Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Federal (25 Oct 2006)


Neon lights surround my presence
My eyes gaze at them delightfully
Can U imagine them?
Sparkling & glittering
As if they r part of the neons

As the car moves
Mr. Round Moon seem to follow me
I can't see the stars though
Because the lights r too bright
But this, is the beauty of city life at night

I am happy
Very grateful
I touch your hands
& look into your eyes
To then see U look at me

'Why' U ask me
'Nothing' I tell U
Why r there reasons in your dictionary
For why U look at someone
Whom U know will leave

I hold your hand
& gaze at them;
Lights abandone
I feel the warmth in U
I feel the heart in it

I grab it tight
I squeeze it hard
I don't 1 2 let go
Till I realize
Where I m sitting

I can't admire the lights
I can't trace the moon following me
I can't C U
I don't C U

I m holding the steering alone
I m starring at the road alone
Right in front of me alone
All I see r cars alone
& lonely signboards

Where do I go
I know
Yet not know
But I know I m alive
& I will live my life

Your lost
Is my lost
& my gain;
My gain
Is your gain.

Fate brought us together
& tear us apart
It is fate
What I missed here
R tears I shed

Because I know
What U know;
U won't know this
U'll never know this
U only know what U know is right

I can't change U
U can't change U
Leopard can't change it's spots
Neither can U
Nor can I.