Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hoxagen Queen (11 Jan 2007)

Hoxagen Queen


Continues; - Part 2.

Laughs of a MAN and a WOMAN.

Camera A: ROTATING from their BACK to the FRONT, REVERSES a little, STILL.

MAN dresses up like the FIRAUN of Egypt before preserves into becoming a “mamee”. WOMAN is sitting at a lower level in front of him and in the middle of his legs; her left arm ‘accidentally’ rubbing against his groin every now and then. The couple seems very loving and affectionate as they caress and exchange strokes to each other on the head.


The Firaun swipes his gentle fingers on her forehead, slowly clearing the baby hair of her fringe which softens her nicely shaped forehead. WOMAN responses and does the same thing, nestling the FIRAUN’s hair into his Egypt crown. They both bend towards each other naturally and peck a kiss at the lips.


Camera A: WOMAN twists her upper torso to the front, facing the SLAVES and MAIDS who stand in rows beside a very long lane from the stage where the COUPLE sits.

WOMAN gives a warm smile to herself; content and please. The Firaun doesn’t even have to look or peek to see her smile, but he feels it from his generous heart. He too, smiles, in gratitude to God of the Sun.

Camera B: CLOSE UP on COUPLE, hand movements, body & face reactions.

Firaun’s muscled arms starts to slide down from the WOMAN’s shoulder to her left breast pressing against her right bosom. A sigh is heard; the sound of sensation relieved, the pleasure fulfilled the hunger that is being fed; the feeling of millions of stars cutting through her brain bringing her to a place better than heaven.

He plays his thumb and index finger around the grapes of her nipples, running through the white pure cotton dress from India she covers herself with. The dark color of her areola can be seen through the dress till it changes into a round harden grape. She screams for and because of her dreadful lust as he builds her climax in front of his SERVANTS. As his sixth sense tells him it is the right time, he runs his palm to grab her breasts. She stops screaming like the female wolf howling under a blue moon. (I doubt if there is a blue moon in Egypt). Her body collapses onto his as their cold sweat mix and make them hOt.

CUTTING IN camera A & B: ENTERS Karma Sutra Scene.

Arrange alignments of camera A & B in all directions of Roundabout.

Something happen. This Firaun still loves her but asks her to leave. Maybe she has to leave; something is awaiting her, something to be done, Maybe she upsets the Majesty; he has to let her go though their love is strong. She is thrown down the throne off the stage to the long red carpet leading to the one entrance and only exit. She starts running towards the main door as fast as she can. Before she can crawl out the door, a little tiny girl about 3 years old appear in front of her. She looks pretty but also as scary as a hallucinated ghost at the same time.

WOMAN screams in horror. She runs in another direction, the little girl appears again. This repeats about 5 times. WOMAN gets frustrated of her fear, gathers her fragile courage and starts to growl at her. The little girl who smiles consistently pauses and starts to tear. She was just eager to “play” with the WOMAN.

WOMAN immediately steals the opportunity to escape. The girl stares at her with her big, round, teary eyes which, looks pretty sorrowful but also as if they are going to fall out from her sockets. WOMAN takes the opportunity to run faster. The girl comes back. This time, appear even faster; never allowing WOMAN to take even one step.

“My LORD! Help me! Don’t do this to me! I beg you, I plead! Please!!!” she screams.

The Firaun lays his eyes on her; turn his head away, as tears roll down his dark, tanned cheeks.

No one helps. The MEN ignore her though the word fear is printed on their face, while the WOMEN pity her so much they almost cried, but move away from the scene.

“My Lord! Why? WHY? Why must you do this to me if you love me still??!!! Hoxagen! Hoxagen... hoxagen…” the cries of pleads drags till they stop.

The little ghost girl snares back at her this time. WOMAN snares back fiercer and so does the girl. This time, shadows of her teeth growing longer can be seen as they grow back normal again. This frightens her. She runs to the main door, finally, and the little girl is there waiting for her; invisible than before.


But why so clear, both of this? She shocked herself she woke up from her bed she thought would give her sweet dreams.