Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Rainin' Men !

Guess what Jade Z saw when she drove to work today.

i WAS smiling, until.....

i saw a dead dog outside my aunt's house!!!


I used to wonder if dogs has FEELINGS (as in human feelings) or if (let's say) the color PINK affects their mood for example, and finally today, I have an answer.

Look at his friends' facial expressions.

Usually, these dogs would bark at me like hell every night when i park Candy beside my neighbor's house. But today they looked extremely gloomy. i swear i winded down my window to take a picture of their mournful faces, and they did not react at all!

So sad. i really like dogs, but i HATE cats.

i hate cats!

I Hate Cats!!


They are sly. cunning. lazy. and a hypocrite. Just like..... *i wish i can say her name here*. Whoever can guess it right, i give you my pink car and start driving Latio 1.8.

Whenever i am eating at an outdoor Chinese restaurant, i feel like throwing boiling water provided to rinse the tea cups at the cat INSTEAD, so it dies like this! :


Or whenever i am walking in my heels somewhere at night, and this BLACK cat glared at me semacam with its green eyes, i feel like CRUSHING its bones till it dies like this! :

i HATE cats. Say whatever you want.

i even met a cat that barked at Australia. I'M SURE IT'S A CATTT! It

  • hid,
  • meow-ed,
  • pounced at me,
  • snared.
  • attacked,
  • barked,
  • and chased me for 15 minutes
as i hit it with my then famous gigantic golden-bag all the way home that NIGHT. Can you imagine that?

i bet this cat is a murderer past life.