Friday, November 14, 2008

How Much Do You Care ?

I'm sure most of you have watched Wall-E, and heart it to bits. But do you know what message this genius masterpiece is bringing? Think twice.

I had a friend who said, "I like the movie because the robots are so cute, but I think my mind went astray towards the end of it. What are they trying to say? Why do they keep 'Waallee Waallee & Eevvaa Eevvaa' only???"

Designed to clean up polluted Earth, is Wall-E. I find him quite kesian. So much trash in the world, so lonely, so rusty. Corroded. The concept of this animation movie is actually very brilliant. And it is not too early to create awareness in the children's mind today.


This is only a foretaste of how our one and only earth would be. It's slightly beautified, but doesn't the thought of moving around in wheel-chairs like solo commuters scare you?

I personally don't find that cool.

What triggered me to write about the following issue is this sign -stick onto one of my office's pillars.

It says: Don't feed this fax & printer with RECYCLE paper.

Fair enough. For important documents and stuff, you can't use both sides. But what happened to the used ONE-side paper after that?????


Gone to waste.

And nobody bothers to recycle them.

Nobody bothers to reuse them.

Have you observe your office?

It's still not too late, you know?

So I spoke to some young and aware youths in the office about this and we came out with this superb idea!!!!!


I like this terrific idea. We went around office sticking used A4 posters on printers and fax machines...

My colleagues from 98.8 FM supporting our idea!!!

Will-E saying YES in his coolest way eva~

And my favourite DJ Dilly with her most genuine laughter... saying "USE TWO SIDES OF YOUR PAPER~!!!" We can all see that from her sweet smile! :D

This is one small deed you can do for your office to help the environment. It's not thattt hard a thing to do really. And you'll be surprised how much paper you manage to save in a month!!!


Our Mother Earth needs help now, but sadly, people are too busy concerning and worrying about power and POLITICS.

Why not generate that energy, to save our planet instead? (((:

Thanks to CIMB Islamic Bank, for coming up with the EcoSave campaign.

It is the FIRST environment friendly savings product / service in Malaysia; operates solely WITHOUT any use of PAPER!!! All transaction will be done online; which also means you can do ALL your banking at the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Want to do your bit for the environment? I've done MY part, and I feel so GREEN!
Click: to see what I mean~! ;D