Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home is where the Heart is.

Hello everyone,

I'm back!


Literally back home, as my own self, with my long, brown hair.

Ain't it good to feel like you just found yourself again? Thanks to my dad for his time to help me find this hair extension place at Shanghai, AND for waiting bout 4 hours WITHOUT a single sulk on his face?

And guess what; he waited from 10pm to 2am! (yes the salons in China open till very late at night)

Sometimes I think you don't need a boyfriend if you have such a cool, awesome dad! haha~ (((:

Now facial comes first. My tonnes of pictures will have to wait and so do you! I miss blogging and here's a round of applause for Eri and Jere. *clap claps*

See ya when I'm 'back'~!