Saturday, August 23, 2008

Angels No Wings

I'll always remember who my guardian angels are. Wherever I go, there must be some wicked creatures bound to hate me just by the first glance. I understand this, I do. Cause there are people I dislike for no reasons too. But that's a case of one in a thousand.

However, I must say I am very lucky. All these "places" that I go to, when the devils appear, the angels surface in no time! It is not case about "wherever you go; there will be people who will hate and like you. And you know what; you can't make everyone like you!".

NO. This is not a story about anyone liking anyone. This is a tale about angels without wings, but with hearts as light as a feather.

I'm talking about these two most wonderful people I've met in my life so far. They are Su, and Dom. My angels during my Malaysian Dreamgirl's hell of a trip.

Bumble Bee Dom | A Daisy Cindy | Chocolatey Su su

We were color coordinated weren't we? lolz~ Not planned.

Me & my ever lovely Su.

GREATTT Dom!!!!! ;D

Who were both Cheesie's angels too~!

Ringo & Susu perisa coklat! hahaha!!!

**Ringo and I**

And oh ya, we had a guy joining us too!

The two radio people; Dom from Capital and DJ Jeremy @ Red FM.

Jade Z. and Jam Jam Jeremy.

Our craaazeee girls group picture: Dom (look at Dom!) | Ringo oh-so-poised | Jade Z. puzzled of what's going on | & SU totally zoning out and wondering at something else out of the frame!!!!!

Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ So cute lah we all..... ^o^

More pictures? :

Me with my other mate; a very rare case tho. The one I thought was devil, turned out to be one angel! While the other fair bitch -became something worst than a ghost! wtf?!

Scary. Mou tak tenggg.


For more information, come join the two Malaysian Dreamgirls at 1 Utama, for a dainty dinner @ Itallianies, starting from 6P.M onwards, tomorrow.

This time we don't have to worry about bumping into real bitches. I'm talking about REALLL bitches, ya'll! You don't get me?

Nevermind. Hahaha!!!

Now getting ready to go Red Bull @ Sepang to join the other bloggers for this event thingy. Then the Levi's party at night....... Remember me Levi's post? I'm getting the girl's jeans this time around~! Ahhh, that's what I'm talking about. *YAY!*

See ya'll tomorrow, loves!