Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Top 5 Symptoms U Are A Boring Blogger.

This is a very boring post. It's not my kinda post; but yes - this time I'm doing it. It is because I have to COMPLETE the whole Ruby-Eri-Cindy stay-over story and this, my people, is the FINAL missing piece.

I hope I don't offend any bloggers (cuz as you can see
I, am a blogger who is doing it now) but to make this tale LESS boring, I've decided to turn this post around and make it to be about :

The TOP 5 Symptoms YOU,
are a BORING Blogger

Number ONE :

Pictures of you and your friends singing
karaoke with NO super zhao yam YouTube videos.


WORSE if you didn't use flash but luckily Ruby and Eri did. That was Eri singing. Now it's me and Ruby's turn! :

More Emo than Elmo.

Our (famous) red childhood friend.

Number TWO :

Pictures of you and your girl friends going out
shopping and cam-whored illegally in front of the mirror (with the camera SEEN too)!

Forever 21 - We bought a
brown head band each, and 3 similar bracelets in different colors each too...

See how
BORING that sounds? Who cares to know what you bought?! LOL! Now please GUESS which is which! It's your PERSONALITY TEST of the day, smart heads!

Cam-whoring in the
TOILET! (done tooo many times by tooo many female bloggers, man. booooringggggggg~) BOO!!!

This is how the head band looks like which; is my
IN-NEST thing NOW! I am collecting various colors of headbands to be known as "The Girl with The Band"; so where or whenever you see me, I'll be wearing a head-band.

Whoever copies me she

I HATE cats so much I would have a debate with God if I could. They ARE atrocious creatures. I know you wanna agree with me so C'MMON!!!

Number THREE :

Loads and loads of numerous same ol' pictures you took at cafes or restaurants with your buddies which; other bloggers had been too as well.

This was at The Gardens, 1 Utama.

Just look at the "we-are-besties-please-check-out-the-same-bracelets-we-have!" show-off faces.. *I can feel my stomach giggling now~

Ruby Ubi Booby.

KONON nyer main PIANO!! *ROFL

More pictures to dry your eyes :
If ONLY my hair was longer... this band thing would help me achieve the "Greek Goddess" image more..
Kan? Kan??? I have a friend whose surname is Kan. Later he thinks I'm calling him. Hahaha!!! <-

Number FOUR :

Lots of laughing at the things you say which only YOU think is funny. I think a boring post will have at LEAST a "Ha Ha Ha" in each sentence / paragraph.

Number FIVE :

Your cam-whore pictures with the same expressions..

Call me "The Girl with The Band" please~!~!~!

So, do you have any of these Top 5 symptoms you are writing a boring post? It's OKAY to do it once in a while! But I believe you would feel so much betta if your readers could always share or learn something new from your blog each time they click it.

Just a thought! (((=