Friday, December 5, 2008

What A Girl Wants, Ooh Is What I Have~

Guess wot this man is doin'!?

Molesting a car, not! Hahaha!!!

Tsk Tsk, guys... Do you know how to change your engine oil?

Cause I do now. *beaming with pride*

Fiddle doodle Twiddle swindle Toy monkey finger~~~

TADAA!!! See how black the oil is?? This is why you MUST change your engine oil, guys~

(Technically) Workshop briefing together with Zaid and Nizom, my two tall mighty macho guys!! I miss You and You!!

Pouring in a *new* 4L bottle of Castrol Edge Sport engine oil into...

A funnel, to avoid spilling. You don'ttt want that to happen, do you now~

Helpful, rajin, dear Pik Gan. (xin ku ni le~)

This is definitely NOT an advertorial, but I was IN an online ad for Castrol.

This was the briefing; we did the VIDEO SHOOT and it was AWESOME as F*ck! I swear to God.....

The guys are hawttt, and the girls, hawtterrr!!!

But sorry, man~! You'll just have to stay tuned. Kekeke!!! Once the video is UP, what you can see is ME, and the rest of us, gettin' our hands dirrrtyyy~!


Did my weekend ritual afterwards. Went to Sunway Pyramid with my BFF Winson. And we had so much fun learning Korean and shopping at the same time! Every now and then we would tou tou or curi-curi slow down our walking pace, and then this would happen! Let's say Winson was walking behind me and I'm in front okay? Imagine:

JZ: Say... "kidarida"!
Ws: KIDARIDAAA! (Waittt!)
JZ: ODA!!! (Come!!! / Come to me!!!)
Ws: Siao wan.
JZ: Hahaha!

You won't get it. Unless you have a director's mind. No I won't blame you. No you are not dumb. WE are the nuts! Laugh my ass off God damnit~

JZ in an empty pet store.

With only a few birds. =/

Sushi Zanmai for breakfast / lunch / dinner. All 3 meals in 1. =/

Sukiyaki baybeh~! I miss Eri and Ruby now... )= I sat here at this same seat the day we came for dina, and now..... )))=

But you'll soon see HEAPS of pictures of me AND my other BFFFFF Ruby! Mai baybee is comin' back from OZIE land~!


Literally, shopped till I dropped. Total DAMAGE: I'm estimating not less than 1K... Sigh~



Go get it now @ La Senza!!! If you regret it, Kill Kiss my ass~! I'm sure every girlie girl would heart this pants to bits. Not a PINK fan? Go for GOLD.

They're all on offer now!

Or like my ama says, "Opper".

Hehe!! *^^*

And don't you just lurve my new green Heineken background!? I LOVE IT!!! A wonderful generous splash of Heineken
to suit this Christmas mood... Aaahhh~

What a girl wants, is what I need, but ooohhh!
It's what I have. =)