Tuesday, January 16, 2007

India, 60's-80's, Uniforms, Cakes!!! (Dec 2006)

India, 60's-80's, Uniforms, Cakes!!!

Havent been blogging bout my dreams lately...

Well, all I had were funny 1s. I mean, funny in a weird way.

I dreamt of ppl I shldnt b dreaming of! hahaha!

Few days ago, I dreamt that Yong Sheng (a friend of mine who went 2 study medicine at India, whom I liked when I 1st entered secondary sch, but he perhaps like me just the next day I stopped aft getting aweary about no responds~) bcame my "bf"... God's Sakes! That was just SO random~ But that was like a really "real" moment thr 4 me 2 really c the good side of him, in2 his eyes~ He is a good guy, seriously, all along... Just tht, I stimes felt a lil' fishy-selfishness in him. I can only rmbr the second our hands held & my eyes stared & gazed at our moulded hands; gel-ed 2ghtr, under the bright, bright, moonlight, sitting on a bench, under a tree, near a lake. Almost like the same location I dreamt of "Mark Teh & Me". -.-""

After that, I dont knw how but the story flows 2 whr my eyes got swollen because I cried 2 hard, 2 much, as my parents "bully" me more thn enuf. My eyes swell, got as red as chilli. & blood began 2 flow down my cheek vf tears... & my eyes fell out... like what the doc predict. @.@

Surprisingly, I saw Yong Sheng on9 the 1st thing in the morn whn I on my lappy as usual vf my lazy eyes. I told him I dreamt bout him, but all he went was " how r u? " Whats wrong vf him? lolx!

& Sure enuf, yesterday I cried for bout 4 hours. Because of my family, my parents, them. Will go in2 tht l8r.

Yesterday night, I dreamt of my friend who once liked me b4, & I had a weird feelin 2wards him 4 only 1 sec. 1st time in my life, a 1 sec crush. I rmbr it was aft tuition & we went 2 this place 2 yam cha which already bankrupted years back. I can still c his face under the blue light, my dizzy head aft tuition, blurred eyes caused by tireness, my heavy heart who nvr leaves home & the pushes frm my mother. He went 2 the toilet, & thts went he breaks it. Just the sec I felt "something~". & that was it. Well, his name is Lok Fun. T-Hee!

I dreamt a dream in the... 80s'? Mayb 60s'~ I'm not so sure. We all wearing "costumes" of that time & those were our school uniform. We were hanging around our secondary school, a lil' greenish lighting, & the canteen which looks like my sec sch's hall. My girl friends & I were the "populars", beautiful gang, wlaking & showing off. I was the least show off btw. hahah! We sat down the benches at the canteen, in a way/pattern, showing off that "thing". Bringing sexy butts I guess... hahaha!

We thn tk turns 2 queue buy food. & the only food they sell r.......... Ta Da!!!!! Cakes! Not cakes, cakes U silly. They r the cutEST, smallEST, plump jelly-IEST, cakes like those in Japan. Or mayb Japan aft 2000 years. They r so beautiful despite our 60s' uniform. For a min, I was like, "this is our food? Is this all we can eat?" I cant blif I'm in that world. But I did, gracefully picked the cakes, placed them on a seashell shaped plate, & walked past this guy called Lok Fun. hahaha! He was wearing a suit & his glasses vf black frame. (So old fashioned, my God~!) Really...

He & his friends do this 70's dance thing 2 impress us galz, but vf some fail... kakaka! I was a lil' impressed by him. That crush again, huh? lol~ Anyway, what I like about this dream r the costumes/uniform, & da CAKES!!! The concept & the world in this dream of mine is 1 of those worth 2 rmbr.

Speaking about dreams & more dreamz, I kinda wonder, ya knw...

Y m I dreaming about having these... silly, affairs vf random ppl I knw. Not that I like, love or watever them~ But yah. *sighz*

I dont need a man! Ok, whatever~