Friday, November 21, 2008


21 . 11 . 2008 .

It's my 22ND birthday TODAY!!!
My right eye had been pulsing for 2 weeks now;
no wonder!!!

This year's birthday is SO AWESOME and SPECIAL because:
It comes with sessions, and sessions, and more endless small lil' birthday sessions, Instead of:
Getting into the FUSS of planning a GREAT-BIG-PARTY.

Lovely gifts, bouquet of flowers, and wonderful, marvelous pressies,
aligned along with perfect cuisine.....
Aahhhh~ Perrrfecto.


I've been receiving SMS-es and calls wishing me
& I honestly, sincerely felt so
SO BLESSED, people.

(I really thought no one would remember -because I don't really go
hoo-hah about it,
but ya'll SURPRISED me like a helllll lot!)

It feels SO good to feel SO loved,
all flowing in so mellifluously, continuously, for 2 days now.
& I know that
tomorrow AND Sunday
is STILL gonna be celebration dayz!
(I'm SURE you would LOVE reading WHY next!)


Till then,
my lovely suz, jt, stephan,
& the rest of the (breakfast-kena-ffked) gang,
one brief sentence:

You're IN my Heart. (((:

*** HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO ME~!!!!! ***

(out to celebrate with the people-people who love me
most most most!!!* ;)