Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bees, Jack Sparrow, & A Fairy. (28 Oct 2006)

Bees, Jack Sparrow, & A Fairy.

Forget Orlando Bloom. Push Elizabeth Swan into the bitter sea. It's all about ME, Capt. Jack Sparrow & The Black Pearl.

I was sleeping in Pinky (my room's name) & had a weird dream. Well, it's really weird but true Y I alwayz dream when I sleep on this dreamy bed! & they r always weird ones!

The 'Bees dream' is about KH & I. We were at my old house. (I hv no idea Y I always hv dreams of tht place! Mayb I miss it 2 much~) KH was helpin me 2 keep those clothes hanging at the balcony. It's still the same old house. No changes. Suddenly, a bee came flying by. Followed by 2, 3 & a 100. We grab all the clothes & ran into the house. (My mum's room) It's funny that in this dream, we already expected chronicles 2 come by 1 by 1, & that it's part of our life; not a surprise.

So we fought the bees. I realized that they r not real bees! They had big asses, fat sharp needles stickin out that butt, & UGLY faces vf bulging eyes! The 2nd & 3rd abdomen seemed 2 b connected by a string which makes the asses hung down. A 100 turn 2 a million, a billion, infinity~ So we tried 2 use our brains. So, 1 of us must transform in2 a bee 2 fight them & KH volunteered cuz he is a guy. So he, bcame a 'bee'! I was standing there trying to shoo the bees away but they seemed 2 ignore me more now. Their target is the 'fake bee'! I felt bad but only 1 of us can transform in2 a bee.

Metamorphosis. Any1 recall that? At 7 p.m sharp, is the time 4 the bees' metamorphosis. Now, I can hardly see KH but I can cuz he is red & the others r blue. But then I rmbr the metamorphosis! They all transform in2 sthing new & I wldn't recognize KH then! & How r WE suppose 2 escape?! So I was shouting out his name repeatedly & ask him 2 fly out from the buzz so we can just runaway. But it was 2 late. The clock shows 7 p.m SHARP. The bees take on the process & so did KH. A big blue fat ass bee flew 2wards me while it transform & I woke up. *EwWw~*

P/S: I killed a bee in the same afternoon b4 hvin this dream.

Now, Capt. Jack Sparrow & the fairy comes in a package of dream. Meaning, in the same day; I dreamt the 1st part, woke up & headed 2 the toilet, ZzZz again, & had the fairy dream. I don't know whether it's connected but I think it is.

Again, I can't rmbr other parts of this Caribbean dream but I rmbr starting me, captain, Orlando, & some other ppl sailing on the Black Pearl. We just came back frm an adventure sumwhr of searching something. & b4 we realize, time flies & we r reaching the jetty - time 4 me 2 leave the ship cuz adventure is over~ & GUESS WHAT! Hahaha! I took on Elizabeth Swan's role! Even more drama.

B4 leaving, the wind was blowing so strong; seems like its blowing on purpose 2wards me & Jack Sparrow. We looked in2 each other's eyes... I could c his hair flying around him & he sees mine. His dark skin didn't glow but I like the way he look. He was holding a bottle of rum & he stood shakily~ I tried 2 take the 1st heavy step away, so reluctant; my feet seemed 2 b buried on2 the ship. As I turned my head away, I immediately ran back 2wards him & hugged him! *WAHAHA!* aNd Capt. Jack Sparrow greeted me vf a even more secured hug. I could feel the warmth of his body, the rush of rum in2 his blood which; quickens his heart-beat. I felt c.o.n.t.e.n.t.e.d.. I gv myself a smile & looked at him. Pause. We kissed! *KAKAKAKAKA~* His mouth is so cold & bitter like the sea water but when our tongues glided... he tasted like sweet, iced rum. Luciously Delicious! I can drink his rummy blood~ *Yum yuM*

Ok, I know it's time, so I pull back. Every1 is looking; including Orlando Bloom. I turned 2 look at him & he immediately turned away. Whatever that means~ The other pirates 'kaki' became silent, looking at us vf their beautiful brown, faithful eyes. All I can hear is the sound of the wind; whsipering 'goodbye'. I let go of Jack's hands, 1 by 1... but he held each of my hand back again & again, each time I released 1. I left. He was stunned 4 the 1st time. Imagine that! Hah, Captain Jack Sparrow stoned. I felt..... Well, I don't know how 2 explain.

After the toilet break:

I continue dreaming that I was walking along a pedestrian path vf my brother, mother, cousins. I think they r the ones who greeted me at the jetty. *I miss Capt. Jack Sparrow!!!*

As I walk, the route seemed very familiar. Well, like DejaWu. We reached a shop lot. Looked white & bluish. Quite 9s & modern. We went up 2 1 of the shop lots. If U 1 a picture, it looks like the scene of the movie "The Island". A fairy & a human-creature thing greets us WARMly. The fairy looks very pretty; like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, vf silky golden hair & a cute green dress. My mum asked the fairy 2 take care of us & she left vf my cousin(s). After they left, they treated us COLDly. I was turned into a blue dress fairy & locked inside an ice made of jelly subtance! My bro too! How the hell r we suppose 2 escape. Imagine being froze into that mould, I couldn't even move! Only 1/2 an inch per calorie I suppose. & keep in mind that I m small now.

Great~ This is how we r taken care of. A trap, A trick.

I don't know how long we were trapped there but I do know that the 2 creatures did come by 2 check on us. The fairy turned in2 sthing like the bad queen from FF8. Something like that~ Very ugly; red, purple, blue. Can U imagine that combination? Vf tentacles over her dress. She is now human size. All I rmbr is that I 1 2 GET OUT & I MISS my family. I can c what they r doing at 'home'! Soon, we r released after not eating for a 100 of 'fairy days'! We emerged from the jelly ice & guess what they served us. Cold squids vf their ink! & some other sea creatures' things like sea horses' tail bits & weird weeds. >.<>