Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lately... (13 Oct 2006)


If the question is what hv I been doin lately, I wld say I was pretty bz; very bz actually. "3 Fat Virgins Unassembled" is ON now! 2day, 8.30pm was the opening night. Everything went well, can b consider great, but could be greater. Weird but true, I kept feeling my energy was kinda down but I just cant bring it higher. Why oh why... -.-""

A lot of things r goin on round me these months... Firstly, my bro enter the hospital & is still staying at KL so I was driving back & forth from Sunway to Cheras as my family is hr & thrs no point locking myself up at the condo for 2 months. Plus, I hv gOOd fOOd 2 eat sO the travelling, jam, petrol, tols & TIME r worth though.. kinda~ haha! Thts the travelling time tht keeps me up & whn I reach home its late, whn I reach college its rushing, but I was really happy. Nvr knew tht d existence of family around U is actually THAT important! It DOES make a difference. Bt I do understand Y some ppl dont appreciate tht. LOL!

I realize that I REALLY love driving. Sounds crazy, aint I? Its just that great thoughts came 2 my mind when I m driving; those that I won't hv time 2 think about when going through my routine of life. & thts whn I hv great music. Loud, soft, watever tracks I 1, I control them. I can sing & dance & I feel free~ I m driving 2 somewhr I 1 2 go. Feeling in control makes me feel grounded.. it just feels great. I m the type of person who appreciates small, simple things k? Even a tree or a cloud or simply a piece of sky. Clue: Gazing at a piece of sky can bring U ANYwhere. Cuz its the same EVERYWHERE! I learnt this myself & I'm proud of it. Hahaha!!! -.-"

Back 2 the busy-ness. The rehearsalS... God, I hv 2 say... it's crazy! But FUN. True leh~ Zahim is a great director. His patience I adore. Anyway, the rehearsals go like this. 10-5 on weekdays & 2-6 on weekends. Plus the career management which stimes starts only at 6.30-8.30. Hmm... but I managed 2 survive that finally. I knew I wld. hehe! U knw, whenever a bad day comes, or I can c what happens 2mrw, day-aft-2mrw, I jus tell myself it will end too 1 day. Its just A day. I won't die. I will still b alive. Every1 knows that. True enuf, here I m today. It's over, SOON. Not YET. Though.

So we hv the family business, rehearsals a.k.a classes business... What did I do whn I m free.. Well, I watched a Korean drama; My Girl (starring Lee Dong Wook) & its just so heart melting. The characters r really great! Ya lah, U knw, typical Korean drama.. But I do love 'Yu Rin's' character. Helps me in my acting for this play, & mayb in future 2. &... the guy~ Yeah! I now know men do grow old gracefully, dont they? haha.. I surf the net bout him & realize the elder he gets, the cuter he bcomes. Gosh~ So great la tis man, manage 2 mk me like him. Cuz I do hv a fren who looks like him but I nvr think he looks cute. But LDW does! I manage 2 learn some Korean words 2. Baxia!!! ^^

Aihsay... I wanna learn Korean language leh... but I know its useless; sthin no1 will support me. Cuz whr the hell can I use that. Its not like I will live at Korea~ (which is 1 of my greatest wish sadly). Japanese wld b different but that is that. Duno y... I'v been 2 Korea twice & instead of feeling bored of it, the longing of I-wanna-live-thr-instead bcomes more. My family who went thr wld nvr 1 2 go thr anymore! lol.. Duno la.. just feel tht I can "kap" very well vf the food, culture, YES! CULTURE is the WORD! *:D Ok, end of this story. I'l just keep on de-ri-ming~~~ >.<>
I've seen & found the light & I'm moving towards it. +'vely. I'm learning, trying, & I hope I can mantain this! Well, Love is what I havent mention in this blog. Well, I kinda start observing what crush is. But still clueless. But I learnt that Love Unneccessarily Has 2 Start Beautifully. By not starting beautifully brings more happiness & love 4 the future. How much do U blif in that? I do, at least. Sorry if I'm being 2 Cinderella but thats my real name. Blame numerology. *lol* & oh yah, Desperation Pushes EVERYTHING away! But it is very easy 2 fall into desperation's trap so, b Kful! If it starts vf a 1 sided crush, its harder.. but not impossible! Nothing is! Just Baxia! Aza~ Aza~

I felt a presence of sthin, someone. Alive, ok? Its near me but I dont c it. My instinct tells me that it is love. But I dont c that anywhr yet. No clue, no sign. OH, Suddenly so excited to go Tasmania~ heheha! Just felt tht thr is a new life, new beginning, new discovery awaiting me. How bad can tht b anyway, its only 4 a year. haha! I'm so gonna learn life & love thr; if I can lah! I can b some1 really crazy & blind in love U knw. I'm serious. Thr r 2 ways.

1st. The guy whom I can really different shape where the limit & dividing line is. When 2 gv, when 2 stop.
2nd. The guy whom makes me blind & nuts I can give without stopping, in condition he loves me 2 lah, duh! I m nt going 2 get myself wrong again this time! NO rushing. Ya knw, if he is a guy who can mk me tremble, uh yeah, that's him. Hahaha! Who needs a guy who only gives U comfort & U nvr tremble. Do U knw what does tht means? U don't really care. 2 me that is. U, I know not. Anyway, I wld rather b a stupid lover thn 2 b vf a predictable lover. U get wht I mean? But whn U hv a lover who makes U crazy, U 1 it the other way round? heh~ I m young & free. 4gv me. Oh cmon, free ur mind from boundaries & b romantic, man! B sentimental! Whatever~ U still can'T leave F.A.T.E bhind.

Love Makes The World Go Round! Love 4 lover, pet, family, watever. Even if U only love in ur dream, that might b ur strength which spins ur world. If not, what does? *=)