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Gotchiticca of Mount Zeraldthol (28 Nov 05)

Gotchiticca of Mount Zeraldthol

Zeraldthol was such a pure land which lasted many thousand years ago, that no rain of blood had ever occurred there. The eau blue water which smelt like lavender cologne flowed generously from Mount Zeraldthol was what made the glittering city sparks wealthily, outstanding the other cities. This clear and pure liquid was believed to be the tears of holy Goddess Miara which then turned into diamonds in the river.
On 250b.c. Gotchiticca the daughter of two great beast summoners; Gotcharry and Ellaticca of the Zeraldthol city, was born to the world of her parents’ motherland. This child was named after her father and mother, and so that was how she got her name; Gotchiticca. The city was rejoiced and every single living thing was very excited about her new presence. Even God was so glad his heartbeat gave the world an earthquake as Ellaticca gave her child one last push out from her bloody vagina.
The celebration for Gotchiticca’s new appearance was a magnificent party served with edibles specialized for every different creature that showed up. The food tasted so marvelously great they triggered the receptors of each of them, leaving a tingling pleasure hanging on the tip of their heart; baked peanuts and pickles for the people, roasted pigs head for the lions, long colorful chalks for the giraffes, and Ellaticca’s fresh womb for the fish. When it reached the wolves turn, they began to howl like a lady being raped under the round moon at the smell of the freshly stewed whale bones.
Suddenly, thousands of tadpoles came jumping out of the water and beginning to commit suicide by sticking themselves to the cactuses surrounding the castle. A mermaid with thin, neat moustache emerged from the swamp with two frogs nuzzling her nipples hungrily. She had lumps of meat around her belly which was beginning to fall and rot bit by bit. She was babbling out words no one can understand except for the pixie, which was Gotcharry’s faithful follower. He knew every word of all languages; from the ants whispering to the whosh-a-whosh of the trees’ crispy leaves as they clashed when the North wind blew.
“What is he saying?” asked terrified Gotcharry as his teeth shivered and they almost shattered to hundreds of pieces and melt in his mouth.
“I am a SHE!” the mermaid roared blowing all the fairy flew away like feathers. “Ga chum al ka ha, wa di ji my yah! Kzi jor pel gya low besh!”
“My great Lord, she said you stole her daughter and that you’ll have to pay for it!” whispered the pixie but his breath seemed to bury his words.
Without giving Gotcharry anytime to question, she snatched little Gotchiticca and wrapped her tightly with her long tail; which was covered by pieces of reefs, colorful corals and crystal-like frogs’ eggs. Her action was beautiful performed, but not for the citizens of Zeraldthol. Everyone screamed in horror by the sight of the dreadful scene.
The mermaid cursed Gotchiticca that she couldn’t own a tail forever, which was a good thing, but she also gave a tragic curse that her appearance in the city would only bring death to all living creatures in the city. She plucked a single strand of her eyelash, babbled again, and placed it on the tip of Gotchiticca’s tongue. It dissolves immediately as quick as lighting before anyone could stop her as they were too shocked to move as well. The crazy mermaid roared in laughter and tears, still assuming that Gotchiticca was her daughter. She threw Gotchiticca high up into the Milky Way and then disappeared into the river with a blink of an eye. The alert pixie ran like a wind and caught poor flying Gotchiticca in his small palms. Elaticca and Gotcharry stared into each other eyes’ as tears flowed like the water of Mount Zeraldthol down their pale cheeks.
Years passed and not long after the tragedy, Elaticca called for heaven. Gotcharry left an hour later after he gave his beloved daughter a last look from the keyhole of the forbidden tower as his heart was sliced into two and cut into million pieces by the sorrows inside. Zeraldthol remained silent and dead without rulers for fifty long years. The diamonds had been stolen by people from other cities and becoming very poor now. The citizen could hardly take a meal a day and all the cheerful harmonious activities that once used to go on seemed as if they would be stopped forever.
“This couldn’t go on. We must have a ruler. We are dying!” insist the gnome who is one of the now empty palace’s slave.
The pixie was the only one who didn’t want to let Gotchiticca out because he was one of the still alive witnesses of the cursing tragedy and the event still gave a withering effect to his beating heart each time it attacked his mind. The goblins, fairies, animals, and people wanted Gotchiticca to be the new ruler of Zeraldthol as they were trustful enough of her parents’ capability.
It happened so coincidentally at the night of Gotchiticca’s birthday; the gnome secretly crawled into the forbidden tower, lifted her up together with the chains around her cobweb tangled body, down and over the prison wall, and laid her on the grass below. Her naked body was cut even by grasses she laid on and that are when the curse began its spell.
The gnome whispered a few magic words and her body began to float in the air and then followed him into the forest. His magic was not powerful and strong enough that Gotchiticca tore off the chains and freed herself. A huge stroke of lighting hit Mount Zeraldthol as a symbol to inform the people about the return of Gotchiticca.
“AaaRrrGggHhh!!!” she growled like a dumb beast that could finally roar for the first time in his life.
Now that she was let go to the jungle, thousands of beasts, insects, fairies, gnomes flew as fast a lightning behind her – to see her green marble eyes, to hear her seductive voice, and to beg for her long, silver hair covered with glittering nails the eagles above Mount Zeraldthol treasured so much offered. The gnome came running towards her tiny toes, beginning to suck each one of them like a pacifier and said, “I am your father”. He wanted to be the official ruler of the city after so many years.
Gotchiticca stepped on the small creature mercilessly and began to swell into a big hot air balloon and slowly turned from blue, yellow, orange, gold, and then to red till she couldn’t grew any bigger, she roared, “I love you. I am the Queen. Ha, my slaves! Dance for me and I will bath you with wine and feed you with sugar!”
The whole forest shook and even the trees began moving. Their roots began to split the ground into two worlds and started to dance. Queen Gotchticca began to spit all around the place with her blue glutinous saliva onto every living creature. Spirits of the God’s grandfather and serfs grandsons could be seen moving up from their stoned bodies. The old queen shriek with laughter; showing her tongue slowly crawling out and rolled onto the muddy mother earth like a python. A freshly killed leopard from the cave ran like a wind, came to life and bit it off. Green blood splattered all over the beast, coloring every black spot on its body bright green. “A… Uo… Ee… O… O…,” the voice vibrated the volcano and it too, began to shake.
Despite all the killing and fighting, none of the creature turned back. In fact, they loved her more and wanted to die in her hands as they moved slowly higher and higher up to the mountain. A purple gorilla jumped down from a tree and landed on her with a “thump” sound. Gotchiticca fell in love with the sight of him and immediately squeeze the gorilla’s groin. With the touch of her hand, the gorilla’s penis was coated with dark, rich chocolate and she began to suck it desperately.
The gorilla shivered as the satisfaction was too much for him to cope. He immediately rubbed Gotchiticca’s pair of breast with his furry palms. Out of disbelieve, she bit off his penis and swallowed it hungrily, leaving him rolling with blood on the muddy soil. She laughed again and this time, accompanied by heavy rain drops slashing everyone’s bare skin.
The pixie that saw Gotchiticca’s drastic evolution had made up his mind to run away from the queen with the news to the gnome as he didn’t see his corpse in the mess and downpour. However, the words of the gnome attacked his ears and he changed his mind. He felt old and tired after all these years. He planned to escape.
“I trust no one. I only trust myself.” He said to himself. He turned himself into a black cloth and began to float in the crispy air, heading towards south so that the wind would blow him away to his hometown, Debegust, to end his life there naturally. He knew what would be the end of Zeraldthol and he was right as he was the only one from Zeraldthol who managed to live after that night.

Original copyright © Cindy Tey, 2005