Monday, June 22, 2009

Drunken Frogs and Durians

I had Stew Frogs in Chinese Wine for dinner at a Father's Day celebration, and Durian as dessert after. Well GUESS WHAT? I almost DIED.

Like seriously, I almost DIED!

At first I thought I was too stuffed. So I walked back and forth in front of #711 and even tried to jog a little. For all I knew, I felt like a dying Ballerina and so I lay down on the sofa breathing heavily.

"I think I need to puke!" I said, and ran to the loo. Puked 4 times, shitted 4 times. One after another. I couldn't be bothered if perhaps, my neighbour could hear my farts. Sexc, huh?

I felt comfortable in the weirdest positions ever. Sitting on the toilet bowl with my head hitting hard against the wall, squatting by the toilet doorway crunching my abs tight, pinching people and pillows, making annoying baby sounds... It was too late to see a doctor that night. The pain made me not feel like talking at all. It's like I have autism or something.

The next day after consuming proper medication, I felt better. Better each time I squeezed my Mother Thumb under sofa cushions while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Sitting made me felt like puking, while standing made me felt like fainting. My esophagus felt so congested like there's a traffic jam goin' on inside there.

I really didn't know the alcohol content in that amphibian stew was thattt strong; so strong it could react with the bloody King of Fruits! I was the only one who had Durian after, but two of my cousins had food poisoning too. So I suppose that fucking restaurant is very unhygienic after all.

ARRGHHH! I just need to complain as much as I can to as many people as I could. Let me be. *sobs* I'm still feeling sick and it's already the third day I'm home. )))'=