Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Coral Palace

Finally I've got the free time to sit down in my cozy living room with my old laptop and type.

My living room is silent; only the faint sound of my fifth air cond blowing a persistent hum. This is the smell of home. The sensation of alone-ness. There's too much going on out there and what business is that for me to care, really.

I Twittered and Facebook this morning. Took a funny test Jere mentioned about 'Which Doraemon Character Are You' and this was my result (lol) :

It is very cute. You should try it and give yourself a laugh~!

My body feels so comfortable curling up in this nest. But as I fling my sight outside this balcony's corridor, my mind starts missing somethings. Places, not people. I can't do anything about it though because I am back, unless I write and rant my story to you, I feel heard and that feels tad a bit better.


When I was in high school, I used to sleep at 3. If I were to ever sleep at 12 midnight, I wake up at 3 and study till dawn. This clearly explains why I have a phobia of dawn when it arrives. If I'm not mistaken, it is called Eosophobia.

However, I noticed that air flight tickets for damn early morning or freaking late night flights cost a lot cheaper. That is why Eri, Ruby, my brother Eugene and I, took the earliest flight down to Kota Bahru for our trip to Perhentian Island.

The phobia attacked when I was in shower (especially when I run the water above my head), but as soon as we get our asses into the cab, I fell in love with the sky...

The lights were amaaaazinggg and I always wondered how they felt like standing there shinning the dark empty highway leading to KLIA. If only lamps speak, I might wanna make a movie out of their story.

This is my brother, Eugene. Obviously he sat in front with the cab driver. And that's Eri's fingers poking in!

This, is Eri Peng. I shall not use words to describe our relationshop. lol~

Perhaps orange is the color for 'fiery excitement' and that's how us siblings ended up looking all sunshine without planning for it!

When we got on board :

WHEEE!!! High up up up!!! I lurrrve flying very much.

It's the feeling of being captured and taken away somewhere across the sky to another foreign place; where everything starts anew again and you don't know what's awaiting you. Be it good or bad, I am the type of person of enjoys enduring experiences in life.

As long as my life is not boring. And thank god this airline serves drinks (without us having to pay for too). Or I felt as if I was about to go deaf.

*** Pink guava juice! ***

Yum~ Yum~

Kopi (Peng) and Teh (O). No wonder we are best friends. Our surnames indicate coffee and tea!! Hahaha... I just realized that. Total awesomeness!

Eugene | Eri | Mee

Take us higher and furthur, wingos!

This patch of clouds looked exactly like my throw blanket I got from IKEA. @@


Tim arranged a bus for us from KB to the jetty. The whole drive took about an hour and frankly, it was quite an entertaining ride because BAHA was there to tell us funny jokes!

Bukan jangan, tapi jange!

Sunnies and summer-like clay earings for me. ^^


We were the FIRST few to reach the jetty. However, we were the LAST batch to board the motorboat. WHY??? Thanks to this Mr Dick Face :

Who had nothing better to do on a Labour Day.

It's funny how the Malaysia Marine Park Safety Crap NEVER appeared at the jetty except for public holidays. Apparently, these pigs, wanted us to bribe them just to OPEN the gate for us to hail a boat? HOW RIDICULOUS.

No wonder we were the last to get into the waiting area. We even needed some SELECTED people to RASUAH or SISIK them with MONEY! We can't do it ourselves.

Does the government hire them to do this? To get money from LOCAL TOURISTS just to OPEN the gate for them?? No. I don't think they even know this.

BIG ASS BITCH! May you burn that f**cking ugly ass in HELL.


On the other hand, Baha was very kind. He treated us some minum at a side mamak as he felt bad for us having to wait for almost 4 HOURSSSS!!!!!

This was the paper Baha held when we first reached the airport. But this is not Baha! This is Eri.

Eugene bought a pair of blue beach pants but we kinda disliked the brand's name. I can't remember how funny it sounded like but here is Eri showing her motherly sewing skills to get rid of it. My silly brother was singing 'si shang zhi you mama hao...' as her scissors went snipping. HAHAHA!!!

I was fooling around with a cowboy hat.

And posing.

At about 2pm (we reached jetty at 10am mind you!), we finally got ourselves a boat driven by a young man named Sisik.

wOOhOO~! Blue sea adventure has started!

I spotted a Malay Pao Jing Tian. kakaka...

Just imagine a cute lil freshly painted, bright yellow ship floating on this surface. Do you see it? I did! (=

A big boulder which made me screamed 'TITANICCC!' when the boat 'cornered' out from Awana.

And my, oh my was I happy when we finally reached the island. Paradise Island should be it's name. After we checked-in to Ayumi and stripped to our swimming trunks, we galloped like horses to Tuna Bay for lunch.

They say a hungry man is an angry man. Ain't. That. True. Man.

Food felt as if Tarzan was just sent to catch some wild chickens. So the boy played with his cellphone, while the girls cam-whored like hungry cows. *mooo sexeh!!

Eri's gonna KILL ME for chopping her into HALF!!

Couldn't care less seriously. WHERE'S MY FOODDD!?

Wishing the cooks would imagined that they have ONLY 2 minutes to save the world...

I only took a picture of this tomyam as my lunch, as none of the food on this island is THAT spectacular. Sadly, despite it's dear price.

Wanna give it a go?; which book is read by Ruby, Eri, or Mee? If you guessed correctly, I say you can read personality bloody damn well and psycholgy is the next degree you should take.

Now it's BEACH TIME!

Printing feet.

Eri's pink ribbon of her Candy Beekeenee.

Head or Nipples?


More pictures of my picturesque not-so-tooooootally-orange-beekeenee to annoy you...


Booby's sexc back!

Sand tattoo.

Full Cream Milk and friend Dutch Lady.

Charlie's Angels Common'~!

So this wass where my brother beeen :

Chillin' like a Saggitarious would.

But well, it's not like when 2 Scorpios and a Libra are around you could!!!

We dragged him to the sea.

I chose his pants. It says, BEER CLINIC. How cool is that?! rofl~

Asians are asians. We generally prefer sunset than the sun. Therefor, the 4 of us went SEA bathing instead of SUN bathing when dusk arrived. But here in my blog will you see pictures of my brother and I getting free massage sessions by Mother Nature's salty waves.


!!! BE AWARE of SAND entering your PANTS !!!


The sound of waves crashing will never sound the same even if you record it with the best recording device in the World. The only one way tho, is to remember it in your head. (((:


Dinner was held at Cocohut together with the other divers. And there I met my friend-without-a-name again, because he can't speak nor talk...

Electricity went off half-way making everyone screamed because the poor generator couldn't afford to provide enough current for the many tourists at the island that holiday.

And I cut my feet by stepping into a palace of coral pieces. How romantic...

I miss the sun, sand, and the sea. The idea of such a lovely island makes me wanna sigh away all these troubles on such a lonely gloomy Sunday, here in this hall.....