Monday, March 5, 2007

5 Cluden PL Healthy Food Fest!!!


5.3.2007's Breakfast : Butternut Pumpkin Soup, 2 Toasts, A Kiwi, An 1/2 bar of Honeycomb Kit-Kat!!!

The NICEST omelette I EVER make! At least Yappy said it's pretty~ ^^

Pak Choy & Garlic Chicken.

The End Result: The rice on the egg.

Well... the egg was suppose 2 be scrambled & stir-fry together with the chicken & vege, but...

CheePing: Wah~ Ur' egg is so 9s aRh?

Cindy: It is? OH! It IS! lolx~ 10X CheePing, I won't get to scramble it then.

What are they cookin'?!

The 2 Cs again! : Cauliflower & Carrots!

Yappy (RIGHT) drains them while CheePing (LEFT) scoops rice from his small cute white rice cooker!

The nicEST egg I ever fried! U should have seen the yoke when poked! Delicious! ^^

I cooked myself eXtra Tomato Relish Chicken + the egg & 2 Cs dish!

My 1st BEST breakfast since I came here. 2 French toast, a tomato, a kiwi, & a cup of milk. Neat & nice? *=D

My healthy LUNCH! : 99% FAT FREE Heinz Italian Minestone + Salad.

"S for Salad" Recipe:

1 lettuce

2 kiwis

2 tomatoes

1 bunch of grapes

1/2 lemon juice

1T honey

1T NO FAT yogurt

& U r ready 2 GO~!

I got myself another eXtra dish; MARMITE CHICKEN! T-HeE! + Bombay eggs & Oyster Sauce lettuce. YuMMy~!

Peanut Butter Curry Chicken & Lipton's Cranberry + Raspberry + Strawberry Limited Edition Quality Black Tea! Ooh La La~~ ^o^

My 1ST salad here for dinner. How healthy can THAT be~?!

Recipe for GP Salad (Green & Purple):

1 pack of washed-ready-to-eat-salad

1 cucumber

1 bunch of green grapes (seedless)

1 bunch of red grapes (seedless)

Dash of Italian tomato dressing (as much as U like it!)


A mug of Hot Chocolate!

Life Is Beautiful..... Live to EAT !!!!!