Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yesterday... (15 Jan 2007)


I didn't want to do this but I think I better. This is kinda a part of the continuation from the blog below this, As a blog 2 long won't b touch therefore, won't touch. (:

I was SO bored yesterday. I don't know Y. I had NO idea, my mind was BLANK, my body felt like a bolster, I don't recall what kind of feeling is this. All I know is that I m alone, I was alone. & it sucks. Was chatting vf a net friend who just broke up vf his 3 years gf about 1 or 2 weeks ago. She dumped him for an older man vf a BMW. Saw her picture, she was quite cute. I suddenly felt sorry for this friend of mine as I always ignore him each time he 5ds me though I know its bcuz he broke up. I admit I was never a VERY good friend 2 anybody, & always get busy with things evolving around MYself. Well, no one really needs my help when they need help though, its usually I go 2 them. I wonder what can I do to help anyway if they do. I'm so helpess myself.

After chatting 1/2 way, a friend mentioned about "Eyes On Malaysia". I thought its just a funfair type kinda stupid fan, but when he sent me the website of a blogger I think, I went, Oh My God, it's NICE! I longed so much to go there now, but only with some1 special, which I either don't own or found, yet. *sighz*

Going on & on chatting about nothing, time past so slow yet fast at the same time. But I realized the pace of me typing got slow, slower, & slowerrr. Suddenly, I started crying. Tears rolled down, I was not trying 2 hold back, but my curiosity of Y I cry made me weep instead. I was quite shocked. I finally know Y... I'm lonely. L.O.N.E.L.Y.... l.o.n.e.l.y.

My net friend thought I was like usual; busy, even though I'm not ^in-da-office^. Again, I felt guilty.
& he started 2 tell me he felt moody 2. & the conversation just end like tht.

My cousins cm bk & started screaming & yelling & shouting about how bored m I; mushrooms growing on my skin, that I'm becoming a stale wet old bread. But I don't feel like going out! I don't knw Y! I'm so like shit yesterday! I felt bored but don't 1 2 go out alone. Now that my cousin asked me out 2 gym vf her, I'm so like a bloster I dont feel like moving.

I thought, & thought, & thought. (How draggy is this blog, just like how draggy my day was yesterday~) & I know what I want at last. I want to watch a movie, shop at Mid Valley, & more preferably, a guy. HOLY SHIT! I want a DATE. WTH?! I was so thristy for love I felt my heart was dry... I need a man. God, please give me a man! Be him a boy or a man, as long with a dick; with no harm to me, I want my loneliness, CURED. HAHAHAHA! That was NUTS!

Knwing what I actually want, I was relieved, though not feeling better. I finally made a random decision to go to the gym rather than staying at home on9 & doing nth while thinkin bout shits.

FRANKLY, the main reason I dont feel liek going out alone is of course bcuz I'm alone & ALSO, its a SUNday & all I wanted 2 go is only MIDVALLEY. How impossible is that. Plus, I'd moved out & nvr tried driving thr alone from Damansara. I wont drive 2 Sunway frm Damansara & thn 2 MidValley, rite! -.-"

So, Sze Yin & I went to the gym. I used to run 5km on those machines but yesterday, only 2. I used 2 do 900 sit ups, yesterday, only 200. I felt like a dead corpse still moving like the mamee in "Night In The Museum". -.-"
But then the Latin teacher, Luciano entered the Latin class whr we waited & I was suddenly alive! I admire how these dance teachers bring in the energy in SnaP! & made every1 high + happy EVERYtime! How do they do thAt?!

After gym, I felt very much better; thanks 2 Luciano, felt hungry (I only ate cookies for lunch), went 2 buy shoes. (Met Yen Ling at Add-On 1st) Guess what, I found the pair of shoes I've been lookign for A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How not alive can I be? It's the 1 at NIKE & only costs me 199 bucks! I was happy then.

We went to Tesco's Santai for Malay cuisine, got out heart & stomach all 'pedas' & coated vf tom yam, walk in the rain from Tesco to Curve to Cineleisure, to IKEA, Curve again, all the entrances were blocked, & into the rain again 2 the car. Ok, actually we went seaching for a NIKE bag for Sze Yin. In the end of the night, when all shops r closed, all 3 of us got something from NIKE & felt VERY SATISFIED! Its a god feeling when U felt your money worth spent. (:

Back to home.

WHITE NIKE!! Hehe! LOng LOst LOve! *^x^* Aussie I'm comin'~!!!