Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clear Rooster (11 Jan 2007)

Clear Rooster

I think it’s her.

“Hey, where are we now?”

“I don’t know! Walk lah!” she gives a short snort.

“Ok lah! Shout for what lah! Ask cannot meh!” I shout back then laugh. She laughs too, but only a little.

We walk alongside the kampong. It looks familiar and reminds me of my hometown but as usual, a little heightened. A heighten reality.

The road gets narrower and narrower, more like a cemented path, like the ones at Pulau Ketam. We wander and ponder around the place with absolute curiosity. There are two rows of kampong houses on the left and right, with pagar protecting them. These pagars, lead me to something…

“Look at THAT! Oi, Sze Yin, Sze Yin!”

I think it’s her.

“What?! Don’t scare me lah! What is it?”

“There, look!” I said, pointing at a something familiar yet not again.

YeEeRRR!!! (Pause) Ssshhh… don’t make noise. Or it’ll run away.”

“I told you there’s something. (Beat) Yeeerrr~~~”

It is a rooster.

I first see a rooster, and then a wooden stick stuck to his chicken butt. Then I realize a bluish green antique vase with China flowers prints hanging on the lidi sticking to the rooster’s butt as his tail. As my eyeballs roll about 15 centimeters higher, I see a small rooster, not chick, sitting above his head. It rests there like the Emperor of all Chickens treating the rooster’s head as his throne.

Oh My GOD! A small rooster on a big rooster with an antique vase as his “handsome” tail.

Suddenly, something happened and…

“AaaAaaAAA!!! Both of us run like chicken as the chicken run as well!

Imagine our funny faces with eyes wide open and shouting mouths WIDE open and then go… PAUSE!

HAHAHA! Got it?

Like a film.

-The End-

Of Part 1.