Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(Another P!NK Story) All Over Again - Cindy Timberlake [lolx]

(Another P!NK Story) All Over Again - Cindy Timberlake [lolx]

SAVE ME! I'm getting more & MORE into P-I-N-K!!! I just-CAN'T-STOP-buying anything in a BaBy P!NK colour!!!!! PINK, is like a kind fairy sitting with her crossed-legs above Queen Moon on her throne; cluster'd around by all her starry Fays, Charm'd magic casements, opening on the foam Of perilious seas, in faery lands forlorn!

Finished Romance & Realism class, was a VERY nice one! *hahaha* Don't even BOTHER to ASK! Had a WONDERFUL lunch, went to OfficeWorks, met Aaron (Superman Returns ; this time added "Returns"), very happy, he offered to accompany me buy my SPEAKERS!!!! Which; makes me DAMN HIGH & HAPPY ALL DAE LONGGG!!! To those who asked me today WHY I AM SO HAPPY, read on to know WHY.....

Ok, back to the P!NK story, this is one of the items I bought which is P!NK, & I LOVE IT.

Guess what is it in the picture below :

Then, I got a P!NK MOUSE! IT IS totally AWESOME!!! It comes with a P!NK mouse pad, USB, & of course, a mouse, & they are all in a P!NK cute BOX! As seen below.

*P!NK FEVA''' !*

Then, the Logitech speakers which are neither P!NK nor white... *Shites~!* But they are seriously fuckin' cOOl @t this PricE!!!

Apparently, the answer for the Question above, is a P!NK F.I.L.E with Hearts!!! wOO hOO~!

I even gOt a P!NK Liquid Paper~!!! WhoPsz... tOO muCh, I KNOW! *=S

FURTHURMORE, my Romance & Realism TEXTBOOK is ALSO, ..... P!NK !!! .....
Don't blame me for this~, it's MADE & happenED to BE P!NK!

The P!NK assignment handout.......... I really don't know how to say this, guyz~
I'm really so overwhelmed by my P!NK surround~! Can't get any more happIER!!! *^^*

Chocolate Baby Teddies Biscuits~~!! In a P!NK tupperware... *yUm YuM* ;p

Some random compilationz of my P!NK stuff in rOOm...
1ST Composition : (TOP View)

2nd Composition : (FRONT View)

Well, just for artistic purposes... see what I can do with them... Basically that's it. HaHa! Though, not really.
Hmmz.. Just got news from friendz that we are all going to GEORGE this Friday!!!!! YAY! Can't wait for that~! Swiming pool, mountains, CLEAR sky with NO clouds, lake, pond, all, whatever,~ I don't knOw~! LOLX! Just know it'll be F-U-N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *B-)
"But ONLY after you finish your ESSAY, Cindy!" repeats Aaron!!! *Roll eyes*
*Urghh* Alrighty~~~ Off to do essay NOW!!! - I hope..
kekekeke.... *=p