Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top 10 Male Losers ! RATE THEM !

Most Guys In This World Are LoserS.

#1 LOSER. Year: 2000
*Leo had a crush on *Crystal. They only met through net several times. Leo was from another state. Crystal found out that Leo was her cousin's friend. Leo knew that too & make full use of the opportunity to get closer to her. Crystal was just 14 at that time, while Leo, 16. He asked her to be his "girlfriend", & Crystal agreed reluctantly out of naiveness & to make the guy she loved jealous. Leo called her everynight from 12 a.m to 6 a.m almost everyday & sing to her all night. He was shy, so asked his friend, * Big Mickey, to accompany him sing the Kara-OK night sessions. Day by day, Big Mickey fell in love with Crystal because of her voice. Both of them did, & so a fight happened. The singing calls ended & became seperated. Crystal was so stupid she listened to both of their voices-that-can-call-the-rain-&-so-SYOK-sendiri while minusing her beauty sleep. She went to school sleepy & tired everyday. She got sick of making her love one jealous & got sick of listening to how much they claim their love for her, she confessed she was pretending. The two weird men got crazy & hated her. They started to be friends again & ignored her. Crystal was confused. But as much as they hated her for pretending all this time & wasting their money for calling, they resumed calling her again. Till one day, Crystal found out about Leo, who is still with his X & that Big Mickey is so fat & black, she ignored them till today; learning that guys can love another, though still with another lover; making it all REAL & they are CRAZY for YOU. LOSER #1a & 1b. - She only met his real person 3 years later.

#2. LOSER. Year: 2001
*Corn, who is *Crystal's father's cousin, starts a business with her father. He was 19, when she was 15. He visits her house almost everyday since they started the business deal, & began to get know of Crystal. They became friends, and Crystal thought he was one of her family member, thus gave him her number when he asked for it. Corn got more & more excited day by day & began to fall in "love" with her. He started to ask what she likes & buying everything for her so that he can present them to her when he visit again. Crystal rejected & rejected, making him feel more excited to buy more knowing that Crystal is a humble girl. He starts to love her more for that & made plans to marry her as his wife when she turns 20. "I'll tell your father we're an item", he said one night. "WHAT? Are you crazy?! I'm not your ANYbody!" From that day onwards, Crystal avoided him & stop answering all his calls, feeling very bad & guilty. But she knew that that's the best way to stop hurting someone even more. One week later, her dad told her mother about Corn running away with part of their business money & that he started consuming ecstacy pills. Crystal began to doubt her action before & also for years. However she now realized that Corn might had already planned to runaway with the money instead, rather than to marry her. LOSER #2 -Corn's father, even brought him to Thailand to sleep with whores.

#3. LOSER. Year: 1999-2004
*Crystal stepped into high school for the first time of her life. Being new from the other Chinese kids because she was from a Malay primary school, she got more attention from the guys. The less educated ones started calling her nicknames like "China girl"; as her mother always pleat her hair for her in the mornings, & "sai jui sun" (shit-water's granddaughter) as her grandfather was the richest man in town before with 4 wives. His name, "zhen sui" (surname+water) is well known at Crystal's town till today & she still owns the nickname behind her back. Getting all the attention she never expected to be pour on, she also got the whole package from the girls; jealousy. Being bullied like the protagonis you watched in chick-flicks, Crystal moved out to another school. She, however, liked a guy from the 'bully-gang'. A year passed, & she sees him at tuition classes almost everyday. As she laid her eyes on him one day, he laid his on hers too. He began to like her, but the moment he attempted to move her heart, she had stopped liking him. He was too little too late. Years later, on a Valentine night, he asked her out & all they did was riding on a motorbike on every, single route of the small town. On her own time & pace, she knew she really had stopped. On 2005, he confessed that he liked her enemy about 2 years ago, & he only befriend those who are rich & educated. & that he never understood why Crystal can befriend "them". She now know that HE did like her, but also for her money & knowledge. LOSER #3. - Simon is very good in studies & is currently studying medicine.

#4 LOSER. Year 2001.
After *Crystal moved to a new high school, she got new attentions from both guys & girls. Again, she got bullied by gangster girls, but there were good ones who helped her too. The gangsters soon got kicked out of school & she lived a happy life there. She began to had weird feelings towards an ugly and shy guy, *Hunchback J whom she felt different because he is a Pieces. Hunchback J liked her too, but had no COURAGE to confess. One day, Hunchback J stop befriending Crystal because his best friend stopped befriending Crystal's best friend. He started to fetch another girl everywhere in front of her. This goes on for about 2 years till one day, Hunchback's friend died in an accident. Everything returned back to normal, but not this relationship anymore. She now sees what a fool she was, to like Hunchback. - She liked him because her best friend keep telling her "You like him!" & she believed her.
Years passed after they finished high school, Hunchback J started calling her again till 1 day...
J: "Let's go out for a drink someday."
C: "OK"
J: "Can U fetch me?"
C: "I can't, I don't feel like driving."
J: "U rich people, thats all U say. Drive that Benz out! Why, keep keep keep?"
C: "What do U mean? Anyway, U r a guy, U drive"
J: "U let me drive your Benz la! Y so kedekut?"
C: "That's not my car"
J: "Dont 1 dont 1 la! Rich people!" (laughs)
C: "Bye". She hung up.
LOSER #4. - Hunchback J is still like that though he is the one who is interested in asking you out. Seriously.

#5 LOSER. Year: 2004 - 2006
*Crystal loved a guy she firstly used to replace her 9 years love. She gave more than takes throughout the whole relationship. They both knew each other in high school when her school opened 2 new classes for Form 6. This guy, *C, made attempts to show Crystal he had something towards her. Meaning, he was the one who first made the initiatives. Crystal felt special & that he was hard to get, losing him from her sight every now & then. On a ghost-festival night, they started a relationship. That was when everything changed. C would only find Crystal when he felt he like to. When Crystal finds him when she wanted to, he wouldn't bother much. When C feels like seeing her, Crystal would have to drive to his house alone which; is in another smaller town with hardly any line coverage throughout the journey there. He didn't worry. & he, never wanted to find her instead. Crystal gave so much, all C did was take. They broke up & get together again & again, & Crystal even gave when the relationship was off. But she was called petty & desperate when for all the reasons she did what she did was because he never showed he cared. She tried to understand him & pleaded to have him back in her life, but failed. As C came by to visit Crystal at KL one day, they regained what they missed before when Crystal was studying & forbidden to go out by her parents which; was one of the reasons he rejected her- He didn't want to meet her parents eventhough he said he LOVE her so. Everything that should happened before, happened at last. But the meaning wasn't there anymore, because they were nothing but just friends, though both of them felt, weird. A week later, C told Crystal that the only girl who managed to give him the deepest impression all this time is a girl whom he liked before, but with no education, & that Crystal was too good for him. From that day onwards, Crystal now learnt that he didn't "love" her, but only need a companion when he needed a girl in his daily life. She was used all the time since before's before. LOSER #5. - C & Crystal are still friends now. P/S: When one is your friend, many actions' meaning changes & he might not be a loser anymore.

#6 LOSER: Year 2004
*Jeremy was introduced to *Crystal by her housemates. Crystal had just entered college life at KL. Being more naive than ever, she got Jeremy as her first boyfriend. Jeremy had just broke up with his girlfriend 3 weeks ago, but he lied to Crystal saying that it was 3 MONTHS ago. He was just using Crystal as a replacement. He never wanted to tell Crystal his real occupation, & their relationship only lasted for 1 week. Jeremy's ex got denggue & he took care of her at the hospital thus, did not contact Crystal for a week. He didn't say nor mentioned anything to Crystal or his ex that he had a new girlfriend. When Crystal called, he wanted a breakup because he couldn't forget his ex. & that his true occupation is a fake phone seller at Petaling Street. Crytsal felt betrayed by him & worst, her housemates. After some time, the group went for a 2 days 1 night trip to Genting. That night when she sleeps, he kissed her. LOSER #6 - Is still a LOSER at the Top of the world!

#7 LOSER: Year 2005.
*Doug knew *Crystal from Friendster & they started to chat. He began to grow feelings for her as they go out for a few times together. He was a romantic guy, all Scorpion up, just like Crystal, but for some reasons, too pushy & not very secured to Crystal. She again, like all these years doubted her actions, but proved herself right. She pulled back herself from Doug a little & he began to slowly give up, and in a short time, found another, forgetting how much he told her he liked her before. After a short while, he found another new one. How easy is it for a guy to say "I Love You" and with a blink of an eye, found another right infront of your eyes? If Doug did love Crystal so, would he give up so easily for another? If said he had his reason, should he confess so early without thinking? Is thatcall love? LOSER #7. - Doug is in a relationship with someone far away; mentally & physically.

#8 LOSER: Year 2006
*Dragon and *Crystal were friends. They had great fun watching movies, going to beach at night, and doing silly things together. When Crystal was contemplating whether Dragon likes her, he was about to leave to another country. As Crystal contemplated too long, seemingly that Dragon had lost interest in her but still asked her out, before he left. In our point of view, he liked her before, but not anymore. & it's the vice versa of her. On a night when Crystal joined Dragon & his friends to his farewell party at a club, a girl about 17 years old couldn't enter and Dragon asked Crystal to accompany that friend of his outside throughout the whole night. Forgetting he was the one who mentioned how much it meant to him if Crystal had joined. Crystal actually accepted his invitation to find out answers for herself and to bid him farewell. After a whole long night waiting, Dragon flirted in front of Crystal with the China girl & talking about other girls. In other words, she was just there for him to "say" I'm not into you anymore, & here is my revenge. What a Leo~ LOSER #8. - Dragon is now still a party animal & women lover.

#9 LOSER: Year 2006
*Andrew is a guy who works at the same company as *Crystal. This is what happened. Each time Crystal was required by her boss to call Andrew, he will speak in a very rude or angry tone, with no reasons. Till one day...
(FYI, everyone in the company knows that none of the phones work well)
C: "Hi Andrew"
A: "Who is this?" Duh~
C: "It's Crystal"
A: "Yes, Crystal?."
Crystal asked Andrew about what she had to ask politely but Andrew couldn't hear her and started to get pissed off.
A: "It's B-Pop, Crystal. B-POP. Gotta run" -pap-

Crystal was really pissed & in an email she had to sent to him & her boss, she added a note.
Dear Andrew,
Sorry if my calls consume your time, but I hope you know that I'm just doing my job & I'm sure you know all the phones here don't work well. I don't think you should speak to me like that, & this is not the first time.
Just so you know.
Thank you.

Andrew & the boss was kinda shocked & Andrew had to buy coffee for Crystal in return (to show the boss).
In his apology, he mentioned where he studied, he was a host, he worked for RTM, why he couldn't work at Sydney, Crystal should understand his background, & that she should not have blame him because he is "such a Busy Man". Crystal felt as if he was waiting for her apology all this time, & said, "MAYBE I should say sorry too." LOSER #9!!! - Andrew is still the same old FAG.

#10 LOSER: Year 2005 - 2006
*George is a man who manages to give *Crystal the life she thinks she wanted. He gives her cards, flowers, gadgets, perfumes, & at least, all the things a girl should & want to have at least once in her life from her lover. However, they missed something some people don't. - Friendship which; then leads to unsiufficient understanding of each other's likes and needs. No one is to blame though. But to some things, yes. The loser.

George and Crystal were lying on a bed doing nothing. Suddenly, George's cellphone rang. He answered. A girl's voice could be heard. She asked, "what are you doing?".
"Say you're with your girlfriend, say you're with your girlfriend" Crystal beamed in delight.
"Oh, I'm studying." said George.
Crystal's beam changed.

After the call ended.
"Why didn't you want to say you're with your girlfriend?"
"I... I just didn't see the point of saying it. Why, why should I say that?"
"But I asked you to... Its not like I didn't..."
They fought very badly that night. & George blamed her for controlling him too much, & that since he started the relationship, he had no friends. When all the time he was the one who did not find anyone himself.

After the breakup.
George & Crystal went to Sg. Wang to shop. They finally entered a shop where the salesgirl was a pretty one. While Crystal was trying on her clothes, George started to ask the salesgirl about the rental of the shop & all that. Crystal heard everything & stormed off without trying.
"Why? Are you angry with me?"
"Why? What did I do?"
After about 3 hours.
"Dear, what did I do wrong? Tell me something, can U please stop muting yourself?"
"U know what U did wrong, U r SO smart, U don't need me to tell U"
"I really don't know!"
"U don't know? hahaha!"
George got pissed.
"Go home now. I can take a cab by myself."
"Why are U like that? U can just say what is wrong & everything will be fine. I'll fix it. You know I wont let U take a cab."
"Why? If you care so much, U wont do what U did."
"What did I DO?"
"Go home!"
"Every1 is looking, can U not shout?"
"Why do U care if anyone is looking? Scared everyone know where your fault is? Let me go home by myself if I shame U so."
"I can't! What if something happened to you? Then your & my parents will blame ME!"
"Oh, again, U r not REALLY that caring towards me! U care about what others think!"
"Please..." he grab her hands.
"...tell me what did I do wrong" he continued.
Each time he held her hands, she felt that same connection again. She wanted to cry & forgive him, but she knew she couldn't. She let go.
"U, think by yourself. Since when did I stop talking to you. Are you that dumb? You don't know when?"
"No, I don't know."
"THINK!!!" She walked into another shop. "Act dumb to erase your fault" she said to herself.

"Miss, how much is the rental here? I'm sorry but my boyfriend here wants to know so desperately" Crystal asked synically as she took a few clothes to try.
The salesgirl was puzzled and shocked she looked at George. Crystal entered the fitting room.
"Pay for me." she said, & left.
George was shocked & did.

"Now U know what's wrong?"

"I talked to a girl just now."

"Oh, so U know it! Y don't U admit earlier?"

"Cuz I don't see Y talking to a girl is wrong."

"But she is random!!!"

One night, after a small fight with George, Crystal texted him.
"No one is at home" using another number of hers because no one was, & she was all alone at her couz's house.
"Who are you" was his reply.
"You don't have to know. I just wanted to let you know this." Crystal replied.
"I don't know who U are, why do you tell me this?"
"Ok, I'm tire too... Goodnight."

The next day in Crystal's car.
C: "Can I borrow your phone?"
GG: "Why?"
C: "I want some new songs."
GG: "Oh..."
Crystal took George's phone. George face expression changed while Crystal transfered a song.
C: "Oh, who is this? 016..."
GG: "Oh... that 1... someone msged me saying that no one is at home."
C: "Oh, really? What did U say?" She giggled in her heart, excited to tell him its her. She thought he knew but played back after they fought that night."
GG: "Oh, I said I don't know who U are, thats all."
C: "Really? That's all?"
GG: "Yes."
C: "Serious?" She shows a doubting face; giving him another chance.
GG: Defending himself firmly. "Yes."
C: "But... that person... is me." She whispers.
GG: Is you?
C: Yah, Y? Are U shocked? I thought U replied to her "goodnight"...
GG: Ya, I did...
C: But Y didn't U tell me?
GG: Raising up his voice angrily. Yah, I did. But that also means U r testing me!
C: I did not. I thought U knew it was me. I told U my dad bought me a new number.
GG: No, I don't remember that!
C: But that's your business. I told U that before. & why are you raising your voice if U are not wrong?
GG: I m not!
C: My tone is low all the time.
GG: I don't know why must U find small things like that to fight with me!
C: If U have told me the truth this would not happen!
GG: Whatever. I'll send myself back home & U drive yourself home with your car.
C: Whatever! It's your fault & U r the one who start the fight!

They reached George's house. He went in his house, took out a plastic & threw it in her car. It was supposed to be her X'mas present. He left.
C: George!!!
He ignored her.
C: Don't regret if I die!
She didn't know why she said that, but she did, & speed off.
He followed her.
(T- HeE~!)

Another time.
Crystal was at home bored and rotting. She wondered why hasn't George call her & it's 11p.m +. She made the 1st move.
C: "Hey honey, where are U?"
GG: "Oh... I am at my friend's house. My FRIEND asked me to repair PC" Missing the she(s) and her(s).
C: "Oh? Friend..."
GG: "Ya..."
C: She didn't want to ask but the chances she gave him, doesn't prove his truthfulness. " Is it a girl or a boy?"
GG: "Oh... it's a girl. She's my high school friend since last time."
C: "U r at... her HOUSE?"
GG: "Ya, I'm leaving soon. Hey, gotta go. Call U later."
LOSER #10 - George is learning to change.

Can anyone tell me, IF U r a GIRL, will U b happy? & If U r a BOY, do U think it's right to be at a girl's house? Would U b happy if your GIRLFRIEND goes to a male FRIEND's house to do something with her own reasonable reason? Because George told me he doesn't think he's wrong as her parents were there, & that Crystal was being
too sensitive.