Monday, October 13, 2008

Tapi Bukan Aku

"I've got this one. He listened to it at least three times in a row." he said hesitantly.

"Really?! THREE?" I overreacted. "How did you know?"

"I saw it playing on his MSN.
How come you not know?" I can see the question marks playing in his eyes like a jackpot.

"Well... I deleted him from my list about 3 months ago..." I felt so lame saying that. He just nodded. "I had to do it, or i'll be checking on him 24/7!" explaining myself like a bullet gun; when nobody even cared to ask for an explanation.

"So. You want it?"

"Ya, I suppose..." trying to sound like I wouldn't mind
not having it; when I was actually dying to know what the song was about.

"It's called 'Me and Yourself'. A duet by Ari Lasso and Bunga Cinta."

"A Malay song? You serious??? Who is Ari Lasso? & ohhh.... Bunga! My junior once said I looked like her."

"Ya? Well, Ari Lasso is like our Jacky Cheung. A famous singer in Indonesia."

"Aku dan Dirimu" by Ari Lasso ft. Bunga Cinta Lestari.

"Yea... there you go, Sis. And please STOP WONDERING already!!!"

"Sighhh... Stop being such a nagger!"

He laughed at me; knowing how I always still check his Facebook almost every night for no particular reasons anyway.

I listened to every. single. word. of the song; trying my best to figure out what was he trying to say to
her, or what would it be if it was for me... I think it has gone up to 500++ times that I've listened to this for the past 5 days in my iTunes.

It's kinda lame of me. But after all, this is a very nice, sweet sad song. I hardly do these youtube youtube posts thingies, but here is one worth sharing.

Watch Listen to it and tell me what you think. Enjoy!!! (: