Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Snow At All.

Course 1: The Starter.

How many of you would order starters or appetizers
before the main course?
Honestly la, tell me.

For me, it's a battle between... the portion served VS the price to pay. It's not about kedekutsy, or kedekution, but it's TRUE! Places where I dined so far, the starters served cost almost the price of a meal
at more commercialized restaurants
e.g: Kim Gary, Mc D, etcetera.

Tiny meatballs, mushrooms, soups, lambs... are some of the more common appetizers you'll see in most Menus.

Having that said, it simply means I usually don't go for starters unless they sound wayyy too interesting I'm not human if I don't try them.
Under another circumstance would be:



Course 2: The Main Chain.

Besides specially named decorative morsels
(which usually turned out tasting about the same any where anyways) and celebrations, I recalled another situation that might "die-die" make you pick one out of nothing in your eyes:

When more than 8 people from the table choose one each and you don't.

In my case, on 25th December 08', I went for a White Christmas Dinner with a bunch of lovely people whom are as lovely as gifts themselves!

Here's the irony. We had an unforgettable Christmas dinner, at an unmemorable place. I'm dead serious! I'm so sorry I can't feed you with the information of where I dined; but as you can clearly see, it's just right in front of Robinsons @ The Gardens.
Yes! There was still SALE back then!

Love. Why love?

Because my salted ham sandwich was sliced into a broken heart shape. How ironic. On CHRISTMAS DAY! A broken heart was placed right under my nose, in front of my gasping eyes. Hello??? Anyone believe in semiotics and signs!? @.@

This is Bec, who clearly didn't wear white on this supposedly-to-be-white-day, but heck! Her top matches the pizza. Yes? No? Yes la!

This is my BFF, Airene. I suppose you heard of her name before...
Now isn't she lovely. ^^

I shall push irony aside and pop-up a true fact. There are more beautiful women in this world compared to the ratio of hot hunksss. I'm not gonna ask yes or no here (I realized I've been doin' so a lot like a mad lady talking to herself) and present you with solo pictures of handsome men instead! 3 different archetypes of em'.

Chan Hong is Airene's younger brother. He is an optometrist to-be. And a real man eats red meat. I like men who devours beef!
What says you?!

Jensen is from Singapore. An architect. A friend of Airene's too. Not outspoken but wise, a real gentleman at heart... This is what I call, "diam diam ubi, berisi".

Now this is Daniel Lee Ji Han LOO went to the LOO. Hahaha!!!
So mean; make fun of people's surname on her blog WTF.
A sales manager, sometimes may appear as lansi but is actually absolutely down-to-earth, stable, and as patient as a vase. Hahaha! No la. You know; when it comes to Daniel LOO, I really can't help NOT making FUN of him. He is just too, too... Kind! Patient!! Ask Eri!!! *cabuts*

I like working men. You don't have to be rich~ To be ma' man~ Hahaha! Siao.

Where's BREEZE's PR Manager? Or DAIA? FAB Total also can. Don't you think we should all star in some detergent ad of something? lol

(I think you caught me on the wronggg day to blog. I'm a bit hasty and dingdongish today. Must be the idea of gyming for 4 hours~ *SOBS!*)


Course 3: The Unisex Dessert

We changed location for dessert. How smart.
If you actually do this, I think you truly enjoy life.

Wishing this is in my house but that will mean no space for dining. )=

As blur as my head, but as creative as my brain. Holy shit! lol

Daniel empathized on my camera skills and offered insisted to take a picture FOR me. See, I didn't have to ASK!

My favourite picture this Christmas... *(,")(",)*

Gifts for Exchange... Aren't they lovely???

Airene's younger sister and boyfriend came to join us a while later. Work work work. Sigh~ Delays all the fun in life. =P

Her BF ordered this very extraordinary spaghetti wrapped in PAPER! I die-die wanted to try it but I paiseh cuz I don't really know this man SO the story morning glory IS...

I want to go to Alexis to EAT this shit!
Who wants to come with ME.
I am drop dead gorgeous serious like that!
C'mmon, people!!!
Someone who ENJOYS food PLEASE~??

And I want THIS too! Some roasted duck without the RICE
(have I told you that I don't eat rice, noodles, or bread but dough and unbaked cookies I don't mind?); which roasts in your eyes and just flames in your heart~!

Airene's sis Hwee Rene and BF. I tried this, because it's pizza and people usually share pizza, but I don't mind ordering this again honestly! The crust is so so thin I love thin crust as I boycott carbs!!! Dough is fine, but it has to be raw. Like cookie dough, it's fine. Cuz you can't eat a lot of that and there's something secretly traditional about it; like shillings in a Christmas pie? If only we have that in Malaysia... ):

The time I've been WAITING for has arrived!!!!! Lo and Behold.
Let's welcum:

My favourite dessert in the whole wide world.
I could finish a whole tray of this!
Bread pudding with Vanilla sauce and ice-cream!

Hot 'N' Cold..

A generous slice of chocolate walnut cake!

My Lychee Martini. It was the very first time I had this cocktail;
in fact this was like my 3rd cocktail in my life! And GOD do I LOVE it! :D

Cocktails and roundish ice-cream I love you why were you gone so fast??? ))):

So lovely. I love white. Now don't we all? hehe..

Like the novel Pretty Women, here are my three pretty men drinking
three different types of red wine...

Pretty Women, posing down the aisle~
So angelic I can't believe my own eyes!

Breeze anyone? Haha!!