Monday, August 25, 2008

THE Cookie.

The first time I knew what a cookie is, I was 4.

I grew up watching Sesame Street with Mum; as she sang along with me while I learned my ABCs and 123s.

With time, I fell in love with this one puppet called “Cookie Monster”. The way he munches his cookies clumsily leaving all the crumbs behind just never failed to make me all giggly and happy.

One day, pointing to Cookie Monster who was busy singing and jingling his pupils away, I asked my mother:

“Mummy, why is that blue thing called Cookie Monster?”

“That’s because Cookie Monster eats only cookies.” she replied with a smile.

“How does a cookie tastes like? Is it nice???”

Mum had this empathizing look on her face; that her daughter had never tasted a cookie before, and so she promised to buy me Cookie Monster’s favorite cookie!

I didn’t have to wait for long to get the things I want when I was a kid; compared to today. So the next morning, just right under my nose sat a blue packet of cookies. It looked something like this:



Its OREO!!!!! By Nabisco. But for a good couple of years, I thought it was really Cookie Monster’s favorite cookie I munched on because the packaging’s blue is the same blue as Cookie Monster’s furrr!!! lol

Mum and I still heart OREO as our world’s favorite cookie until TODAY. (((((:

My OREO addiction somehow got worse, and I opted for cookies rather than rice or noodles during lunch and dinners.

Don't steal my OREO!

Cuz I steal em'...

From Mum before dina~


But where’s my milk to dunk?!

Apparently, Mum stole my milk. hahaha~ ~ ~ But the other best thing is, you can even eat OREO with ICE-CREAM!!!

THAT’s the secret mum never told me.

Writing this post is making me want my OREO with ice-cream now. You know where to find me~! 8D...