Thursday, January 15, 2009


Have you ever imagined having your own face printed on money?????

Here's a (short) conversation between me and a bitch:

Jade Z: Should I buy this? Or this. Or should I buy BOTH?!

Bitch: Both?! You think your Ah Kong prints money? Or do you have a factory printing money?

Bitch. I was upset okay... ))): For a minute I wish I could flash her this! :

100 USD!!!

Oh well... If only, if only.

Even if I were to print this out, I can't use it. Not even for barter system! But there is something which is better than money that you can personalize, AND use.

This, is non other than the all-new Alliance Bank You:nique PICTURE card! Now you can have your own credit card with your own FACE (terms & conditions apply i.e nudity diharamkan) or your very own customized features on it.

I personally have so so many personalized cards like my
IC (where I looked like my dog just died), driving license (where I had blond hair and blue contacts!), expired student ID (where I looked like a happy Filipino maid)... As you could probably imagine by now, in those cards I looked absolutely... Fugly.

But today, I, TEY Cindy, am gonna have my very own PERSONAL card which looks FANTABULOUS. How do your personal cards look like? You look funny in it, don't you? Awww, c'mmon... Don't lie! You DO look FUNNY!

For a worthy "revenge", click you:nique and get your personalized credit card! It's a fun and simple 3 steps procedure to be on your way there!


On another note, here is Alliance Bank : Banking Made Personal 's picture card launch. In this event, you might see faces you're familiar with. i.e:

Mr. Huai Bin from sixthseal.

Ringo from Cheeserland.

Ginnie... I do hope spelled her name right!

Joshua, a total sweet sweetheart whom I really like a lot!

On another note:

Two very entertaining men from Alliance presenting to us their ideas and interesting slide shows.

See their faces can giggle already. He He!!

Deli food was served too.

And we girls couldn't be any happier. Ringo and I were actually starrrving!

Jade Z: Should I buy the pink mini skirt, or the baby blue one. Or should I buy BOTH??

Bitch: Both?! You think your Ah Kong prints money? Or you got kilang printing money?

*Jade Z flashes out her personalized Alliance Bank You:nique Picture credit card and shuts the bitch up.*

Ha ha ha!!! Ain't that awesome? Now you can do this too, and not ONLY that! You will also have the benefit to choose either one of these GREAT Triple Rs:

-great Rebates
-great Rates, or
-great Rewards !

Happy choosing, folks! Remember; everyone is different, and that's why we are celebrating it. ;)