Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shopping 4 Aussie (15 Jan 2007)

Shopping 4 Aussie

Yesterday was a dull, gloomy day. Well, my parents came up from Johor just 2 take me shopping around for stuff to buy (mostly clothes) b4 I leave to Aussie, & went back home yesterday, leaving me alone again. Well, I can actually shop by myself,... Anyway, ... OK, I was trying 2 skip that part, but maybe I shouldn't.
Firstly, is the fact that I did buy jackets, wools, & stuff but wasn't quite sure what 2 wear inside those heavy jackets. Mum & dad studied at Canada & 4 sure know what 2 buy rather than me wasting $ on unneccessary things.
Secondly, I was broke. & buying those stuff, especially clothes, if not accompanied by their eyes, will be look upon as a waste. So, we chose & dad paid. So did he choose. Dad has quite a good taste in fashion. Sometimes even better than mum. Mayb its bcuz he is a business man & is running around everywhr seeing things in different places of this world. Btw, dad bought me the CUTEST jacket ever when he went overseas, a p!nk neck warmer vf BlinG bLINgSsss advertised by Jolin!, a set of silver wool hat & scarf, 2 pair of 2-in-1 gloves which is SO cute & can even be kitten puppets, & a fine black D&G belt. PheWw~~ How sweet of him.
P/S: He didn't realize that Jolin advertised for that brand b4 buying it so I blif that means he has the same fashion sense as that Diva. HAHAHA! LOL~
Now, the FOOD side. I just LUURRVEE food, especially now, cuz its a Monday morning & I'm working with empty stomach. haha.. ha... Not funny.
4 lunch, I intro my mum the "o-a-mi-shua" & d XXL chicken. We tried d egg floss crepe 2! Every1 loved it, & so I was pretty glad. We went to Nyonya sthin 4 Hi-Tea, & at night..... TA DA! Jack's Place! The food there... OMG~ it's not say the finest sauce & grills served, but the chunk is SO BIG! Now I know what it feels like 2 say "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow!" Cuz eating that huge steak makes me feel like eating a calf! LOL! We had lobster soup tOO! I LOVE it! But my bro thinks that is tasted like "he mi". (prawn noodle) -.-" It costs ~10 bucks 4 a small bowl of soup. Overall, dad spent us a 164++ bucks meal. WhY? Cuz I'm leaving b4 CNY & thts 1 of "my" dinner... So sad...
Well, I was really touched by my family. They came up in purpose (though its beginning to flood again), just 2 accompany me shopping. The next day, they had 2 get up early bcuz its reaLLy floodinG & if they dont leave soon, we dont know when can they go home; as the road from Tangkak to Segamat is ~!@#$%^. *Shites!* Pity them; rushing around here & there.
Hmm... My parents can b really unreasonable sometimes, but in the end of the day, I realize that there's something about them u just can't shed off or take away. They are still your parents & also human, & every human being has flaws. What say U when 2 of them come as a couple together & r your parents? Even worse. So everytime I fought vf them, this thought made me forgive, though a Scorpio neVer forgets...
Anyway, THANKS mum & dad, & of course bluRR bro who accompanied vf tired legs~ I love you! (: