Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The First Land

I remember sleeping for 3 hours, before groggily waking up to the God Damn shriek of my PDA's alarm. Trust me, it sounds totally intolerable. However though, if that's not the case, I might not have been awaken up in time to catch dawn planes.

It rained that morning. Wet roads. Slippery. Empty highways. Smitten was I. No matter how loud you blast your radio, you still feel the kind of awkward silence one could never meet during the day.

It's like there's this weird sense of intimacy with something you're afraid of. Darkness. There's a difference between the midnight darkness and the dawn darkness. The latter always manage to give me an unspoken 'hope is near' promise. And that, I know, is not always a bad feeling. (:

It took us one whola wet hour to reach the terminal. Someone lovely sent me there.


My family, they were already there. A bunch of old people from my hometown were mulling and musing around the airport. They looked quite funny and lost. Sad. No muscles to see nor touch this trip. The previous one so gracefully, in a fateful way, hooked me up with my ex whose a seriously steaming hot hunk.

Well... whatever. It was no issue not having monstrous muscles when you have a massive supply of sugar power instead! :D

Giant Chupa Chups which definitely make you sick loh.

Huge ass Mentos.

And my favourite amongst all, Hersheys. Say it with Kisses~! I don't mind this being bigger.

When it was time to fly, the city had already been awaken up by the sun. I've always thought that only landing in the dark is cool; cause you get to see the city lights. While taking off, I have a very strong devotion to roar my imagination and spread it wide out to the clouds...

Aren't they lovely?

The land of clouds... where no one (I repeat, no one) can put a foot on.

Sometimes they just look like nothing. It's like saying your name a hundred times and realize you are no one.

I like how this airline gives Kit Kats and not some squishy cordial puddings. It is a bit hard to appreciate bad desserts.

5 hours later we reached Hang Zhou's airport. Our tour guide was a school teacher named Yang Yang (No, not gatal-gatal). Her mother was a teacher too before she retired, but Yang Yang stopped teaching because she is "too playful" she said.

This was the 1st picture I took @ China in our tour bus(!!!); which drove us up to Heng Dian.

Yang Yang bought KFC Twister for us; which you can only get in China. It tasted fabulous, and perhaps that's because they used PORKY!!! =D

We checked in our hotel which has a touch of both antique and modern design.

It reminds me of my room with the red pillows around.

Ova the dinner table, we were introduced to this new dish I particularly liked. It is just cabbage, simmered till the end with vinegar and soy sauce together with some dry chillies. The result is a spicy and sour SzeChuan-like dish. I extremely lurrrve sour stuff so I could dig the whole casserole!

That night, we ticked off our first touristy destination. Less than a Disneyland, Dreamlike Valley is a theme park built specially for TV and movie producers to shoot their films, and we were there for a show...

The night sun.

It is ONLY nice to visit this place at night because the beauty comes from the lighting design of this place.

Our very first group picture. I was rated second youngest in the group OMG.

I guess the problem with this place was the challenge to take clear pictures with the tour guide, flying faster than a hungry arrow released from the hunter to kill a bloody deer.

Mum and dad in their warm jackets, strolling together hand-in-hand along this romantic autumn-ish street. awww~

Ama and I wanted to feel romantic too~! lol

p/s: the trees here are fake. no photosynthesis goin' on ere' during the day! it is all bout' the shoots.

If you ever happened to watch some Chinese soap dramas about floating gods and wingless warriors, you might have seen this built-to-look-old-bridge; which is actually pretty new.

Actually, everything here IS fake and new.

As we walked through the park, a few movie shoots were going on at the same time.

Costume sets.

Actors who looked like real 70's villagers were playing with their hand phones everywhere! Even the set looked so old, so real.

According to Yang Yang, this is THE place if you wanna see or bump into any artistes while traveling in China. Jacky Chan or Jay Chou, you name it. The rest, is luck. If you still don't see any, you can try to reboot your luck at the hotel we stayed in because that's where the stars stay throughout the whole shooting period. ;)

We walked in the dark till we saw this:

Can you imagine how many people were down there? I was so worried someone in the crowd was swine positive!

Everyone was there just to watch this:

A Chinese theater performance...

-__________- "

And this! :

This was actually the whole idea of the i push you - you push me thing.

If you thought all waterfall scenes were shot at real waterfalls, this might prove you wrong. Here's a video of how the man-made waterfall built just for the directors to shoot movies operates :

Aah yes. With my dad's voice-over beneath it. Ha Ha.. Cause my Ama got shocked and ran in circles! She thought that was a real waterfall and it was going to drown all of us!! ROFL~

At the end of the show there was a bonfire where everyone was invited to dance around with the theater actors.

We went back to our Heng Dian hotel early because Yang Yang would kidnap us from our sweet dreams with her 6.30 am morning call.

And in the room, I found this :

No, it is not sixth sense. It is six sex. WTF? I don't think it can even last through your 'first sex'.