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Crystalnade's Smile (10 Nov 05)

Crystalnade's Smile
18SX - We were given a book to read & then write a story using the writer's style in the Creative Writing class. So, this is a short story based on Isabel Allende's The Stories of Eva Luna style of writing.

CRYSTALNADE, the name given by her mother, which in her heart means as clear, precious, and beautiful like a drop of crystal liquid. But I couldn’t see the beauty in her at all. She had a beautifully shaped face, which was like an egg, but an egg with its shell on. She had crooked ears which I supposed were stuffed with dust and dirt as she could never hear clearly with them, even the faintest sound like the school recess bell ringing, the roar of the lion in zoo, or sound of the waves at the beach formed by the strongest wind on earth. There were pimples as large as cheap pearls that left dark scars that could never be erased forever which visited her a week before her menstrual flow that came twice a month and her pores were large and swollen, showing how deep the hole could bring you into her ugly face which was like a rotten egg. Her eyebrows were messy and unshaped like bushes above her eyes, her eyes were not big, but narrow to the side making them quite special for her face, owns a big nose covered with blackheads all over, always red and blemished. However, I had to admit that her lips were beautifully shape, despite the cracks and dried blood that layered them and when she opened them even to the slightest extend like a key hole; I could see her teeth that were rotting away as well as her tongue as she didn’t even have money to buy a toothbrush and her mouth smelled like the garbage track which stored trash for one hundred years. From a distance, we could see worms and lice beginning to become friends on her scalp while her long hair which once used to be as soft and shiny as silk were now most suitable and preferable for birds to make her head into their nest and I doubt if I could see two bright blue shiny eggs on her head soon. Despite all these, she was not aware of that for years or perhaps she didn’t have a mirror; her skin was beginning to form scales of various colors which looked like corals from South China Sea, her once beautifully shaped fingers and nails which were used to play the traditional harp and sewing delicate laces onto dresses fit for a princess which she used to wear herself were now habitats of different species of parasites. Her once slender legs were now shaped into a pig’s trotter with her toe nails as thick as pigs’ hooves. Her bones were forming a sculpture made by a nine year old kid; as if they were going to pierce out of her skin into somebody else’s and sends them to hell. However, people love and were attracted to ogle at her wherever she goes. Not because of her ugliness, but her beauty; her impotence seductiveness. Perhaps that’s why she never realized how she had changed so drastically. Crystalnade was eighteen and she was the only lady selling wooden carved dolls from village to village on foot and dressed in rugs and rags, walking twenty kilometers a day; climbing high and down through hills, passing through sand and mud, cut by thorns and bitten by phosphorescent mosquitoes and a thousand kinds of insects she couldn’t even identify.
After a while, however, when she was traveling as usual one day, her exhausted dolls fell into a lake and were floating everywhere above the water. Crystalnade cried in horror as shocked feelings filled her lungs and heart. She jumped into the river to collect her expert swimming dolls which never learn how to swim. All of a sudden, she stopped as she saw a figure, horrible as a ghost starring at her under her body. She screamed and swam as fast as she could but the ghost kept following her and she knew she could only surrender and nothing else so she stopped in the middle of the river, her trotter kicking slowly so she won’t drown and ended up in the bottom with more demons and devils. Her heart was pounding so fast she could feel her whole body beating with it as the rippling water in front of her breasts seemed as if they were beating as well. She looked around and the figure was gone so she looked down into the water and saw its shadow there. However, this time, she did not runaway, she gathered all the courage she had and observed the ghost when she found out that was only the reflection of herself in the river. She screamed; her voice echoing the whole jungle, waking up beasts and they roared angrily for being disturbed during their nap. Her voice box was vibrating so furiously that her throat seemed as if it was going to burst out anytime accompanied by her rough, green vein tubes and thick black blood. She cried and cried even more when she realized all her wooden dolls had drifted so far away she couldn’t see them anymore. All of a sudden, she fainted and was brought away by the kind gentle waves till the river’s end where she fell down the twenty five feet high waterfall; every part of her body moving vigorously but every move was made so carefully and looked rehearsed as if she was dancing in the sky and water for Christ from far and the scene was so beautiful it caught the eye of a true man, Robinereo Godthesus, who happened to be exploring the jungle to search for a white leopard to get it’s skin which was said to be as white as snow and its skin as warm and soft as the cloud surrounding heaven. The leopard’s flesh would be cooked for the king’s meal whereas its skin would be made into a coat as a birthday gift for his nineteen years old to be son, the prince. Crystalnade happened to fell past a rainbow which so coincidentally was just given birth by the generous golden sun and a drop of rain so pure and clear like a drop of crystal liquid forming the colorful bridge of only six colors as the sun’s ray like the millions of excited sperms swam past the liquid molecule’s ovum. Crystalnade’s body was bathed and showered by the rainbow’s colors all over every single inch of her body and after she fell past the six colored rainbow, she fell another twenty feet height down till she reached a lake. She lay there like a dead body floating in the magic water for a hundred years.
Robinereo whipped his black handsome horse’s thick skin which was polished with the finest vine for the king till it shone like a black pearl. The horse galloped smartly down the hill as thorns poke through its inner epidermis and beautifully arranged tissues if you could view it through a magic microscope. The horse neighed and stopped but Robinereo whipped it so much harder that its thick skin showed a bright red liquid flowing down like mercury from the slash on the left side of its body because Robinereo was a left handed man with a brain fit for the God’s son. He soon reached Crystalnade who was slowly floating to the shore till she reached his feet. She was naked without her rag that wrapped around her body. They had been cut and thorn into pieces by the sun ray when she flew down previously. Her skin glittered, shone brighter than the sun and every single inch was as fair as a shelled boiled egg, so soft any one would feel like pressing their body against hers, so smooth any one would like to touch and feel every inch of it as the texture was even better than a new born baby’s. I could see her face, still remaining its egg shape but this time with pores so micro tiny and refine, without blemishes, pimples and dark scars, her eyebrows so neat and well shaped till her eyes socket fits directly under them, her lashes so long, expanded, curled, and arching up towards the sky, her nose looked more sharp and pointed while her lips looked like a rosy bud of the rose in spring, so glossy and smooth I couldn’t remember seeing a single line on it. Her hands, one floating above the blue, sparkling, clear water and the other placed on her belly, covering her navel, and her fingers became so long, beautifully shaped, and neat as small lights shone from every tip of her fingernails, making us wanting to hold them to get the touch of Goddess. Her long golden hair became as soft and shiny as fine silk from China were every where covering bits of parts of her naked skin and also her private part. So were her now slender legs, the right one across the left, covering her fresh clean vagina, arousing Robinereo whose legs were like buried into the ground; his body became a legendary statute for the forest while his jaw dropped open so huge fit to place a mother frog inside. I could see the lump expanding bigger and bigger from the middle of his over decorated pants with fake jewels and gold chains around it as he was so aroused by the magnificent scene upon his eyes. The only thing he hadn’t seen of Crystalnade was her eyes when she opened it, and the smile on her face and he believed that it would be the most beautiful thing to see in the universe. Out of curiosity, he dug his fingers under her body, felt the soft flesh of her buttocks and hunger filled his stomach; he wanted to eat her all by himself. He carried her and placed her on the handsome horse that was also aroused by the scene and couldn’t move for a second and his genius brain began to spin in a dilemma for the very first time in his life whether he wanted to cover her body with cloth or to leave her naked as he loved to see her so. While waiting, the horse’s blood that was flowing like running water had covered Crystalnade’s body except for her hands and legs and was beginning to dry up till it became a piece of small thin cloth like towel covering her but still, slightly revealing her blossom bosoms for him to see and delight himself. He rode off proudly back to the castle, forgetting the fact that he had to bring home a white leopard instead. But to Robinereo, she was his white leopard and the castle was his home while the city was his kingdom. The faithful black horse galloped as fast as the hurricane, fearing that he might get whipped harder on the wound this time but Robinereo slashed him again so it flew like a rocket. He couldn’t wait even for one more second to discover his new treasure.
In fifteen minutes, the two of them reached the castle’s small back entrance. Brilliant Robinereo didn’t want to get arrested for not completing his task or to meet anyone who wanted to share his found as he and his swollen penis couldn’t wait anymore. They flew up the stairs, ran past the secret dungeon, and finally into his room at the most hidden block of the palace. He very slowly placed Crystalnade on his soft bed covered with cheap white sheets and pleasured his eyes by looking at her flesh bouncing so softly in a persistent momentum. Without wasting any time, Robinereo’s galloping heart was pleading him to place his tongue on her skin and he did, starting from her artistically curved neck and slowly licked it gently so she wouldn’t wake up by his cold saliva, and down her belly to clean off the horse’s dried blood which tasted like goat’s liver to return back the radiant glow of her snow white skin and just as soon as he finished, Crystalnade opened her eyes. They were the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen, even more fascinating than the princess’s; they were like crystal balls, so big and blue and it seems as it shines through the room and made the white sheets looked blue. She was shocked to see Robinereo who was only one centimeter towards her but she fell in love with the man at the first sight of him. They had an eye to eye contact and she looked at him so sharply like a beast fancying it’s prey; his long brown hair was so fine and soft, his muscular body shone under the melting fire ball showing his tanned skin with scars but she loved it as she thought that he looked more smart that way, his hands were so elegant and long, while his heavy curved lips opened slightly showing his perfectly neat white row of teeth, accompanied by the resonance of the air he breath out from his mouth; she felt the warmth and the beating of his heart through his lungs and he smelt like lavender water. This time, she knew she couldn’t bear to live without him and this was the first time little Crystalnade ever loved. She began to close her crystal eyes and so did he, their beautiful lips almost touched, and Robinereo could smell her breath which was the pale scent of dried rose petals soaked with soap and honey, so appetizing and fulfilling, when she suddenly pulled back and stood up naked beside the bed. She recalled how ugly she was when she saw her reflection so she squatted down, hid under his bed and cried silently. Robinereo, being a real gentleman put aside his hunger, moved towards her, and hugged her from behind, giving her a great shock.
“What’s the matter, my beautiful lady? What terrifies you? I won’t harm you, I swear I won’t. I’m sorry I brought you here. Is that why?”
“No, no! I… Why did you bring me here, gentleman? I am just a dirty ugly woman made to be a slave, and you… You are so perfect. Oh, no! You must be the prince! Your Highness, please don’t look at me! I am polluting your eyes! A poor, disgusting creature like me!”
Robinereo held Crystalnade by her arms from behind as his hairy chest touched her bare back and she felt as though needles were pricking through her smooth skin but she stood the pain as he pushed her and placed her in front of the grand mirror. Crystalnade almost fainted for the second time by her own look; her knees became so weak she couldn’t stand up by herself anymore so she collapsed on the cold hard floor. Robinereo, thinking that she might be still weak after drowning lifted her up and carried her to his bed again. This time, she found herself playing with his hair with her quick fingers, twisting and turning his chest’s hair, massaging his hard muscles, inhaling his smell into her so greedily she almost choked, and invoking his warmth to wrap herself in. Robinereo’s fingers couldn’t stop touching and sliding every curves, folds, angles, bones, and even her ear lobes and eye sockets. She kissed every wounds and scars on his body and as their warm lips touched, they began to French kiss passionately and when his hands began to caress her breasts, she felt the grapes of her nipples hardened and he realized that too and began to fiddle with them even more till she couldn’t stand it anymore and began to let out a sexy sigh which then generated a vast need that flowed down towards the exact point in the middle of Robinereo’s legs and he too, let out a sigh of pleasure. Their bodies were slowly filled with sticky but sweet sweat like butter all over the two rolling bodies exploring each other as their skin glided and rubbed against each other without even making the softest squeak you could ever hear under the moon light. Blood rushed through her body and she thought her fingertips would burst in any minute. Her fingers began to creep down him, Robinereo moaned in satisfaction and calling out all the names he knows under God as they didn’t know each others’ names. Crystalnade began to suffocate as she didn’t know what to call. She finally opened to let him in and feel the tenderness inside her. He began to suck her breast while caressing them, licked the hollow hole of her navel, and then the door she opened for him. He could taste the sticky gold liquid which tasted like peanut butter that flowed out from the virgin vagina and by this time, her waist was twisting like a furious tornado desperate for something. He fastened her with his legs and the intimate complicity began as they made glorious love of Adam and Eve throughout the night again and again after resting after each one. The gleaming bodies were so beautiful like the paintings during the Romanticism times. Before dawn, the two of them were too exhausted they collapsed on each other with the wet, white sheet covering half their bodies.
Ten years later, on a sunny morning, the door of Robinereo’s room was opened by a man who looked almost like Robinereo and wearing the same uniform he was wearing before except for his is smaller. This man is now the king’s follower for ten years after the search for the white leopard began and failed. He saw the two naked bodies; an older body of a man and the same young Crystalnade lying on the yellow stained sheet so he caught them and brought them to the prince who is now the king and even God felt how angry he was. However, the king, being a very kind hearted person did not plan to hurt any of them after so many years, but when he saw goddess Crystalnade; he gave his wife, the queen, to the man who found them and ordered Robinereo to be killed for he wanted to own Crystalnade more than anything else in the country. That night, Robinereo was brought and threw into a dungeon where red tigers with claws made of iron were kept and was fed to the beasts. Crystalnade did not want to see the last of him, not because it was to pain or suffering for her to see her lover’s flesh being torn into millions of pieces but because she had fallen in love with the king so deeply she would rather die if she hadn’t had the chance to make love with him even if it’s for once. As for Robinereo, he never got to see the smile on his lover’s face forever except for the king.

Original copyright © Cindy Tey, 2005