Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cindy & The King (7 Nov 2006)

Cindy & The King

Hey~ Any1 watched "Alexander The Great" b4?
A funny thing happened last night, or mayb this morn.
I had a dream about...

U knw the King in that movie? Or in real history?
Well, the king has "tai ko" (duno what we call in English), sthin like kurap la, skin disease; it can kill.

Err.. the king recovered, but he still looked ugly.
I was suppose 2 b his slave so far as I can rmbr.
But this king cm 2 this era & was wearing T-Shirt & 3-1/4 pants! Bluish grey summore! Watching TV in his living room.
He invited me 2 keep him company. & so I did.

I dare not look at his face. Cuz I'm afraid I'l get frighten & run away.
I cld c his hands, recovering. Really. Still a lil' red though.
I was wearing sthin like T-Shirt & shorts also & felt really comfortable; just like home.
There was a lOng silence... a lil' akward.

Me & the King!


Where is Anna~

Anyway, I didn't know Y, I started 2 lean on the King's shoulder!
EWWW~~!!! GroSS!
I was afraid that I wld get infected (jus incase he havent fully recover), but I did what I did in my dream.
The king was a very kind & gentle man, & he was shocked.
I was thinkin that I might b sentence 2 death bcuz tht mean rude 2 a king from what, 1401?
However, he very slowly put his arms around me. (Bcuz of his sickness b4, no female ever liked him; I suppose!)

His other slaves entered & they were shocked.
All got out quickly leaving us really akward.
EWW~! I can't blif I m typing this!

I woke up.
Shocked by myself.
I wonder Y I hv this weird dream. I mean, Y The KING???
HoLy CoW~!

I had a feeling that it's caused by loneliness.
The urge that keep me 5ding things 2 do out thr; though I did, it doesn't change anything.
Loneliness is inside me, not that I'm in love vf it.
I m not a loneliness or depression lover.

What? I need a man? In my life? Even if he has kurap & lost his gains from the past?
I don't need a man! -PCD-