Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Legend of Wish & Dream (8 July 2006)

The Legend of Wish & Dream

Music box closes, & Ballerina stops dancing.
A girl is sleeping, whistling a snore.
Silky fairy gives a smile, & glitters to the sky.
A magic wand, a cast of spells.
Upon a pearl crown, above the crystal castle.

Wish is wishing upon the stars.
Dream is dreaming under the moon.
Hope is praying Wish & Dream comes true.
Fireworks sing, petals dance.
Wish loves Dream, & Dream kisses Wish.

Fairy tale comes alive, fantasy comes true.
Sun comes up, & Angel wakes up.
Glass slipper breaks, & legs become tail.
Apple becomes poison, & needle becomes death.
Breaking happy endings & happily ever afters.