Tuesday, January 16, 2007

*~* Fantasy Candied Theme Park *~* (8 Dec 2006)

*~* Fantasy Candied Theme Park *~*

I am aLL alone as usual, like it AlwayZ started.

It's sO miSty~ My God, where m I?
OK, I think I'm somewhr on a mountain. What, is this The Great Wall or sthin? GeeZz~
"She dressed up like that 2 climb up Genting Highlands? Ooh~ that's gonna b SO cold~ I m SO cold now! *ShiverZ*" a girl tells her other girl friend. Both of them r dress up in thick colorful clothing, sweaters, jackets, & scarves vf furry boots. Her friend agrees by nodding as she seems so cold, she can't talk.

"I m at Genting Highlands? On foot?!" I shock my own heart. I look at the 2 girls as if I'm an invisible dead soul as they ignore me. My eye line changes to the right & I c a hot chick vf golden brown hair. She is hot alright~ Like... a Japanese kawaii. She is wearing a very 9s beige tube vf beige shorts vf white polka dots & a very 9s white belt. Great, I 1 2 steal thAt outfit! Y, I dreamt of hvin them on my own~

Anyway... I wonder if she is cold 2. I m reaLLy cold; plus my a-lone-liness... yea~ Well, I m pretty normal 2day... haha! Meaning, I'm only wearing my good ol' pair of jeans & normal top. Again, anyway, I walk up the hill till I ALMOST reach the tOp!!! YaY! I cling on 2 the huge rocks & stones around as I m really afraid of heights! I'm afraid 2 look down, but U knw, Human Nature? U still tend 2 look down THERE 2 c how much U'v actually climbED~? lolx!

I look front & C Ta-Da! Genting Highlands! All different NOW! It seems like Jurassic Park a.k.a Fantasy World a.k.a Sugar Land!
I walk on the path alone... wondering vf my mouth wide open; trapping the cool air in.
"Chin cha so?!"

The 1st thing I play is a ROLLERCOASTER. Its the MOST SpeciaL 1 in da' Whole Wide World!!!!! This 1, I'm telling U, mark a print in my LIFE! I queue, got in tht seat...
This is how it works: It goes like a crazy roller coaster, thn when it reaches the peak / highest point of the rail, U'll be thrown out from ur' seat, spin ur WHOLE body 360 degrees in d AIR, & bring U bk down 2 ur seat whr ur hands will DEFINATELY grab hold of the bars IN TIME!

Now it's my turn! *=D 1, 2, 3............................................. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MuMMy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My voice dissapears in2 the thin air. I m flying! FLOATING?! I can't scream nor shout! 4 help! B4 I can recall or do anything, I feel my body spinning 360 degrees but.......... getting Higher & HIGHER???!!! Imagine watching a film's scene in slow mo or the actor in vacum. I can c my seat's bar! I try 2 reach my hands 2 touch it... But I miss it??! *8 Y..? Wt*? I thought its designed 4 every1 2 grab hold of it 4 sure?! Now I can c the ground just right under the Tip of my Nose! I can C my shadow! Great~ What now? Cool down, Cindy. Think! Parachute? Hot air balloon? Yes! Imagine tht! I'll try 2 put my feet down & GOD! My feet touch the ground so softly without even a "thud"! So safe & sound. Like vacum. Cool, I adore myself~

Every1 is lookin at me. I look weird, I know. I run my fingers in2 my messy hair & can still feel the cool air coming out from my head! Their eyes... can b my 'mirror'. Walk away~ Walk, walk, walk... I c a big screen, like the cinema's. Rows of chairs outdoor. What, U think its World Cup Season? Pe-Lease~! Parents r watching cartoons vf their kids.

Oooh oooOH, whats tht? Opposite the chairs... A tent, like... clown? No. Fortune teller? Nope. Tarot Cards? Hmm~ Ok, just keep ur' cool & w-a-l-k. I walk pass the family audience vf my thick face.
"Sorry, sorry.. Excuse me! Mi an hae, mi an hae..."
Surprisingly, they r all very friendly. They smile back at me inspite of being annoyed! CooL! A land without temper~!

Finish crossing feets & shoes. I smell... SPAGHETTI? *=D.. Uuh uuH... YuMMy! I M SO HUNGRY!
I buy a plate & it tastes so gOOd!!! OMG~! Beef balls & cheeSe~~ I can se-mell iT! hahaha!
I walk till I come 2 a tunnel. Artificial 1. Thr is a roller coaster ride again! But no seats left. 2 Arabian girls get out & offer me their seats. I rush to grab it vf the other rude kids. I choose the 2nd front instead of the most front. Just in case U-Know-What! I then realize my friend Evelyn is here vf her bf! Y, her bf is fat & quite... old.. 8 She joins me. But again, I'm still seating alone.

OK, the way U sit on tis thing is 2 lie on ur stomach. While eating my spaghetti on ma' plate?! U must b crazy, man! But 90% of the ppl here have spaghetti on plates vf them on da rOller cOaster! lolX! So we eat in a very 'magnificent' way~; dirty the place, seats, the tunnel... every1 gets crazy! Spaghetti party, huh? *;)

The 2 working teens grab our plates & throw them away from us. So impolite! Many ppl got piss & got up, leaving many empty seats. A cute boy sat in front of me alone leaving me pondering about tht impossibility. Thn a fat guy vf BO (Body Odour) cm & the working teen gal asks him 2 sit vf me! I ask 2 sit vf the guy in front of me but then this thin 'sepet' stupid idiotic retard girl cm by & claims that he is her brother & sits vf him.

Fine~ Me & the BO boy. But.....
HEY!!! Oh My God~ I saw my bunch of friends... Winson, King, Andrew, Sau Fan, Chris, Joyce, who else is thr? The whole group! They jumped in2 the empty seats & we squEEzE in hApPiLy~!* Oh, & King sits vf me, Ah Tao sat behind me & we begin a "Pinching Game"! Hahaha! King gets angry cuz I pinch his hands 2 hard vf my sharp nails.

"Is it really thAt painful?" Winson asks, laughing.
"Try it then!" replied King, irritated.
"It is painful actually, C my nails?" I added, then apologize 2 tht silly King.

By all means, we wait, wait, wait, AND wait, but the roller coaster never starts... It's "never" full... I don't know Y...~

I woke up, nt because of excitement or a shock, but bcuz I question the machine tht is not allowed 2 move...?
Plus, I dont knw Y I'm alwayZ plain Jane in my dreams...