Tuesday, January 16, 2007

3 Fat Virgins Unassembled (16 Oct 2006)

3 Fat Virgins Unassembled

Its 16th October 2006 already! Time past so faSt! & U knw wat, "3 Fat Virgins Unassembled" has finally been successfully showed & premiered in Malaysia at the Sunway University College's Roof Top Theatre (SyUC RTT) 4 the very 1st time after failing several attempts b4!! (Ops! Sounds like a wrong time to publicize the play... Cuz it's over! *Laughs*)

Many ppl 2 thank here actually. Firstly, Zahim Albakri (Director of Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical)! Our director!! He is really a very cute guy & really patient 2! Patient is really an important word 4 a director if U come 2 think about it. (Plus, we r still new actors vf nt much Xperiences.) "This is for you...(from script) What does that mean?" He asked what he wrote on the paper 2 himself. Hahahaha! My friend & I had a really good laugh~ He always mumble 2 himself... kakaka! *so cute la* KioK!

Next, come the time 2 thank myself & my other 3 Fat Virgins! Without Zahim this wont b a dream cm true, bt without us, there will b no actors! M I right? hahaha! Ain, Helena, Joy, it's great working vf U guys! Its weird that we nvr fought since the 1st day v know each other. *Hmmz* A good thing. Time flies, WOman! Shitz~ We r doing our very last play & leaving already... *=( I can still rmbr the 1st day we know each other CLEARLY & now I can almost picture the day we r leaving this school. Taking our very own routes... But I'm sure we'll still meet again whn we cm out & work! LoL! "Get real girl, This is Malaysia!" -Quote Virgin A. Hahaha... It's me. *;p

Well, others... Puay Tin, Mark Teh, tech ppl; Tracy, Afiq, Ivan, Faiq, not 2 4get; Bryant the Prop man, Amalia, FOH ppl, etc, etc (Sorry if I din mention ur names!) >.< & those who supported us; audiences! Without U, this play wont go anywhr no matter how good it is!!! My family... 10 Q! Hard work pays off after all at the end of the day! & "U", who always sit, hiding at the side of the theatre invisibly at every show 2 C me, give me flowers.. I'm so touched..... NO LAH, there is no such person. I'm just making it up by imagining Lee Dong Wook (currently my fav Korean Actor!) doin so. WAKAKAKA!!! Ya right, a famous actor fly 2 Malaysia 2 c ur show, Cindy~ STOP dreaming. He is not ur's. -Whatever~! -,-""" Well, basically, that's all. Just felt the urge to write this out as an official end to "3 Fat Virgins Unassembled". Hmm... not really an e.n.d.; I blif a part of fat virgin mode will always b inside us always, plus tis is our very own 1st show... But here U go: Good bye 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled ~ ! Miss ya!!! *^o^*