Tuesday, January 16, 2007

U-Name-It (11.11.2006)


Imagine if the world...
Is a sea of your FAVourite colour!
Its a round sphere,
containing only liquid,
with a thick layer of 'epidermis' made of O2.

Have U pictured that?

Deep in the core of this world,
is a round diamond which;
holds the eternity of the planet's existence,
& gives the sparks to the sea which;
lights the whole planet,
making it the biggest, brightest gem ever.

The only land on this world
consists of strings of islands
On this land,
is where only beach parties are held;
a land of partying!

Dance, Music,
Beauty, Fashion, Trend,
Delicacies, Fruits, Wine,
Silk, Bed,

A land for every new generations,
A place for the old who feels young,
A piece of earth for them who wants to be young,
A dance floor for the wild,
A paradise for the mild,
Of islands blow by the sultry wind.

No starving
No stealing
No torture
No suicide
No killing
No dying.


But the wild still goes on,
Feel the beat...
of the music..
the rythm U love most.

(In my concept)
Deep in the green sea,
U breathe in water through ur' nose 4 the very 1st time,
It doesn't hurt.
U breathe it in again,
U feel recycled, refreshed,
Ur eyes lit up like emerald,
U swim away.

What do U c?
Trees underwater, fruits U never C, or those U'v seen but different
On the golden sand, black apples are everywhere.
I took 1, almost bit her...
When U tapped my shoulder,
& I dropped it, 4got about her...

We bcame friends, we swam.
We swam better than fishes.
No whales. No sharks.
No poison, no potion needed.
Time is not gold anymore.
Life is.

Jewels & gems r rocks & stones.
No 1 begs, plead, nor steal.
Those who love 2 sell, sells.
Shops r cute vendors,
& ice creams are portions of rainbow.
Passing them, acknowledging friendliness, warmth.

On the silver sand,
place a violet shell
slowly opening itself
only when it senses true love
Our eyes gazed

Mermaids & mermen left us alone
Silence I sensed.
Sound of small waves calmed my trembling soul
I didn't know how
nor did I know when
I was in ur arms
with your warmth wrapping around me.

Green light shone upon us
while the shell finally opened
ignoring it after waiting 4 long
I realize my long fingers running through your soft long hair
back they went
I push ur head towards me
Y so did U.

Ur sharp nose against mine
Ur eyes shone into mine
Ur lips almost touching mine
Ur chest beating against mine
Ur hands tangling mine
We have no feet!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Together we touched the pearl
who smiled and closed as we swam away.

...Who aRe yoU?

In the sea,
I feel the green liquid
cooling my cheek
like cucumber slices,
blue gel,
baby pink ice cubes~!

I feel white!

I feel pure~

I m clean.

I m so glad,
so glad...
I went to find pain.
I search 4 witches, needles, poisons, stepsisters,..
4 what?!
4 love~!
What is folly?
I'm weary.

Don't ask me what is studies.
Don't ask me what is work.
Don't mention where is money.
Don't mention where is wealth.
Never question Y it's all here.
Never question Y happiness comes so easily.

Your world is not your creation.
You r the creator of your life.
My world is my creation.
I m not the creator of my life.

That is Y this is here.
This is Y I m here.

I m not out there.