Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What I'm lOOking 4 In My Dream.. (1 Feb 2006)

What I'm lOOking 4 In My Dream..~

My Dream Guy
NOT younger than me
> 1.8 m
good / pleasant looking
NO flabby parts
not 2 hairy
long hair
loves casual but stylish
clean / hygenic
loves me as much as himself
mature yet playful; knowing when's the right time
ALWAYS makes me happy & smile!
share all my problems / trouble
faithful !
helpful (2 me)
truthful (2 me)
generous (2 me)
good tempered
willing to listen & speak; communicate!
happy 2 love what I love
willing 2 spend anything on & with me
accept me for who I am
love me not for my looks but M.E.
thinks I'm the best
educated (at least a degree)
owns a car (whatever it is)
not too poor
one who won't give up easily on things he want
talented in at least 1 thing artistic
the one I love & willing to spend everything I have in my life time with (nothing can matter more!)

*This list is only bout' my DREAM guy. Every girls have 1 in their heart anyway. But the 1 we get, is hardly the 1 we dream of. So, it's not wrong to keep on dreaming, right? hehehe... *;p