Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Ugly Boyfriend

8.45 PM:
I mesmerized myself in the shower. The thick, luscious lather blanketed my skin. The sweet scent so enchanting it took my breath away; better than my boyfriend does. I let the water trickle down my neck; it felt like a free spa treatment after a grueling day at work. Plus the jam... it's atrocious.

9.10 PM:
My body covered in a thin layer of foam now. I enjoy long showers at night where no one interrupts. Sometimes, I even silent my cell and leave it in the hall. But today, something different happened. My door bell rang. Feeling apprehensive, I grabbed a towel and wrapped myself. Water dripped onto the cold hard tiles as I tip-toed to the door.

9.15 PM:
It was my boyfriend, *Dave. He stood there, looking diabolical and as tired as hell. I could barely recognize him. His shirt; which took me the whole damn night to iron was all crumpled now. Both his hands looked as if they were tied behind his back. I pulled a skeptical smile, as my heart started to race. Some one might be hiding behind him with a knife or gun, God knows!

"Were you raped? What happened?!" I wanted to say that, but I didn't. Instead, I went:

"Were you robbed? What happened honey?"

He starred at me like a zombie. I, still wrapped in my towel, had never felt so exposed and vulnerable before. Apparently, he forgot his keys.

"I've got something for you. Open up the door."

Well that doesn't sound very convincing does it? I did a quick 270 degree glance with the corner of my eyes. Everything seemed clear. I slowly stuck the key into the keyhole.. and turned it to the right.... It click. I didn't have an inkling of what I was doing.

9.25 PM:
David jolted the door hard and carried me up! He threw me to the sofa. I shut my eyes hard, feeling his heavy breath against my face. Surprisingly, he smelt so good. I could hear the water running from the shower.

"There you go." Dave whispered into my ear. I opened my eyes, and saw a gift wrapped up nicely in my hands. *GASPS!*

"Open it. At least the next time I come knocking at your door while you shower, you won't get all grumpy and... You know..." he said scratching his head; which I'm very sure doesn't itch. That's David.

For a minute, I felt so ashamed. So that's how I've been treating him. My stress has got the better of me. I'm no longer the sweet, lovely girl he used to know. )= I teared the present paper gingerly, until I saw a yellow box.

"It's a box of... TEA? Lipton Yellow Label HIRAMEKI Tea?!" I was laughing my ass off so terribly I couldn't stop my tears from rolling onto the carpet. My boyfriend stunned. He walked away.

"Hey, where are you going?!" I was still laughing, crutching my belly hard.

9.45 PM:
He took out a kettle and a set of cute teacups. Grabbed his packet of Lipton Hirameki and gave me a cute sulk 15 centimeters away from my lips. *AWWW!* I felt so blessed. If my job hadn't been such a mind and body kidnapper, my romantic boyfriend would have lesser to do to surprise me. (:

"Next time, minimize the time you shower and make more tea for us, Okay baby?"

OMG my boyfriend is better than long showers or teas but REMEMBER, a stressful boyfriend is NOT sexc. You wouldn't want to IMAGINE. No no~

10 PM:
We sat down to have a cup of tea.

"Baby, I know you are a very brilliant lady."
"Aww... Don't say that! I'm SHY!"
"Well c'mmon. You are. Let me ask you a question."
"Will you marry me, is it that? (laughs hysterically)"
"No. Can you play the corporate game?"
"The Corporate Game???"
"Let's say you're stuck in the car with your boss alone on the way back from a meeting, how will you bond with him?"
"I definitely won't do what I'll do to you, baby..." (naughty chuckles)
"You nerd~"

We enjoyed another few sips of tea and started to unwind ourselves... Dave started unbuttoning his once crispy long sleeve shirt (i ironed wannn OK!), and OH. MY. GOD. did he look SEXC~!

Well, let me tell you that my boyfriend is actually very ugly. Hahaha! But because Lipton Hirameki tea contains Theanine, (a kind of amino acid that promotes brain activity) it promotes alpha wave production in the brain, and reduce mental and physical stress; which may produce feelings of relaxation and improves the worst mood you ever had!

Wanna GET INSPIRED like I did? ("Get Inspired" means "Hirameki" in Japanese.) Let's say it out loud together and see the World in a different point of view today! For more fun golden moments online with your boyfriend, OR imaginary boyfriend, visit ME! Great prizes are awaiting, so you don't wanna miss that out!


*Character is Fictional.