am the only one"
"Really? I can't stand the smell either. Not a coffee drinker. So what do you feel after you drink coffee?"
"Erm... it's like... I get..... high.?. when I drink coffee? Like a bit tipsy... Seriously. It's like everything I see or hear you saying gets slower then fast, then slow again...? Erm..." <-- DEFINATELY L.O.S.T dy this girl!!!
"You mean... everything doesn't go... (helps me find words)" <-- He doesn't know what I meant either!!!
"ANYWAY, let's go."

Cinderella Getting Politic...
"So how long have you been in Australia?"
"I think this is my 3rd or 4th week."
"So do you like it so far?"
"Ya, sure. Very much."
"Have you been to the city &...?"
"Yea... pretty much yes."
"I see... So how is Malaysia like?"
"Well, it's hot all year, something like Singapore... Have you been there before?"
"Nah, no. I've been to Korea; taught english for a few years there, & toured the world, most places in Asia, but not Malaysia or Singapore yet."
"Wow... You taught English. Well..., it's hot all year. (I didn't know how but we entered the political side of Malaysia) The Chinese don't REALLY like the Malays & stuff."
"Yea, I see. That's always the case, no? It's like the Malays think that it's their country & that's why they have more power to it? Whereas the Chinese are not the MAIN..."
"Yea, I think so. Cause you see, if the Malays get Cs & Ds, they can still enter Uni easily, whereas when the Chinese gets all As, we can hardly enter Uni still. Isn't it unfair?"
"Yea, that is."
"& I suppose the parents are not happy about this & they kinda babble about it to their children who then grows up to hate the Malays. Well it's not like we HATE them, but when you see a group of people somewhere, mostly, there's a division in groups. Can't avoid it."
"I see... Ops, be careful, Cindy, it's kinda slippery here, the rocks."

-Reached destination-

We Wandered Lonely As Clouds...~
"This is where I always come during break time"
(OMG! There's still someone like that in this world! I thought they go extinct! Really don't understand those smokers & chatter boxes rambling clumsily about nonsenses-of-the-day~!) *This is so CINDY style! I LOVE going to a secret place alone during any breaks! *
"WoW... this is such a nice place. I've never been here before...!"

-Sits down on ground-

"It's so beautiful..."
"Did you hear that?"
"What, what?"
"That sound, a bird."
"Yup. Where is it?"
"Ah, it's opposite the river on the other side. It never comes to this side though. It's a very beautiful bird; it's like a size of a hen & it's neck is all blue."
"Wow... I wish to see that!"
Points to a bridge. "I live over there. See that bridge? I walk across that bridge to school everyday & I go home for lunch at 12. I'll be going back home later for lunch too."
"I see. That's nice."
"Not when you're walking alone at night though... *laughs* Yea... so, Cindy. What do you wish to be?"
"Me? Oh... *Blushes* An actor...???"
"That's good!"
"Ya, I wish you can be an actor, Cindy."
" =.="""" How about you? @.@ "
"An author."
"Wow... Ok, now that's good. So are you writing a book now?"
"Yes, I am half way through. I love writing. I love poetry & lots of poetry. I love poetry."
"Haha! I can see that!"

Anyone Remember The Story of The Country Mouse & City Mouse???
"Have you ever see me in class?"
"Yes, DUH! You are like the most intelligent student there! You sounded so professional!"
"Nah~ no.. I learnt those things before, that's why. I took (courses he mentioned)".
"I see... No wonder you are like so... you know~ I was intimidated by you, seriously."
"Don't be Cindy, don't be. Hahaha...So do you want to work at Melbourne or Sydney or...?"
"I wish I can... but I don't think I can. I have to study here for 2 years to get a visa to work at Mel or Syd & I'm only here for 1 year. & you know, like in my class back at Malaysia, there are only 4 people in my class!? & I'm like the 1st guinea pig to study here"
"Oh really??? Wow... haha! Guinea pig... yea. Well you see, like at Melbourne you have everything; the culture, the people... The thing about Tasmania is that it's so... all about local? They kinda emphasize on the local, local side of it, whereas at bigger cities they view it in a whole....."
Nods. "Yea... true... Hmmz..."
"I think we better get going back to class"

"Well, I think I've seen you in class but I didn't really talk to you but today, I saw you there &..."
"Yea... same here. It's like... fate? No, timing I suppose. The timing. It's... it's...."

Absolutely random:
"You know, I'm a very hardworking starsign observer."
"Hahaha... Really? So what kind of Taurus do you think I am?"
"Well, I don't like saying this, cause my friends always say that "U can't categorize people like that"?, so I'll say this in general. Tauruses are egoic but VERY sensitive inside, quite happening, socialble, have many friends around, & hardworking?" *Thinks*
"Well... quite true. I'm still working on to put that ego thing down. *Laughs* It's hard to say cause I'm half of a Gemini? My birthday is on..."
"YA! Me too! I'm a bit on the Saggi side."
"Yea, that's right. Hmm... about hardworking... I would say it's more of... ambitious? More of ambitious, I would say?"
"YES! AMBITIOUS. THAT's the word."
"Yea, like I am very ambitious & I know what I want to do but I don't really work to move towards it?" "Hahaha! Yea, I have many Tauruses friends like that!"

-Back to Class-

The Trap for The Green Eye Monster
Chris writes:
'what is a Scorpio like...?'

I look at him in the eyes & pause.


Poor Chris gave me a shocked lOOk & said, "...ReallY...?"
I shook my head. "No, it's like this."

Cindy writes:
'2 emo 2 sensitive 2 dreamy jealous easily revengeful'

Chris circles the first three. "These I am too, these two, (jealous & revengeful part) I'm not."
" (= haha.. Oh kay~ "

-After a while-

"Contacts? Oh... contacts? I can't remember my own number" Runs hands deep into big gold bag to search for hp.
'Green contacts? Green? Contacts?' He points into his eyes.
"Oh~ Contacts. Lens! Yah, green..."
It took a few secs for me to get what he is trying to say & I HIT him!
He laughs at me pointing to my eyes. I hope you know what I mean without needing me to explain this.
Scorpio = Green eye monsters. =.= !!!


Chris writes:
yes + the continuous nodsssSsss

Cindy writes:
no No NO!

Chris writes:
yes yes Yes

Cindy writes:

We both laugh so loud by accident everyone turned to look at us. *WHOPS!* *#^o^#*

The attendence sheet came to us & much to our surprise, as Chris helped me tick my name, our names are together!
Tey Cindy
Tope Chris

My Guardian, My Angel~
"So how have you been finding this class so far?"
"It's cool, find it kinda hard to write my essay though."
"Have you written your essay?"
He gives a kinda of look I understand.
"Yah, I've did mine. Well it's kinda hard cause you have to relate it back to the list... Do you have trouble with it?"
"Yea, quite..." *I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!* lolx!
"Which poem are you doing?"
"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. & you?"
"(I can't remember what Chris chose!)"
He turns the pages to find my poem.
"Now. You don't have to worry about this one", redirecting to Ode to a Nightinagle which Michael is reciting.
He immediately writes down points for my poem on his key text book while I copy them down like lightning!

-Deborah writes notes on white board while Chris is thinking for another point & I feel like copying notes & he does too-

"I think we should do this first."
"Yea, sure!"

-Resume back his troubleshoot-

Naughty Chris!!!
"Are you... Romantic??"
"Oh, me? Yes~.."
"No~..." 'no'
"YES" 'yes.'
"Tell me, how can you show you are romantic?"
"Well I... am romantic... therefore I am Romantic~!" *Now that's lame* -__-"
"HAHAHA! See? You are NOT romantic."
"Well, I suppose we ALL are, & that's why we are here! How are YOU romantic?"
He only replies with a smile.


Henry Fuselli's The Nightmare 1781

Francisco Goya's Saturn (devouring the children) 1821

Chris explained to me what the names and roles these ugly scary creatures are. There are awesome, but seems really scary to me...! We then talk about timetables, subjects, & stuff.

Later on...

The masterpiece Chris writes:
'would you like to have lunch with me today?'


Anyway, I said yes. & during the walk...

The Real Romantic!!!
As I rambled about stuff..........
"See that?"
"Where?" <-- BluRR!
"That grass? See that thing over there? It's a four leave clover; it grows alone sprouting out from the road. Now, THAT's Romantic." He walks off leaving me pondering at the really small leave growing on the road instead of the earth with the other clovers.
"How did you see that?! Do you see that everyday?"
"No~! I just saw it just now, when I was walking. See? You are NOT romantic." he teases.
"URGHH~!" HITS him again.
"Do you think I'll get bruises all over if I befriend with you after some time?"

Coffee Toffee!

Chris's house! Kitchen, perhaps.

"My God, your house is so... Cottage-like! & bigger too! Mine is... hmmz~"
"Well, yea, it's a nice house... very cosy.. Please, have a seat."
"Do you need help with preparing lunch?"
"No no, please, seat."
I ignored this gentleman over here & walked to the table & kacau his things while he prepares lunch.
He kept asking me what I eat & what I don't & as we talked about fruits..., & the lunch table is done!

Pears, bananas, corn thins with cocoa banana spread, cookies THAT CHRIS freshly baked HIMSELF yesterday!!!!, chocolate, Passion FRUIT...

"Looks like we have a very sweet lunch here~!"
"It's cool. I'm fine with it. I'm fine with anything really." <-- "Fine with anything" thingy again~

Chris got up from his chair again, took the remote control & plays classical music on his player.

The WHOLE atmosphere changes!!! The miracle of musics.
The cottage, the classical music, the man-made lunch, a 1 in a million person & a self-proclaimed princess; what eLse is lack? *hahaha!*

Adam & Eve
"Is this passion fruit? I've never seen one in my life! How do we eat passion fruit? Do we eat the seeds?"
I took a fork & copied Chris; pop in the seed. I started chewing & they started to make weird noises.
"No, no, you don't chew. You just... *Demonstrates* He put the seeds in his mouth, suck the flavour, & swallow everything.
"We swallow the SEEDS? We actually EATS the seedS? So eating passion fruits means eating SEEDS? <-- sua gu-ing.
"Cindy~~! Ya~" <--- WhopS! Belang tertunjuk! @.@

"What fruit did Eve eat? Is it an apple or...?"
"Yes, it's an apple."
"I see... Maybe it's PASSION fruit..." *=s

The Women Killa' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& so we rambled on about how men came to earth, religions (Chris has NO religion & he is NOT sad or lost about it! He is a mix of everything; German, Itallian, France, Australian, UK, US, India, Cina... hahaha! I was joking. I think it stops at UK or US), & he reads about all the religions; selecting the values he finds true & practices them. Ain't that cool? lolx~!

"Let me play a song for you." <--- GENTLEMAN KAO 9AO, SIUT~!!!!!!

Chris remotes the player again & took out a guitar. Now, THIS is real dream!

My cookie almost choked my throat as I see him in his Adidas jacket & his hands lively playing a tune he wrote himself, a combination of everything (very Chris, very original. & his favourite food is... *TA DA* H2O! Yup, WATER! ORIGINAL untill cannot go furthur dyyyy!); a bit of latin, salsa, chinese, japan, pop, arabic music, he just plays EVERYTHING! & trust me, it is the MOST SPECIAL music I ever heard! Not even a bit can LeeHom produces yEt. The way he plays the guitar is an art, not only the music. I can't imagine how he creates such a wonderful tune by playing it artistically AS WELL! Chris also plays the piano, violin, & some other music instruments!!!!!
He also get a scholarship to study Medicine when he was 17, stopped to tour the world, continues but lack interests in medic & STILL got scholarship to study what he is doing NOW!!! *fULaMaK~!!!*
-The End-

P/S: Chris walks in front of me at every slopes during the walk so that "if you fall, fall on me, OK?" AwWw~ He is such a sweet guy~! *muakss!!!*

& Oh ya,
I found the cookie we both have! Arnott's Chocolate Chips Fudge Cookie! (NOT serve)

It's been a very nice day that day. I had the NICEST lunch of my life~! I found a very special friend! When you read Enid Blyton about how the little girl found a new friend who is an old lady who shares story next-door, I found a M-A-N~! MuA Ha hA.....
Melting moments like that reminds you how sometimes money doesn't matters..... But somehow, looks still do... -B.E.A.U.T.Y...